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Chapter 282: Newly Appointed Excellent Producer!

Chapter 282: Newly Appointed Excellent Producer!
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Stopped selling!

Chen Feng's research paper had stopped its sale!


The whole world was shaken by this news.

Regardless of the amount of criticisms and complaints this research paper had received, all these only served to prove how popular this research paper of Chen Feng's was. This was a truly phenomenal research paper, something nothing could compare to.

However… stopped selling??? It had been directly stopped? This news was dropped like a bombshell on those who had yet to get what they wanted from the loot box.


Countless people turned their screens on. At the page where Chen Feng's loot box had been sold previously, only these words were left: "Due to the series of negative incidents that happened recently, this research paper has received countless complaints by producers. After taking into consideration the negative effect this research paper has had on society, it is hereby announced that this research paper will stop selling."


Everyone was dumbstruck.

As for those who had joined in on the complaints previously, they were all bewildered.

God knew this would happen! Truly, they had only wanted Chen Feng to reduce the price. Even You Fang was stunned. Based on his plan, if Chen Feng had reduced his price, those who had bought a lot of his loot boxes would definitely start creating a ruckus. He had never expected that Chen Feng would directly stop selling.

This, this, this…

"Which idiot complained about this?"


"Come out here!"

"I only joined everyone yesterday, and up till now, I only had the chance to buy 10 loot boxes so far!"

"Same here, I have only gotten a single SSR-tier drop!"

Everyone started discussing without stop.

This was especially true for those who had spent a lot buying the loot boxes and were expecting their investment to be returned soon after obtaining what they wanted from the loot boxes. They were all incomparably furious. The spear that had initially been aimed at Chen Feng was now pointed toward those complainers.

Once again, Chen Feng became a trending topic, trending thorough the world.

Countless complaints were launched toward the headquarters of the Gene Production Association.

This time, it was a truly huge amount of complaints, much higher than the previous wave of complaints. As for the contents of these new complaints, they were all complaining about those who had complained against Chen Feng the previous time. Even the Gene Production Association could not escape the fate of being complained about.

Everyone was stunned. Those who had prepared to teach Chen Feng a lesson were collapsing emotionally.

He still had this trick up his sleeve?

At every single branch of the Gene Production Association were a huge amount of complainers. The public image of Chen Feng that had initially reached rock bottom had, at this moment, started making a comeback. Countless people were hoping for Chen Feng to start selling again.

"Please start selling again!"

"I won't mind even if the price is increased."

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, the only thing I want is a single SR-tier drop."

Countless producers started flaming online.

Not everyone would be aiming for SSR-tier drop or a complete collection of all drops. An absolute majority of them only required some SR-tier drops, which in all honesty weren't particularly hard to obtain.

Countless requests for the sale to be reinstated were sent to the headquarters.

Toward all this, the Association felt helpless as well. Just earlier, they had all been discussing ways to deal with Chen Feng and ways to withdraw his qualification to compete for the excellence award. Now, in the blink of eye, they had to instead beg Chen Feng to continue selling instead?


At a certain location.

"Isn't this a good thing for you?" a person said to You Fang.

Chen Feng had stopped selling. Regardless of how huge an uproar it caused, this would settle down with time. This also signified that he would no longer be able to increase his contribution points.

This would be You Fang's opportunity. If he started selling his research papers crazily, he might be able to overtake Chen Feng.


You Fang was tempted. However, just as he raised his head to look at the rankings, his heart chilled. The Chen Feng's current contribution points were tenfold his own. Even if Chen Feng stopped gaining contribution points, it would still be impossible for You Fang to overtake him.

You Fang felt bitter. "How did this happen…" Hence, the only way of for him to defeat Chen Feng was still to disqualify him?

But how was he supposed to accomplish that now? Chen Feng's identity was too unique. Previously, he had been planning to use public opinion to force Chen Feng a step back, but now, Chen Feng had unexpectedly stopped selling, and public opinion was now skewed in Chen Feng's favor.

Even if he wanted to disqualify Chen Feng, it was no longer possible.

You Fang's heart chilled. "It's over."

