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Chapter 279: The Biggest Harvest

Chapter 279: The Biggest Harvest
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A terrifying golden radiance exploded midair. The green gaze that was focused on the grassland wolf paused momentarily at this.


The wolf regained its consciousness.

The grassland wolf started hurling curses at Lu Hun. "Screw you, Lu Hun!" It stopped its charge forward and changed its direction. However, it hadn't stopped moving. Instead, it was still leaving speedily with the young lady.

"Young Mistress… I will take you home!"



Light swirled around and the grassland wolf disappeared rapidly.

Lu Hun's expression changed greatly. Damn it.

Back then, Xiao Fei had only decided to marry him to thank him for saving her life. Unfortunately, although the current her had indeed traveled here from 100 years in the past, her nature, characteristics, and emotions weren't in a particularly stable state. It would be quite a while before his main body could leave where he was presently at as well. If during this period of time she was to….

Lu Hun was furious. "You dare?"


That huge pair of eyes gleamed green as he attempted to once again gain control over the grassland wolf. However, with a red flash, his attack that was made up of energy was instantly cut off.

"Chen Feng!" Lu Hun was bursting with rage.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng's face. "Bye."


The glow of the sword in his hand intensified.




Next, Xiao Ying transformed back into its real body. A boundless red radiance emerged and started shining dazzlingly in the air. Lu Hun's pair of eyes in the sky that were formed of energy were instantly devoured cleanly by Xiao Ying.

The sky regained its past sunny appearance. Vaguely, Lu Hun's furious thundering shouts could be heard.

Chen Feng curled his lips. "The f*ck you shouting for."

What was so scary about a guy who couldn't even leave where he was? As for what was going to happen when he was finally able to leave… Mhm, when that time came, Chen Feng could always have the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association deal with him.

At most, he would have to be more attentive to his luck value in the future.

Chen Feng was extremely calm and collected.


All the radiance interweaving around him vanished. Chen Feng could feel that terrifying power of the golden clone within him disappearing. At that moment, his body had a hollow feeling.

This is the power of Absolute Guard?

Chen Feng was shocked.

No wonder so many people were envious of him when he'd obtained it back then. So this so-called Absolute Guard was so powerful?

His strength disappeared, and once again, he dropped back to D class.

"It's about time I return…" Chen Feng muttered.

Next, he lifted the unconscious Wu Hui and shook his head helplessly. He had initially come here as a boss. Ultimately, though, he'd ended up as a dad… His current feeling was truly unexplainable.

He lowered his head. The Wu Hui in his embrace was still unconscious, sleeping like a child.

But in fact, he was indeed still a child.

"Master… no…" Wu Hui mumbled in his sleep.

Chen Feng's face darkened. Was Wu Hui referring to Chen Feng as his master?

Forget it, I can accept it even if he's calling me Master, but what on earth is with the "Master, no" coming out of his mouth? Godd*mnit, outsiders might misunderstand, thinking I have done something forbidden to you.

Chen Feng shook his head helplessly. "Truly…"

Time to return.


Light swirled around as Chen Feng sped away carrying Wu Hui.

A rough description of what had happened had already been transmitted over to Hou Liang. It was better for him to leave the follow-up of this incident to the Gene Production Association and Genetic Union.


Somewhere high above the sky, in a dusky region surrounded by clouds and mist, was a flickering green radiance.

Currently, an incomparably vicious expression was on Lu Hun's face, the Lu Hun who had always appeared calm and collected. He had never imagined that this plan of his would actually conclude in such a manner.

Xiao Fei had indeed returned. However, it was in such circumstances that she had returned. His initially perfect plan had altered due to the appearance of a single Chen Feng!

Killing intent surged in Lu Hun's eyes. "Chen Feng…"

This guy must die!

He couldn't permit anyone else to get intimate with Xiao Fei, even if the present Xiao Fei merely had a favorable opinion toward Chen Feng. That was his wife! The color of his energy might be green, but that did not signify that his hat was green 1 as well!


