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Chapter 278: What Should I Be Afraid Of?

Chapter 278: What Should I Be Afraid Of?
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In Star City, countless people's gazes were focused in the direction of Qinghe Grassland's.

Earlier, they had all felt the astonishing power belonging to an Absolute Guard from that direction. This was something only the few rare talented individuals who had contributed greatly to the association possessed.


Hou Liang was shocked. "Why is it his power?"

The power of an Absolute Guard was not fixed. It was indeed an extremely powerful item. However, it was ultimately still dependent on the super expert that produced it. Hou Liang had never expected that the Absolute Guard of Chen Feng's had been produced using the power of that person.

Old Zhu sighed. "Perhaps… this is what fate intends?"

Hou Liang shook his head. "Perhaps."

He knew that the moment the golden clone descended, the conclusion for that crisis Chen Feng was currently facing would be set in stone.


At the Qinghe Grassland, Lu Hun's eyes gleamed coldly. An astonishing amount of green radiance was being emitted from the diamond on his forehead.

"I loathe this power…" He had a gloomy gaze. This golden radiance was giving him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. He concentrated his cold gaze on Chen Feng. "And you… still need to die!"

The killing intent in his eyes intensified.

So what if Chen Feng had resurrected? So what if his strength increased? A mere clone like that, even after Chen Feng fused with the clone, in Lu Hun's eyes, Chen Feng was still an existence akin to a bug.

Lu Hun clenched his fists. If it was my main body that had come in person…

That's right, the present Lu Hun was a clone as well! Otherwise, with the strength he possessed as a super expert, he would have ended this battle long ago.


A resplendent green radiance surged out of his hands. Lu Hun's killing intent bloomed. He could clearly feel that, at most, the power from that golden clone would be on par with his. As of now, Chen Feng had yet to fully fuse with it. Hence, if he were to make his move now, he would definitely be able to kill Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled coldly. "You truly believe that?"

The arrival of the golden clone was somewhat unexpected for him. At his moment of crisis earlier, the only thing he had been able to do was activate his Luck Aura before placing all his hope on the Absolute Guard.

He had never imagined that the Absolute Guard would be so powerful.



The throbbing golden heart was still burning as it overlapped with Chen Feng's heart before releasing an unimaginably formidable power.

This was a power capable of surpassing everything. That instant when he'd merged with the golden clone earlier, he'd felt a familiar power and discovered that the Lu Hun before him was similarly an energy clone as well. Despite Lu Hun being a clone, though, he was still incomparably powerful.

Indeed, he was powerful enough to insta-kill an A-class warrior. Ultimately, though, this was only a clone.

If this was his main body, Chen Feng would not hesitate. He would definitely turn around and flee immediately. Now, though, since they were both clones now that Chen Feng had fused with the golden clone, there was really nothing for him to be afraid of.

This was especially true in their current situation, where what he faced was a clone formed of energy.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng's face. "Ah."


He took a step forth. The pair of golden wings were emitting a huge amount of golden radiance, painting the whole sky gold. He reached out and grabbed the empty air. Next, a shining red sword appeared from the air. That was a sword that Xiao Ying had transformed into!


With a golden flicker, Chen Feng flashed forth and collided with Lu Hun.


A terrifying shockwave was created by their collision. The green radiance in Lu Hun's hand was sliced off by the red sword. After slicing off the green radiance, the sword continued slashing forth, leaving a terrifying line of blood on Lu Hun's body.


Blood splattered, and countless energy particles dissipated.

Lu Hun's pupils shrunk. "This…"

Once again, he was shocked.

He was extremely certain that even that golden clone would not possess such a terrifying item! This was actually a sword capable of devouring energy and ignoring all defenses.

He stared at Chen Feng with a shocked expression. "What on earth… are you?"

This was already the second time he had been surprised by this bug-like genetic warrior. Due to the blood that was gushing out of this energy-formed clone of his, he was starting to lose his strength. The power of this clone was weakening.

"Me?" Chen Feng smiled calmly before replying, "I am your killer."


Light swirled.


Chen Feng streaked forth, leaving countless afterimages behind. Under the support of the golden wings, Chen Feng was currently as fast as lightning, capable of completely suppressing Lu Hun.


The grassland wolf was stunned.

Wu Hui was stunned.

The young lady was stunned.

Who would have imagined that the present Chen Feng was so terrifying?

This was not 100 years in the past. Here, there was no such thing as the power of color. This was also not the young Lu Hun of 100 years ago. Instead, this was a true genuine super expert here!

This, this, this…


Light swirled around, and blood splattered around in the air.



A great damage would be inflicted after every single collision. Under the assistance of the golden wings, Chen Feng was astonishingly fast. In this battle between two clones, it was obvious that the clone that had fused with Chen Feng held the advantage.

