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Chapter 301: Compromise and Use It???

Chapter 301: Compromise and Use It???
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Without a sound, Chen Feng completed his fusion. When his shut eyes once again opened, the world before him seemed to have changed completely. The whole world appeared dark, only a single red crosshair hovering on the people in front of him. This was the Nethergaze locking down on the weak points of everyone present.

This was the world of the Nethergaze!

Suddenly, a pitch-black silhouette flashed, and the amount of people locked onto by Chen Feng was reduced by one.


Chen Feng was somewhat flabbergasted.


Before his eyes, a cold gleam flashed past, and among the darkness, a red-colored silhouette stood up and started walking toward him.

Chen Feng's heart throbbed. "Who is it?"

This was the world of Nethergaze, a unique spiritual world belonging to himself, a spiritual world that was created by the Nethergaze ability. How was it possible for someone to enter this world?

From the appearance of that silhouette…

Chen Feng focused his gaze. "It's her?"


With a flash of that silhouette, Chen Feng felt himself enveloped by a chilling radiance. That was Ming Yue's power! Ming Yue, the third summon of Wang Chun.

The strongest boss villain in the Crystal Palace. Her present strength was unknown, she possessed an unstable temperament, and her trump cards were unknown. Due to her massive strength, she was even able to come out without being summoned by Wang Chun.

This was a person that couldn't be controlled. Within Chen Feng's current plan, this woman was definitely not relied on, regardless of her strength. If she wasn't limited by the strength of Wang Chun, she would have already been undefeated under the heavens when she had been summoned.

Her power seemed to be somewhat similar to the power lingering in this city. However, after entering the Nether Capital, she had been maintaining a low profile, causing everyone to almost neglect her existence.

Now, she actually dared to make a move against Chen Feng!

Moreover, the place she had chosen was this unique world of Nethergaze!


The chilling radiance enveloped Chen Feng as Ming Yue shone with a red radiance. The illusory-looking radiance had directly entered the depth of the Nethergaze's world.

Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. "What is this woman thinking of doing?"

Due to Wang Chun, Chen Feng was curious about this comic and had once read some of it. He hadn't read a lot of them, but he was sure that she absolutely did not possess this ability she was currently displaying. This was an ability he had never seen before!

A cold voice drifted through the air. "Condense!"

A unique ray of light flashed through the air as Ming Yue's illusory body phased through Chen Feng's body. The power passing through him caused Chen Feng's heart to palpitate.

Next, in front of him, a mysterious red line linking him and Ming Yue together appeared.

What was that? Chen Feng was shocked.

"What do you think?" Ming Yue started walking toward him with a bright smile on her face. Her illusory body started solidifying, displaying her enchanting curves. "It's not easy for such an opportunity to appear before me," Ming Yue said with a smile. "With you as the link, I can truly break free from Wang Chun and enter this world for real. Oh, right. This thing is called the marriage link…Don't look down on it because of its small size; it is quite the powerful item. An example of its ability is: sharing. In your body is a power I have never seen before." Ming Yue smiled as she looked at Chen Feng. "When the Space Diminishing Slash was used earlier, I witnessed how formidable that power in you is. Now, with us linked together, I will be able to sense that power soon… I am truly curious, what power is it, exactly?"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This fellow here was targeting his Luck Aura?


He looked at the red line joined to his body. "This thing can't be cancelled?"


Chen Feng contemplated. "My power will be shared with you, and I will obtain your power?"

Ming Yue smiled as she said, "Naturally. However, this is a blood contract. It will use the power of one's bloodline to determine the ratio in which both our powers are shared. In this world, nothing comes free.

"An incident where a normal person transformed into a world-shattering expert after this link was established has never happened. This link will decide the ratio of the power shared based on the strength of the bloodline of the linked people. Oh, using the language of this world, it should be called genes. The stronger the genes within a person, the stronger the portion of the shared power that person will obtain. After all, if a regular person were to suddenly obtain too powerful a strength, that person would be killed by the oversupply of power. As for us… tee hee. I can obtain 99% of your power using only 1% of my power. Isn't that fair?" A fiendish smiled appeared on Ming Yue's face.

