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Chapter 287: Have You Seen Those…

Chapter 287: Have You Seen Those…
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Nether Capital. This was quite a peculiar place. When Chen Feng reached the area near this place on an Ironcloud, what entered his sight was a city enveloped by dark clouds. With the dark smog obscuring the city, nothing could be seen clearly. This was the so-called Nether Capital.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "This feeling…"

The nearer he got to Nether Capital, the more intense that bizarre chill he was feeling became. That sinister feeling where his back chilled caused him to shudder uncontrollably. Pervading this place was a certain mysterious power. Such a power capable of causing A-class warriors to retreat was definitely not simple.


His Luck Aura surveillance system was fully activated. Based on the information he had read, there would be one or two death lions wandering out here every time a certain interval of time had passed. They would wander around outside of the Nether Capital for a short period of time before returning back to where they came from. This window of time where death lions would wander out was what Chen Feng was waiting for.

Surprisingly, though, even after two full days of waiting here, Chen Feng had yet to see any life forms appearing.

"Something is not right…"

Chen Feng started flipping through the data he had.

In the past, the frequency of the death lion's appearance was eight hours per appearance at maximum.

Chen Feng's heart throbbed. "Something must have happened!"

If a death lion never appear, he would most probably be forced to enter the Nether Capital for real. However, this city in front of him was different from the ice river or the frozen sea he had been to previously. At those places, the option to try evading any danger he encountered was available. But here, it was too dangerous. The only reason the frozen sea had remained an untamed region in the past was due to the unique seawater there. As long as he avoided the seawater, that place in itself wasn't a particularly dangerous place. But here… this was truly a dangerous place. A ghost town enveloped by a sinister aura? Nobody would be able to predict what was going to happen in there.

Chen Feng started approaching the Nether Capital cautiously. "Let's just go take a look first."

Just as he was around 5 km away from the Nether Capital, the temperature around him dropped to the freezing point. The visibility dropped without stop as well, and a sense of chill enveloped him.


Chen Feng started releasing some energy to defend himself against this.

"A huge amount of bizarre energy is contained within the air around here. The energy in the air here is also somewhat corrosive in nature. As for other characteristics of the energy, they are currently unknown…"

Chen Feng started analyzing the energy contained in the air around him based on the damage the energy was doing to the defensive layer of energy he had released. The nearer he got to the Nether Capital, the faster his energy was exhausted. Fortunately, Chen Feng was already a C-class warrior now. As such, such a level of exhaustion was still acceptable for him.

Chen Feng pondered. "Before truly entering the Nether Capital, I should be able to maintain a balance between energy exhaustion and regeneration."

However, when he was 1 km away from the Nether Capital, his Luck Aura – Alarm triggered.


Chen Feng retreated without hesitation.


He retreated rapidly. In the darkness, two pitch-black silhouettes flashed past. At this instant, intense killing intent could be felt. B class! Both of the silhouettes were B class! This confirmed that mutated beasts indeed existed here. Chen Feng retreated without stop for a distance of 1 km. He only stopped when his Luck Aura – Alarm stopped blazing.

Chen Feng frowned. They actually chased after me for such a long distance…

With his current strength, the most he could accomplish was maintain a balance between energy exhaustion and energy recovery to defend against the corrosive energy lingering in the air around him. In other words, he would not be able to regenerate any other excess energy usage. The moment he started battling a mutated beast here, things would look grim for him.

Chen Feng planned. "Seems like I have to prepare some recovery gene reagents."

After this single trip, he gained a rough understanding of this place. Even if he was only here to capture a single death lion, he would still have to prepare a huge amount of recovery gene reagents. Even with that, he would most probably fail to achieve his objective alone.

Granted, the death lion was merely a C-class mutated beast. However, there was a possibility that a B-class mutated beast might be wandering around this place at any given moment. For example: the two black silhouettes that had been chasing after him earlier.

Chen Feng rubbed his somewhat aching head. "It is still too difficult for me to deal with B class presently…"

His initial plan had been to sneak in quietly and focus on killing a single death lion noiselessly before leaving after extracting the blood essence of the death lion, but now it seemed that this plan would not work.

Chen Feng thought about it. "I have to get some help."

It was too dangerous to hire outsiders for this. This was especially true for the present him with his unique identity. The people who were waiting for an opportunity to kidnap him would probably be quite high in amount. Since that was the case, he could only look for some trustworthy people for help, then. Besides that, the bizarre environment of this place was also something a vast majority of people couldn't deal with anyway.