One could also say that Chen Feng, as the owner of Xiao Ying, was simply much more powerful in this battle between energy clones.


After another flash of gold, Lu Hun's silhouette, which had been flickering everywhere, stopped moving.

This clone of his was already leaking energy from the earlier attack. This single instant where he was unable to dodge in time was siezed by Chen Feng, whose attack landed immediately. With an ice cold flash of gold, Lu Hun's body was slashed in two.

A golden line appeared on his forehead and spread downward in a straight trajectory.


The gold shone brightly.

Instantly, Lu Hun's body collapsed.

Surprisingly, the body that was split in two rejoined together shortly after. However, the gleam on his forehead had obviously dimmed compared to earlier.

"Chen Feng…" Lu Hun stared at the youngster in front of him. He had been defeated. Completely defeated in a manner he had never seen coming. His plan had obviously been progressing smoothly. Xiao Fei had obviously been brought here to the future safely as well. Why would this have been the final result, then? Furthermore, it was truly unfortunate that his main body was temporarily incapable of leaving where it was.

"Are you aware of what you are doing?" Lu Hun howled.

"Chen Feng… when my main body returns…"

Chen Feng snorted. "Hmph."


While Lu Hun was talking, the golden radiance on Chen Feng's body intensified. The red sword that Xiao Ying had transformed into started burning as the golden radiance swirled around its body.


At this instant, all the unleashed energy condensed.


With a resplendent radiance, Lu Hun was blasted away midsentence. Before he could stand back up, a terrifying sharp radiance pierced through his chest.


The sound of his chest being penetrated could be clearly heard.

Lu Hun widened his eyes and stared at the red sword that had him stabbed on the ground with an unbelieving expression, unable to believe that he had actually gotten himself nailed onto this Qinghe Grassland.

"You…" His eyes gleamed coldly. "You have no idea what have you done…"

"Oh, I am very aware of what I am doing," Chen Feng replied calmly.


Light swirled around as he pulled the red sword out.


The green radiance shattered.

Lu Hun, dead!

"Are you insane?" The grassland wolf had a horrified expression on its face. "Why did you kill him? Oh god, the moment his clone is killed, his main body will receive the feedback. That madman will definitely…"

Chen Feng glanced at him coldly. "Shall I keep his clone around to celebrate the new year, then?"

"Damn it!" The grassland wolf was so nervous its lips felt dry. It was the only one here aware of Lu Hun's horror. His nickname as the Soul Emissary was not for show.

"Leave, fast!" Instinctively, it wanted to take the young lady away. However, at that moment, a green radiance appeared in the sky. In the sky, a huge pair of eyes suddenly appeared. The ice-cold gaze of that pair of eyes landed on them, akin to the eyes of the heavens!

He was here! After the death of its clone, its main body was about to come!


Chen Feng checked his luck value. The expected rapid drop of luck value did not appear. In other words, he was not in any danger presently. Why was that? Could it be…

"You can't come in person." Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something. "For something so important, you would have definitely come with your main body if you could truly come. The fact that only a clone was sent here signifies that your main body simply has no way of leaving where you are presently. With this…" Chen Feng looked at that huge pair of eyes in the sky and continued, "Who are you trying to scare?"

Lu Hun: "…"

Lunatic! Lunatic!

The grassland wolf felt its scalp go numb.

That was the main body of Lu Hun, yet Chen Feng actually dared to provoke him!

Lu Hun's indifferent voice travelled toward them from the sky. "Indeed, I have no way of leaving presently. However, do you believe that I am helpless just because I can't leave?"

At that, Chen Feng increased his vigilance. "Oh?"

Soul… control…

Suddenly, he recalled the experiences of Gou Li.


Xiao Ying started flickering with a red glow. Chen Feng was certain that, the moment this person attempted to invade his consciousness, he would be able to beat this person up so badly even Lu Hun's mother wouldn't recognize him.



A howl could be heard.

The initially bright red pair of eyes of the grassland wolf turned green. Lu Hun had actually gained control over the grassland wolf.

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. Not good.


A resplendent radiance started shining.

Without hesitation, Chen Feng unleashed his strongest attack. However, outside of his expectations, the grassland wolf was actually charging toward that young lady. It was planning to forcefully kidnap the young lady!

This Lu Hun…

Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. "Do you think I will let you off so easily?"

Soul Emissary? Since you can't even leave where you are, what am I afraid of?


His golden wings started flickering, and once again, he erupted with his limit-surpassing speed. Once again, the sword in his hand started radiating gold. This time, he aimed his slash directly toward that pair of eyes in the sky.


A terrifying golden explosion appeared in the air.