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood.

What damnable sharing was this.

He had heard of sharing a bike, a portable charger, and even sharing a girlfriend before. There were even some who shared the same chamber pot. However, this was the first time he had heard of sharing power.

This was obviously a trade rather than sharing. Moreover, this was a shameless, forceful trade.

Granted, even 1% of Ming Yue's power would be extremely powerful. However, why would Chen Feng want 1% of her power? She was only B class presently.

If the trade was based on their present strength, it would be fine, but it was based on bloodlines and genes…

For a normal human like Chen Feng, how could he compare in terms of bloodline or genes with this inhuman Ming Yue? She was simply robbing him of his power here.

"Tee hee."

A playful smile appeared on Ming Yue's face as her curvy body pasted onto Chen Feng's body, "I have been waiting several days for this chance. Then… let us begin."


A ray of light enveloped both Chen Feng and Ming Yue.

The trade began! That red line linking them was radiating intensely.


The whole of the Nethergaze world was blanketed in red.

Currently, in the real world, Ming Yue's body was leaning against the wall, as if she had fallen asleep. As for the Chen Feng who had just fused with his new gene reagent, his pair of eyes were radiating a terrifying red radiance.

Everyone was shocked. "What's going on with him?"

"Most probably, he's testing his new ability," they guessed.

However, if they were to pay close attention to him, they would be able to notice that within Chen Feng's blood-red eyes, a silhouette could be vaguely seen. That was Ming Yue!

"Don't struggle," Ming Yue said gently.

Chen Feng stared at her coldly. "The only reason you did this was to obtain that unknown power of mine?"

"Naturally not." While smiling, Ming Yue continued, "Didn't I tell you earlier? There's also your status! This is the marriage link. Don't you know what marriage is? The both of us will be bound together in the future. You will possess the imprint of my world, and I will possess the imprint of this world. This means that you can enter my world as you wish as well! As for me, I no longer need to rely on Wang Chun. I can live my life freely here in this world, and I can even restore the power I once possessed!"

Chen Feng: "…"

So he was now something similar to a Beijing Residency holder? And this young lady here, in order to be qualified to purchase a property at Beijing, had forced him to marry her?

Chen Feng sighed. "What will happen if I am dead?"

"I will die as well." After thinking for a moment, Ming Yue continued, "Therefore, to ensure your safety, in the future, you will have to stay by my side at all times. I am currently lacking a lackey like you anyway."

Chen Feng: "…"

So now he had turned into the exclusive property of this woman?

That was truly…

It was also this instant that the radiance around them faded. A smile appeared on Ming Yue's face. She could vividly feel an unfamiliar power coursing into her power.


Chen Feng asked suddenly, "Lady Ming Yue, you are not human, right?"

"Nope." Ming Yue arrogantly said, "I am a member of the Nether race. How is it possible for me to be a human?"

"Oh." A knowing expression appeared on Chen Feng's face. Next, he said in a somewhat embarrassed manner, "If so, you wouldn't mind it much if your marriage link was not established with a human, right?"


Ming Yue was confused. What did that mean?

"Erm…" In an extremely embarrassed manner, Chen Feng started rubbing his chest. There, a tiny red snake crawled out. Around the snake's body was the aura of the marriage link that had yet to fade. At this moment, Ming Yue's proud expression froze.

"You…" Ming Yue blanked. So, she had… with a snake???

Wait, this was clearly a spiritual world, a spiritual world exclusive to the ability Chen Feng had activated earlier. How was it possible for another life form to exist in here?

"Erm…" Chen Feng studied the alluring Ming Yue in front of him attentively before looking at the tiny snake. "Actually, you don't have to worry too much. Thickness wise, it might be somewhat lacking, but this snake here is still quite long in length. It should work if you are willing to compromise."

Ming Yue: "???"