Chen Feng released a mission that was only limited to those in his contacts list.


Target: Nether Capital

Mission: Obtaining the blood essence of a death lion

Reward: Heaven-dazzling gene reagent

Description: The environment here is somewhat unique, as the air contains a corrosive energy. Please consider this carefully before accepting…




Shortly after, Chen Feng started receiving feedback for his issued mission.

Chen Feng was astonished to find that the person who had accepted his mission was Xu Fei.

Chen Feng was confused. This guy…


A screen popped out.

"Do you not know how valuable a single heaven-dazzling gene reagent is nowadays? Hehe… a mere death lion, isn't it something I can capture with a wave of my hand? After obtaining the heaven-dazzling gene reagent, even if I'm not using it myself, I can still sell it off." Xu Fei proudly continued, "With my current body that can resist even the seawater of the frozen sea, mere corrosive energy in the air is nothing to me."

Chen Feng was startled as he realized that. True. He had almost forgotten that this guy's body had been reconstructed previously. An environment that was hard to deal with for others would pose no difficulty to Xu Fei. This was a guy with a built-in "aura of immunity." Perhaps he could truly help in this mission.

"All right."

Chen Feng approved Xu Fei's application.

As for the second applicant…

"Wang Chun?!"

Chen Feng was dumbstruck. This guy wanted to join as well? The hell! He was looking for helpers! Not looking for some "bosses" to join his mission!

Granted, Wang Chun's character was something Chen Feng approved of. His strength wasn't too shabby either. However, with this guy around, Chen Feng would always have the feeling that the roles were swapped, with him becoming the bodyguard instead! This guy's combat power wasn't particularly dependable, as far as Chen Feng was concerned!

Wang Chun's wan-looking face appeared on his screen. "It has been a while." The current Wang Chun was giving off the feeling of a person who'd had all his energy sucked out of him.

Chen Feng looked at him with a knowing look. "Have you been…" Had this guy activated the harem function of his Crystal Palace ability? How many days had it been since Chen Feng had last seen him? Wang Chun was already exhausted to such an extent.

Seemed like the Shen Wei siblings possessed quite a formidable "combat power"…

"Cough cough." Wang Chun coughed before replying with a pale complexion, "The main reason for this is the appearance of a third person."


Chen Feng's heart thumped.

Third person! Apart from the Shen Wei siblings, a third person had appeared?

"At a place with an environment like the Nether Capital, she would be like a fish back in water. Her combat power will reach peak B class there." Wang Chun sighed with a bitter smile on his face. "If you are truly only hunting for a death lion and you are agreeable with us joining, can you give me the reward in advance?"

"All right," Chen Feng agreed.

Wang Chun's third summon?

He was somewhat looking forward to meeting her. If she was truly as powerful as Wang Chun's description, this trip of his might be easier. As they needed time to prepare for the trip to the Nether Capital, Chen Feng set the mission date to three days later. During the three days, Chen Feng produced numerous recovery gene reagents as preparation for the trip. As for the heaven dazzling gene reagents, he had already sent them over to Xu Fei and Wang Chun so they could increase their combat power before setting off on the mission.

As long as they prepared sufficiently, this mission should be quite simple. After three days, they gathered near the Nether Capital. After a period of time of not seeing Xu Fei, it seemed like some short hairs were sprouting out of Xu Fei's bald head once again. From its appearance, he would most probably regain his hair after a period of time.

Chen Feng smiled."Your hair is growing quite fast, eh?"

Xu Fei laughed proudly. "Hehe."

Soon, Wang Chun, with the appearance of a person completely exhausted of energy, appeared with the Shen Wei siblings. Next, Xu Fei and Wang Chun's group were formally introduced to each other.

Comics… are truly powerful! Xu Fei lamented. No wonder he found the girls familiar when he saw them. Xu Fei exclaimed in admiration, "If you girls are from The Crystal Palace… I think it is a comic I have seen before as well. You girls are super popular!"

Shen Yi smiled happily. "Thanks."

Xu Fei was curious. "You girls have actually read your own comic as well?"

"Naturally." Shen Yi smiled embarrassingly before continuing, "That was quite a peculiar experience."

"Oh oh oh oh. Actually, I have a question." With an inquisitive expression on his face, Xu Fei asked, "Have you girls seen any of your adult fan fictions?"


Instantly, everyone sunk into silence.