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Chapter 291: A Small Damage

Chapter 291: A Small Damage
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Smog was everywhere. At the outer layer of the Nether Capital, a group of silhouettes were quietly hiding somewhere.

"Is the captain not back yet?"


"Try urging him."

"All right."

"This is a mission issued by the leader himself. We must not allow anything to go wrong."

"Understood. But then, does necromancy truly exist?"

"Shh." The one leading them glared at him. "It is not our place to discuss about this."

"All right."

At that, they shut their mouths in fear.


Once again, they concealed themselves. Around them, a terrifying aura started spreading, akin to a huge beast that was about to wake up. Only their bright eyes could be seen clearly, pairs of eyes that were glimmering amidst the darkness.

Distantly, the Nether Capital, enveloped in smog, appeared even more unclear now.

Soon, a silhouette appeared. After they reorganized their group, they stepped into the smog-filled area.


The air trembled.

The huge skeleton beast stepped out of the darkness.

"Undead life form?"

A trace of joy appeared on their faces.

If even such a life form from the legends had appeared here, it was quite probable that necromancy would truly appear here. The style of construction here appeared to be from a somewhat different era, though.


"Deal with him!"

"He might have the thing we need on his body," the captain ordered coldly.

"All right."

Everyone else followed the command.



A terrifying power bloomed within the darkness.

At this instant, these people, whose existences were nearly untraceable, unleashed an extremely formidable power. Even the weakest among them was B class.



The huge skeleton beast howled.

Its bones were crushed and started glimmering amidst the darkness.


An astonishingly large death aura bloomed. Next, a huge battle broke out.

As of now, within the Nether Capital, Chen Feng and the rest had only found out about the secret of this city. The waiter that they had clearly interacted with yesterday had actually completely forgotten about them today. As for his dialogue, it was exactly the same as what he had said yesterday.

"Perhaps, he can't remember us because he has too many customers?" Xu Fei guessed.

Chen Feng shook his head. "That's not possible. It might be possible for him to forget about others, but as for us, the way we are dressed and the way we behave are completely different from the others around here. It is simply impossible for him to not recognize us. Besides that, his gaze when looking at us appeared incredibly unfamiliar," Chen Feng analyzed calmly.

Wang Chun was alarmed. "What on earth is going on here?"

"We will find out after taking a walk around," Chen Feng said. "It is possible that this waiter is the problematic one."


Everyone agreed.

Soon, they reached the street. They tried doing the same thing they had done yesterday, and they found that everyone here had truly forgotten about them, regardless of what the person's profession was! This was simply not the problem of that waiter alone. Rather, nobody in this city knew them from yesterday.

"Memory erased?" This thought surfaced in Chen Feng's brain. Could it be that every single resident of this city had had their memory erased while sleeping at night? Or perhaps, for some reason, they were unable to keep any memories regarding outsiders?

This was possible as well.

But this train of thought only lasted one whole minute. Once again, Chen Feng saw the familiar carts trying to leave the city. Once again, he saw the quarrel at the market. At this moment, he had a faint idea of what had actually happened here.

The memories of the residents here hadn't been cleared. Rather, they were reliving the same day!

To verify his guess, Chen Feng took the same route they had taken yesterday, and he found that everything that had happened yesterday happened today as well!

For example, the quarrel between Aunty Wang and Aunty Zhang due to a cucumber at the market.

For example, the tofu shop boss that was beaten in the street by his jealous wife.

All these incidents were reenacted. Everything was exactly the same as yesterday.

If they had only had their memories cleared to forget about Chen Feng's group, how was it possible for them to redo the same thing they had done yesterday? This place…

Xu Fei pointed somewhere. "Look."

There, the carts were still stopped when they tried to leave the city.

In a certain tavern, the chairs that had been broken after a fight broke out yesterday were in perfect condition today.

This was simply not something that could be accomplished by clearing the memories of the people here. Everything here seemed to have been changed back to its original condition after a single night.