Light swirled around as his gloomy voice condensed into a ray of energy and pierced through space.

"Keep an eye on him. Wait for my return. It won't be long…"

Not long after Chen Feng and the rest left the Qinghe Grassland, the people dispatched here by the authorities after Chen Feng's report arrived. They started gathering the data and energy around this area for the preparation of a detailed report.

The appearance of the power of time was sufficient to cause a huge uproar.

Time was a power a normal person would not be able to control. As for that grassland wolf, that mysterious young lady Xiao Fei, and that Lu Hun, all these people seemed to possess a certain mastery or knowledge over the power of time. That was an extremely terrifying prospect.

What alarmed everyone was the fact that all these people seemed to know each other! Even if there appeared to be some conflict among them presently, this was still an alarming fact. In other words, there existed such a circle that none knew about, a circle of people that possessed a power capable of surpassing everything, the power to control time itself.

Kidnapping someone from 100 years in the past? That was simply too terrifying an idea. Moreover, from what they had seen, the arrival of the young lady from the past did not seem like it had affected the world 100 years ago at all. Was there any power that was affecting all this?

Who was it that was plotting this? This was what the Genetic Union wanted to find out.

Only after Chen Feng returned to Star City did he breathe out in relief.

He was also a member of the Genetic Union. However, every single time, he would subconsciously head back to Star City. Without him realizing, this place had become a true home to him, despite his conflict with all the other producers during the previous excellence award incident.

Right as he arrived, that familiar heated atmosphere could be felt.

"Bastard Chen Feng, return to me my contribution points!"

"Protesting against loot boxes, I request transparency in the drop rates of the loot boxes!"

"Protesting against Chen Feng, follow my lead!"

Chen Feng lamented endlessly. How much I have missed all this…

The excellence award event was still in progress. Chen Feng shook his head before sending Wu Hui to the infirmary. After receiving the news of Chen Feng's return, Hou Liang rushed over immediately.

Hou Liang gasped. "Damn, you can do it with someone this young?"


Chen Feng glared at him.

This guy here was truly old, yet he did not act his age.

"Cough, cough." Hou Liang coughed before continuing, "I have received the rough description of what happened. However, I'm afraid you will need to report it one more time in more detail."

Chen Feng appeared confused. "I have to report this even though this was not a mission for the Gene Production Association?"

Hou Liang appeared excited. "Of course! This is what I fought for! For such an incident, if you make an official report on it, you will be able to earn a huge amount of contribution points. Don't you want the reward?"

At that, Chen Feng was enticed.

The rewards of the Gene Production Association had never disappointed him.

Soon, under Hou Liang's arrangements, Chen Feng filed a top secret report. His report contained the information on the mysterious young lady and Lu Hun.

As for Gou Li, after hesitating, Chen Feng had decided to not tell them about him.

It was improper for him to be the one to say it. If the Genetic Union decided to not accept their explanation and instead decided to expose their hiding place, it would result in a big mess.

Soon, the Qinghe Grassland incident calmed down. The battle over the excellence award was reaching the end as well. After checking the rankings, Chen Feng found that his current points were already far above Lan Jingling's. Hence, he did not need to worry about it at all.

If so, it was time for him to focus on his breakthrough.

He couldn't wait to break through. Due to the time travel and all sorts of other unexpected incidents that had happened, he'd simply had no chance to consume the mysterious gene reagent Wu Yaotian had produced before the gene reagent had lost all the energy stored within.

Fortunately, after spending some time with it and with the help of his Luck Aura, Chen Feng managed to deduce the formula required to produce this gene reagent. This was the true gain he had from this whole mission: the formula for a gene reagent capable of breaking through the D-class limit!

With the formula in his possession, he would be able to produce it for himself. Not only him, even Wu Hui would be able to enter C class with it as well. He believed that, when this gene reagent was finally produced, it would cause a huge uproar.

It would even reach the point where the overall strength of mankind in this world was pushed one step forward. This was something that would, in the truest sense, alter the world.