After scheming for so long, a simple stop of sale by Chen Feng had spoiled all his schemes. Chen Feng had not only gained the public praise, toward the end, he would ultimately still obtain the excellence award.

Someone beside him suddenly said, "There might still be some methods."

You Fang's eyes shone. "Oh?"

That person whispered, "There's an extremely simple method. It will depend on whether you, old man, are daring enough to do it."

"What method is it?"


"Conversion?" You Fang's heart thumped.

"That's right." That person beamed. "Contribution points are indeed something that can't be sold. However, the conversion between contribution points and cash is something that has always been happening at the black market… Mhm, if purchasing research papers were used as the cover, it would be even easier to do."

"Black market…" You Fang's heart trembled. That was a domain the Association was extremely prejudiced against. He was extremely aware of how scary this thing he was planning to do was. However, this was also the only method in which he could surpass Chen Feng's contribution points. Moreover, he was aware that a huge price would have to be paid to surpass Chen Feng. Perhaps his savings over several decades would all be exhausted for this.

If he was able to obtain the excellence award…

If he was able to become part of the management of the association…

If his words started carrying a certain weight to them…

At that time, if he were to start erasing any trace of what he had done secretly, no problem should arise. You Fang contemplated before finally deciding to do it.

"I don't know anyone from the black market," You Fang said.

"I know some, hehe… As long as I'm promised a commission of 10%, I will deal with everything for you." That person laughed happily. Next, the transaction started progressing secretly.

The next day, on the rankings, You Fang's contribution points started increasing rapidly.

His score that had initially been far below Chen Feng started pressing in. Moreover, under their intentional control, You Fang's score was pressing forth at a steady pace with no sudden burst in the speed it was increasing at. Evidently, these people were all professionals at this.

Currently, countless people were still creating a ruckus over Chen Feng's stop of sale. None of them had noticed You Fang's score that had increased.

One day…

Two days…

Just as they reached the last day of the excellence award evaluation period, the initially first place Chen Feng was overtaken. Once again, an uproar was created at Star City.

Chen Feng was in second place? You Fang was in first place? Everyone was shaken.

Only now did they realize that You Fang had quietly charged forth to grab first place without anyone noticing.

But his score…

"Aren't his contribution points somewhat high?"

"He has recently released several tens of research papers. Perhaps those were related to his gain in contribution points?"

Everyone started guessing.

You Fang obtaining first place was a major event. At the very least, it was major for the residents of Star City. It was said that, on that day itself, a countless amount of people went forth and started gifting You Fang with presents, wishing that he would take great care of them in the future, etc.

As for You Fang, he had an extremely rosy expression on his face. This was worth it! After today, he would be the recipient of the excellence award! All those people such as Lan Jingling… Chen Feng…

After competing against each other for so long, hadn't You Fang still become the one who reaped the profit in the end? As such, when doing something, it was important to use one's brain.

You Fang was feeling joyful and content.

However, at ten sharp that night, two hours before the end of the evaluation period, Chen Feng released a new announcement: Recently, a huge amount of complaints requesting for the sale to be reinstated have been received. Due to this, this research paper will temporarily start selling again. To thank everyone for their support all these while, a 24-hour limited promotion will begin.


Right after this announcement, it caused a huge uproar.

It was reinstated! Everyone was going crazy. When You Fang received this news, his eyes darkened, and he almost fainted then and there.

It's over…

This was the only thought in his mind.

He had initially believed that Chen Feng had decided to stop his sale after the severe pressure he was receiving, but now that he looked at it, Chen Feng wasn't even the least bothered with the pressure previously exerted on him, still selling whenever he wished!

As for the contribution points… You Fang watched on with desperation as the contribution points he'd obtained using ten whole days were overtaken by Chen Feng in a mere ten minutes. They were simply players of two different leagues!

The supporters of Chen Feng's loot box that had been holding it in for so long were all going crazy. As they were afraid that Chen Feng would suddenly stop selling again, coupled with the fact that there was now a limited promotion going on, they started purchasing crazily. Everyone was going crazy.

At 12 sharp, the evaluation period ended. Everything on the rankings vanished, leaving a single name behind: Chen Feng!

The newly anointed excellent producer!