"This is a repeat!" Finally, Chen Feng was sure. Here, every single day, the same thing would happen over and over again.

"Perhaps all this is only a coincidence?" Xu Fei said.

"We will know tonight," Chen Feng said calmly.

"All right."

Late at night, the night curfew began. Once again, the world sunk into silence.

Chen Feng's group had intentionally damaged some chairs. They had even slaughtered all the pigs the butcher was rearing at his house. Next, they waited for the next day to appear.

The next day, once again, the city woke up. All the damage done by Chen Feng's group was noiselessly restored. The butcher's shop was business as usual, all his pigs still waiting to be slaughtered. The pigs were still alive!

"How is this possible…" Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold air. The pigs were all still alive! How was that possible! They had slaughtered these pigs with their own hands!

For example…

That pig with flowery marks on its body that was obviously different in appearance than the other pigs. He had slaughtered that pig himself yesterday, yet today, this pig was still alive.

Chen Feng's guess was indeed correct. This was a repeat!

"Not only the items here, even the life forms here have all been restored?" Wang Chun was astonished. "What about a human…"

That's right. If even a pig could be restored, for a human…

Chen Feng smiled coldly. "Let's try."

After asking around, they found someone who had a notorious reputation yet the authorities had no way of dealing with. After chattering casually with him for a short while, they killed him directly.

The next day, when the city once again reawakened, that notorious rogue could be seen alive and well. On top of that, he had totally forgotten about Chen Feng's group.

"We are trapped," Wang Chun realized suddenly.

They were all trapped in this world where every day was a repeat!

A never-ending repeat!

The scariest part of this was the fact that they had no way of solving this.

Illusion? Array? This was none of those.

Everything here was real. They were things that truly existed. This was what horrified Chen Feng's group.

Subsequently, they tried all sorts of methods. However, none of their methods worked.

They killed, destroyed property, and even caused chaos at the government office by killing the employees there. The next day, everything was still restored perfectly as if nothing had happened.

One day, two days, three days…

Every single method they believed would be able to solve this was insufficient.

They were going crazy. "What damned place is this?"

Ming Yue was all smiles as she looked at Wang Chun. "Teehee. I can give you a hand, yo."

Wang Chun looked at her doubtfully. "You have a solution?"

"I have an idea. I want to test it out." After thinking for a bit, Ming Yue continued, "However, you are, after all, my master. Without your approval, I can't do it. Hence, I'm here to apply for your approval."

Wang Chun was on alert. "What idea?"

Ming Yue's coy voice echoed in his ears. "A small test, destroying something to see if it will be restored."

Wang Chun exchanged glances with Chen Feng before nodding. They had tried using abilities with all sorts of properties to damage the things here. None of them had worked. Since that was the case, they might as well allow Ming Yue to try it out.

Thereupon, Wang Chun temporarily removed the restriction on Ming Yue. Next, Ming Yue bounced out in a vivacious manner.

Xu Fei was somewhat anxious. "There shouldn't be any problems with this right?"

In the comic, this demonic girl was not a person to be underestimated.

"It should be fine, right?" Wang Chun said uncertainly. "After all, my strength is still too weak. As such, she is limited and won't be able to unleash too much of her power anyway…"



A loud sound could be heard.

What happened?

They were all startled.

When they raised their heads to look in the direction of the sound, they found, to their horror, that the whole world had instantly sunk into darkness, and a terrifying power was emerging out of the dark clouds.



Endless dark lightning started descending, akin to a sight from the apocalypse.



Unending mournful screams could be heard as the whole world sunk into darkness.

"The… f*ck?" Wang Chun stared blankly at that single enchanting silhouette standing amidst the darkness. On Ming Yue's face, a smile slowly appeared as endless lightning descended without stop around her.



They were all dumbstruck.

Massacre! This woman here was actually slaughtering everyone in the city!