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Chapter 284: Everything Is Changing

Chapter 284: Everything Is Changing
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At the Star City Conference, the discussion of a certain proposal was progressing. The conference hall that had always been rather empty was currently filled with numerous people. There were even some who were standing due to a shortage of seats. Everyone else, the vice president included, was bewildered. They had never imagined a day would come where this room would be filled to the point that people needed to stand because of a shortage of seats!

"Should we change into a bigger hall?" proposed the vice president.


"I'm fine standing."

An old producer smiled as he said, "Let's get this started. After it's over, I will be going back."

Vice president: "…" Why the heck are all these old men here sticking their nose into this conference?

Why had these people appeared here? No one knew the answer. The vice president had a faint feeling that this was related to Chen Feng. Unfortunately, though, he did not have the guts to chase these people away. Apart from that weirdo Chen Feng, anyone else capable of receiving the excellence award would be a person of a terrifying identity. Regardless of their production level or background, all were top notch. None of this was something a vice president like him could shake.

"Then… let's begin the conference." The vice president inhaled deeply before continuing, "Pertaining to the deployment of the Celestial Defense System at Star City, I believe everyone has already made up their mind on this. Now, let us start voting. Those agreeing with the deployment of the Celestial Defense System—"

Just as the vice president started talking.

"I agree!"

"I agree!"




A huge bunch of hands were raised as a sign of agreement.




As for the producers standing around due to seat shortage, almost every single one of them had their hands raised as well. As for the other excellent producers that were only here was spectators, they raised their hand to join in the crowd without hesitation as well when they witnessed this scene.

Finally, a total of 40 votes were accumulated in favor of deployment. The vice president's eyes darkened.

It passed! The proposal was passed just like that!

He looked at himself and the 20-odd people in his faction, and his heart chilled. He had actually been defeated by an excellent producer like Chen Feng.

Nobody was aware of the reason these excellent producers had agreed with Chen Feng's proposal. One had to know that, in every year's excellence award, every single recipient of the award was the one with the highest contribution points. These were the people who had depended on their accumulation and background to fight over the top position. As such, these excellent producers here were all unrelated to each other. Some were even those of opposing factions. If so, how had they reached this agreement?

It was totally unknown.

An old producer impatiently asked the vice president, "Is it done?"

"Yes, it's done." The vice president smiled bitterly as he announced, "The proposal for the deployment of the Celestial Defense System has been approved. It will be carried out starting from today."

Perhaps… Chen Feng made up some crisis to persuade these excellent producers? the vice president guessed.

These old producers were all people who had reached great heights, had large families, and led businesses. As such, all of them were extremely afraid of the prospect of death. If Chen Feng was able to describe the crisis in an extremely horrifying way, it was quite probable they would be persuaded. Hence, these old men had all decided to come here for a vote.

Mhm… this is most probably what happened, the vice president thought to himself.

However, right at this instant, after he agreed with the implementation of Chen Feng's proposal, all the excellent producers started leaving.

Instantly, the conference hall appeared empty once again.

The vice president's expression darkened.

Evidently, all of them had only been here to vote for Chen Feng's proposal, only here to support Chen Feng. They had not even bothered to give the vice president face and pretend to stay an extra minute here after the vote was done.

The vice president was ashen faced. "This is too excessive…"

The vice president looked toward Chen Feng. As for the history's youngest excellent producer, Chen Feng, he merely smiled faintly, as if everything was under his control.

The vice president narrowed his eyes. This guy…

Soon, the conference ended.

The news of the Celestial Defense System passing the vote had all of Star City shocked.

"It passed?"

"How is that possible…"

"How is that not possible? I heard that almost half the current existing excellent producers left their seclusion to give Chen Feng a vote of support."

"God, Chen Feng commands such a level of support?"

"How powerful!"

"Is this a form of protest by those old producers? Hmph. If the vice president persists in his ways, perhaps in the next conference, he might even get the vice president post removed altogether…"

"That's very probable."

Everyone started discussing without stop.

They felt that everything had suddenly changed. The vice president's sole monopoly on power had been defeated by Chen Feng just like that. This was truly too terrifying.

"A mere excellent producer actually possessed such a capability…"

Countless people shivered at this thought. The capability demonstrated by Chen Feng was simply too dreadful. Among them, what shocked everyone the most and piqued their curiosity the most was the method Chen Feng had employed to have all these excellent producers vote in his favor.

One had to know that these were a group of people from different factions, some of them from factions opposing each other. This was what everyone knew. On that very day, countless people started visiting those old producers in hopes of getting a clue.

None of them managed to obtain any information. It wasn't long before there was no longer any need for them to try to find that out, though. On the next day, as rumors were still flying everywhere as everyone tried guessing the reason, a single announcement shocked everyone.

The latest gene reagent created by Chen Feng had been certified and was about to be released for sale soon. The name of the gene reagent: heaven-dazzling gene reagent!

"Gene reagent?"

"It's not a research paper?"

"He can even sell this thing?

"Oh, I heard that Chen Feng actually has his own shop."

"Is that so?"

Everyone was confused.

Only a gene reagent?

One had to know that if it was a research paper he had released, it would have been something everyone could study. As for an item like a gene reagent, it was something a majority of the people might not even require, especially for the members of the Gene Production Association. What a joke. Were there any gene reagents the Gene Production Association was incapable of producing? Was there a need for them to purchase any gene reagents?

Moreover, gene producers rarely get involved in combat situations. As such, what was the use of those gene reagents for them? Besides, the Gene Production Association was essentially an association that focused on the sale of gene reagents instead of the purchase of gene reagents.

As such, they have no need for any gene reagents. What was so special about the gene reagent Chen Feng was selling?

However, these thoughts only remained in their heads for one single hour. When they obtained the details regarding Chen Feng's gene reagent from the certification center, the whole world stirred.


Name: Heaven-Dazzling Gene Reagent

Difficulty: 5 stars

Class: D

Function: Forcefully increases spiritual energy by 1 point. Also applicable when breaking through one's limit (the effect will be weakened when used by those above C class).




"How could such a thing exist?"

Countless people were shocked.

Limit breakthrough! For C class! Such a thing actually existed in this world!?

For producers, what was the hardest feat for them? Breaking through! Not only did they need to spend a huge amount of time studying gene production, they also needed to spare some time to increase their strength as well. However, as gene producers were generally without combat power, strength increase was an extremely difficult feat for them. Even more so for limit breakthrough.

Such a gene reagent was something whose existence was almost impossible.

There were a huge amount of producers that were stuck as advanced-level producers for their whole lives because they were limited by their class, yet now Chen Feng had casually tossed out a gene reagent… a gene reagent that, interestingly, happened to be a gene reagent capable of breaking one through into C class, the minimum class an advanced producer required to become a master producer.

What did this signify? This signified that those who had been stuck as advanced-level producers for many years could now take this leap forward to become a true master producer! From then on, their identity would be different! From then on, their strength would increase!

An upgrade from advanced producer to master producer was a transformation in the truest sense.

"Such an item…"

Everyone's heart trembled.

The significance of this thing here was far higher to the Gene Production Association compared to those warriors at the Genetic Union. It was very probable that this single gene reagent of Chen Feng's would bring about a huge upgrade to the strength of the Gene Production Association as a whole.

"Everything is going to change."

This was what everyone thought.