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Chapter 296: Nether Capital’s Battle!

Chapter 296: Nether Capital’s Battle!
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At the Nether Capital, the sky was still enveloped by smog. At this place littered with corpses, two experts were making their transaction without a care in the world.

"These two can really talk a lot…" Chen Feng berated with a powerless feeling.

He was aware that villains would normally have a lot to say. However, he had never expected it to reach this extent. These two weren't purely talking about some nonsensical things, though.

It was obvious that the captain there was very seriously trying to reach an agreement. As for the guy in front of him, hidden behind his seemingly serious manner of negotiating was some hidden agenda.


Chen Feng's group hid themselves quietly.

After a long time, those two seemed to conclude their agreement. Multiple mysterious-looking yet powerful halos radiated around them, seemingly some sort of binding ability to ensure that both sides would adhere to what they had agreed to.

"Since that's the case, please to impart the forbidden art to us, Senior," the captain said seriously.

The middle-aged man nodded. "All right."

However, right at this instant, several black silhouettes charged out suddenly.


Followed by a bright explosion, one familiar silhouette after another appeared. On them were the pitch-black uniforms that were actually the same as what the members of the Mysterious Organization wore.


Instantly, everyone else there was alarmed.

The modified voice of Chen Feng drifted out from the mask he was wearing. "Senior Soul has an order for us. This person here has some hidden agenda. Kill without mercy!"

"Senior Soul?" The captain blanked momentarily at that. Other than them, Senior Soul had actually sent someone else here as well? How was that possible? He looked at the newly appeared group doubtfully.

Chen Feng merely glanced at him coldly. "Idiot."

His whole body was hidden by the black attire he was wearing, leaving only that pair of cold-looking eyes exposed.

"Originally, it was believed that this person had the art of necromancy mastered. However, after some investigation, we noted that what this person knows is a fake necromancy art, something our organization has already been using for a long time. This semicompleted art is something our organization mastered long ago." Chen Feng coldly continued, "A repeat on a daily basis where human sacrifices are required—such a method of rebirth, what's the point? Is this guy not afraid of our retaliation for trading with us using such a useless art? Obviously, he is! Hence… from the start, he never intended to let us leave here alive! Senior Soul sent us here to rescue you all. The organization has already lost a huge amount of A classes. As such, we can't afford to lose more."


The expressions of the middle-aged man and the captain changed greatly.

Is that so?

The captain had a bad feeling. This guy truly sounded convincing. A lot of things he mentioned were correct as well. All this coupled with the middle-aged man's current expression made him realize that he might have truly been taken for a ride this time.

The captain glared at the middle-aged man. "You dare to fool me?"

"So you guys are together? How smart. However…" The middle-aged man shook his head in a regretful manner. "It's too late."


Everyone else blanked.

This was especially true for the squad from the Mysterious Organization. What did he mean when he said that they were together?


A terrifying aura bloomed from the middle-aged man's body. "Originally, I had only planned to use this after you guys left. Fine, I might as well show you pathetic fellows what true power looks like. Hahaha. Hehe."

A cold killing intent bloomed.

The middle-aged man erupted fully with his true strength.


Everyone in the Mysterious Organization's squad had a solemn expression.

As of now, none of them could be bothered about the "together" the middle-aged man had mentioned previously. This middle-aged man had a knack of speaking nonsense anyway. Who knew which of his words could be trusted?



A terrifying pressure descended.

Everyone could feel a powerful pressure, a superpowerful pressure belonging to a peak A class.

This middle-aged man was extremely powerful!


Instantly, the sky above the Nether Capital was ripped apart. In the sky enveloped by smog, a boundless radiance appeared before ripping the sky apart, creating a long tunnel through the sky.

When everyone looked at the torn sky, their expressions changed greatly. In there was a flourishing metropolis. Different from the desolate Nether Capital, that city in the sky was a modernized city of their current genetic era. In this era, even if it was a mere small city, there would be at least several hundred thousand inhabitants per city.

The city was filled with life. That middle-aged man's target was actually these people, the inhabitants of this city.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air. "He is going to slaughter the city!"

Slaughtering a whole city!

This was something extremely terrifying to hear.

Granted, Ming Yue and the squad from the Mysterious Organization had done the same thing here before. However, all of them were aware that everyone in the Nether Capital would be restored. They had only been trying to get out of this trap they had fallen into. As for this middle-aged man, he was using these people as a human sacrifice!

"He is going to use the whole city as human sacrifices to sustain the Nether Capital!"

Everyone's heart chilled.

That was one whole city there, with several hundred thousand inhabitants! This guy…

"That's the Sealed City."

Everyone in the squad paled, as that city was the branch of the Mysterious Organization they were attached to. As their branch was near this area, almost all the missions in this area were handled by them. Unfortunately for them, due to the limited strength the middle-aged man possessed, the nearest metropolis his power could reach was only this Sealed City. This was purely coincidence and also his only choice at the same time!

"This lunatic!" The captain started hurling abuses. Even if they had taken a countless amount of lives, they had never truly slaughtered a whole city. He hadn't felt anything when killing the residents of Nether Capital that would never truly die. As far as they were concerned, these people here were all NPCs. As such, they had no feelings when killing these people.

But when it came to the city they resided in… those several hundred thousand residents…


In the sky, that dazzling radiance was even brighter now.

An extremely terrifying super ability was condensing in the middle-aged man's hand. He was at peak A class. Hence, how powerful would this secret art be that even this kind of peak expert would require a buildup of energy to launch it?

This thought alone caused everyone to shiver.

"What should we do?"

Their expressions were unsightly.

Stop it? They wouldn't be able to stop him. Even if they were all A-class warriors, with their side having two A-class warriors, they would still fail to stop him.

With the disparity between their strength, they would not be able to defeat this middle-aged man. Furthermore, they were currently facing an old freak that had been alive for several centuries.

Yes, they were in A class as well, but the only thing they had in common were their attributes. As for their combat power…

They might be able to unleash an A-class attack with an amplifier of ten times the power. As for this middle-aged man, he would be able to unleash an A-class attack with an amplifier of at least 100 times. The horror of a person who had been in A class for several centuries was something none could imagine.

None of them could know how thick his foundations truly were!

Right at this moment.


The power started condensing in the air.

In front of the middle-aged man, an illusory dragon appeared. Everyone could clearly feel the terrifying power contained within this dragon.

Without a doubt, if the dragon was released, everyone in the Sealed City would definitely perish.

"Take this chance to kill him!" the captain ordered.

Since the middle-aged man needed to condense his power to form this secret art, now would be the perfect chance to kill him.


Light swirled around. Everyone unleashed their killing moves.

However, shocking everyone there, right as their attacks touched the swirling radiance in the air, their attacks were instantly dissolved before being devoured and transforming into a part of the middle-aged man's power.

All along, the middle-aged man hadn't moved. He had merely stood there and looked at them with contempt.

"Damn it!"

Everyone's expression became unsightly.

Their attacks had instead became the energy supply of their enemy? That was too hateful!

"We're finished."

Their hearts chilled. Facing absolute strength, there was nothing they could do.