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Chapter 302: End
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"Chen Feng!"

Ming Yue was so angry that her face paled.

She had finally noticed that she had been tricked by this guy. It was also only now that she noticed that the ratio of power sharing between her and that tiny snake was 1:1. In other words, the bloodline of that snake…

She stared at Chen Feng as her eyes gleamed coldly. "You dare to trick me?"

Even Wang Chun would not dare do this to her. A mere Chen Feng…

Ming Yue's killing intent surged. "You are courting death." However, just as she was about to make her move, she saw that tiny snake in Chen Feng's hand straighten up its body before staring at her viciously.

Instantly, Ming Yue's heart chilled. She was currently linked with this snake. If she chose to attack Chen Feng, this snake would definitely get involved as well. If the snake was accidentally killed…

Ming Yue was furious. "Chen Feng!" She was a self-proclaimed mastermind that always had everything under her control. Never had she imagined that she would be tricked by a mere C class here!

This was truly hateful.

"Do you think you will be fine because of this?" Despite being tricked, Ming Yue was able to calm down speedily. She stared at Chen Feng and said, "You need to think properly. Without me, you will all die here. Regardless of that squad or the Nether Capital master, none of them are parties you all can deal with. Only by breaking free of Wang Chun can I recover my true strength and rescue you all from this place."

"I am aware of that," Chen Feng said calmly. With their current strength, they were simply not a threat to their current enemies.

Ming Yue started trying to convince him. "How about this: we remove this link here… Next, you help me break free of Wang Chun, and I will be able to save all of you. How about that?"

Chen Feng thought about it and rejected her proposal. "There's no need for that."

"You…" Ming Yue was furious. "Do you really want to die here with them?"

"Of course not." Chen Feng shook his head before whispering. "I'm not particularly worried about them. What I'm truly worried about is…"

Ming Yue frowned. "What is it?"

"It's not important for now." Chen Feng smiled, and an odd smile appeared on his face. "Don't worry. I will make sure you recover your strength."

Ming Yue frowned harder.

Despite Chen Feng's nice-sounding words, she had a feeling that something was off.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something. "Oh, yeah. Is this marriage link truly your ability? I have never seen you use it in the comic. Is this something you learned after coming out here?"

Ming Yue coldly stated, "That is because there were no males in The Crystal Palace. Are you satisfied if I put it this way? Due to that damnable pervert author, men were nonexistent in the whole comic. Even a street dog might transform into a pretty girl in the next moment."

Toward that answer, Chen Feng looked at Xiao Ying with a delighted expression. "If so, then I suppose your requirements for your significant other shouldn't be too high."

Ming Yue: "…"

Suddenly, she felt like strangling Chen Feng to death.

"Then... let us talk about the matter of restoring your strength." Chen Feng's indifferent voice echoed around the place. After a long while, accompanied by swirling light, the illusory world collapsed as Chen Feng's expression turned back to normal in the real world. It might appear that he and Ming Yue had spent a lot of time in there, but in truth, only a short while had passed in the real world.

"Are you fine?" everyone else asked anxiously. The aura Chen Feng had been emitting earlier was truly too terrifying.

Chen Feng shook his head. "I'm fine. Perhaps… it's time for us to go out."

Chen Feng had a bright expression on his face. As they arrived outside, they found that the battle was still in progress. There was nothing they could do. After several attempts, the squad from the Mysterious Organization noticed that they were simply not the middle-aged man's opponent. As such, they had decided to use the most rational method of dealing with this: drag it out.

In that shining ball, the impurities were still reducing without stop. Without first eliminating all the impurities, the middle-aged man would not receive any increase in his strength. Hence, his present strength was still decreasing without stop as his power was exhausted in the battle and from eliminating the impurities.

The moment the impurities were all eliminated would also be the middle-aged man's weakest moment. That would be the most optimal instant to kill him. That would also be the easiest instant to kill him. Before that? Just drag it out.

Exhausting the middle-aged man's strength while preserving their strength before erupting to kill the middle-aged man when the time came.

Only a single chance would be available to them.



The injuries on the middle-aged man's body increased without stop. Blood splattered around without stop. The battle was reaching the crucial moment. They were all clear that the moment the impurities were all cleared would also be the moment for the final battle. If the squad was powerful enough, they would be able to kill the weakened middle-aged man. However, if they failed or were even a tiny bit slower, the middle-aged man would rapidly recover as he started absorbing the life force in that ball of light and started growing in strength.

That single instant was the moment where he was at his weakest, the beginning of his journey to the peak of his strength.

They absolutely had to grab on to that opportunity when it came!

The squad was aiming for a single fatal attack, while the middle-aged man was aiming to defend himself.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Time passed quietly.

The glow representing the impurities finally disappeared—only pure life force was left. The squad that had been waiting for this moment instantly erupted.



A terrifying explosion of energy erupted out of them.

A layer of light that was as firm as a bastion appeared before the middle-aged man. "Defend!"

The squad members merely snorted before unleashing all their power. "Hmph."

A-class captain!

A-class deputy captain!

And 10 B-class genetic warriors!

The intensity of their individual attacks was all the middle-aged man had expected. However, when they assumed a certain formation, a terrifying power appeared.

This was a power far surpassing what a squad at their level should have possessed.

The middle-aged man's expression changed greatly. "Formation?"

Among the 10 B-class warriors, one of them actually specialized in formations. The formation he had used was a pure support-type secret art, an extremely powerful 5-star secret art! This secret art was not able to deal any damage by itself, but after the formation was used on the other 12 squad members, their combat power increased exponentially. This was a superpowerful team battle ability.

"Did you truly believe the B-class warriors in our squad are only here to make up the numbers?" the captain said in contempt. "Staying here for several centuries… you have long lost your qualification to be called a true warrior. Goodbye."


The 12 of them joined hands. That terrifying radiance erupted and streaked forth, penetrating the middle-aged man's chest.


The middle-aged man widened his eyes.


He lowered his head and looked at his penetrated chest.


A boundless power started dispersing.

Before all their eyes, the whole Nether Capital, which had lasted through the ages, started collapsing. The taverns, shops, and streets—everything was collapsing.

In the air, countless silhouettes of light appeared. These were all the residents of this city. On their faces were smiles, displaying their satisfaction at finally being freed from this.

Such an immortality was not something joyous. Rather, it was a curse!

That feeling was especially intense during their moment of awakening.

The silhouette of a little girl charged toward the middle-aged man. "Father."

"Child…" The middle-aged man reached out with a dazed expression. However, before he could even touch her, he lost consciousness. Along with the Nether Capital's destruction, all the silhouettes hovering in the air vanished silently as well.

Everything ended.