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Chapter 304: Nethergaze

Chapter 304: Nethergaze
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"Defend!" the captain commanded.

He could clearly feel that the power about to be unleashed by Chen Feng would definitely be something heaven defying. Even an A class like him felt fear from it. This was definitely not a power an ordinary person could muster.

This Chen Feng…

"Enter the formation!"


Once again, the familiar-looking formation appeared.

This was an extremely powerful formation, something a B-class warrior had put all his effort into to the point where he had no combat power or achievements in other aspects. The only role of this B-class warrior was to link the 11 other warriors in their squad together using this formation in order to unleash their strongest combined might.

Every single time they attacked, it would be equivalent to an attack with the full combined power of all 11 of them. As such, they were undefeated. Even the master of Nether Capital had failed to defend against their attack.

As for their defense, it was also equivalent to the full combined defense of all 11 of them. As such, their defense was unbreakable as well.


They all unleashed their respective defensive abilities.


With the help of the formation, all their unleashed defensive abilities fused together. This was a special move unique to this squad.

Just as their defense finished combining, Chen Feng's attack reached them.

This was the moment he had been waiting a long time for.

Nethergaze, an ability capable of analyzing the rules of the opponent's energy and locking onto the opponent's weak point. The longer the opponent was locked onto, the higher the amplifier the launched attack would have. Depending on the gap in strength between the user and the opponent, the time taken for the analysis would differ.

This ability was quite straightforward to use as well. First, within the Nethergaze's world, simulate the ability the user was about to use.

For example: Myriad Illusory Wind Blades used with an Energy Equipment activated.

The Nethergaze would assign this attack a numerical value. Next, it would assign the opponent's present strength a numerical value as well. The longer Nethergaze was locked onto the opponent, the more gap between the user and the opponent would shorten.

For example, in a situation where a numerical value of 10 was assigned to the user's attack and a numerical value of 200 was assigned to the opponent, Nethergaze would constantly exhaust the user's energy to increase the user's power. The assigned numerical value woulde increase without stop to 20, 30, 40... until it ultimately reached 200, when the lockdown would be complete.

At this point, if the user were to unleash the same attack he had previously simulated in the Nethergaze world, this unleashed attack would be amplified by the power of Nethergaze, a power sufficient to insta-kill the enemy.

The whole operation of Nethergaze revolved around amplifying the attack of the user. With this amplification, the gap between the user and the opponent would be reduced. This was the basic method of using this Nethergaze ability.

Without hesitation, Chen Feng had attempted it when he obtained the ability. However, the gap between him and this A-class warrior had been too large. As such, he had noticed that the time required for the lockdown to be completed would be too long—incredibly long.

When it was used against someone similarly at C class, only one second was required for the lockdown, as Chen Feng's present strength far exceeded C class.

As for B class? It would be somewhat slow. However, it was still acceptable, as it would take between several seconds to several tens of seconds to complete. Hence, it would be sufficient for Chen Feng to deal with any B-class warriors, peak B-class warriors included.

As for A class, they were in a totally different league compared to Chen Feng. When locking onto the Nether Capital's master, Chen Feng had noted that a week of lockdown would be required before the amplifier would be sufficient to kill him.

That's right. One whole week of lockdown. Within this week, Chen Feng would have had to stop eating and drinking, focusing all his attention on locking onto the enemy. The Nether Capital's master could not leave Chen Feng's line of sight either. Only with all this would he have had a possibility of defeating the Nether Capital's master.

Even all this was with the premise that Chen Feng had sufficient energy to keep this up. That was the moment Chen Feng had realized how terrifying the Nether Capital's master was. Even with that man's lack of combat experience, he was still a person possessing a terrifying foundation.

As such, after careful consideration, Chen Feng had decided that the only person he could lock onto was the captain. He believed that since the Mysterious Organization had dared to come propose a trade despite knowing about this Nether Capital's master, they had definitely made sufficient preparations to battle him as well. He concluded that this squad would definitely possess some method of obtaining victory against the Nether Capital's master.

And now he had been proved correct.

After the squad had used their trump card, the Nether Capital's master, who lacked combat experience, had been killed. He had been so decisively killed that he had not even had the chance to resist or use his trump card before perishing.

With this, Chen Feng's lock had been established on the captain. During this period of locking on, Chen Feng had used numerous recovery gene reagents. His energy recovery rate had been boosted with numerous gene reagents as well. Nearly all of his prepared gene reagents for this mission had been used with only one goal: establishing a lock on the captain.

Despite being in A class as well, this captain's strength was still extremely far away from that of the Nether Capital's master. From the Nether Capital's master's act of crushing their whole team despite his weakened state, this was apparent.

Hence, Chen Feng's lock on this captain was much easier.

From the start of his locking on during the squad's battle with the Nether Capital's master to the end of their battle, the destruction of the Nether Capital, and Chen Feng blabbering his mouth off telling them all sorts of secrets, one whole hour had passed.

Chen Feng had even talked about the mysterious young lady he'd met when he had traveled back in time and the incident where he'd met Soul during the time-travel incident. With all this information shooting out of his mouth, the squad hadn't been able to bear interrupting him.

Naturally, Chen Feng had also included a lot of fabricated stories as well.

In short, with 30% truth and 70% lies, Chen Feng had created an engaging story with all sorts of secrets to drag this out for one whole hour. Subsequently, his lock on had been completed.

This was the debut of his Nethergaze. Unexpectedly, his first target was actually an A class that was much more powerful than him.

It's time to end this.

Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly.


His body streaked upward.

His eyes glinted with a red glow as some sort of power condensed in his hand. With the intense radiance of his Energy Equipment, he slashed toward the captain.


Half the sky was covered in red by this slash.

The attack that did not appear particularly powerful slashed downward noiselessly. It was emitting the power of a B class.

Everyone in the squad could clearly see and feel that, although this attack of Chen Feng's appeared so eye catching, its power wasn't too great. Any one of them would be able to block it off. However, just as that attack landed on their defense, a terrifying power descended upon them.

"This is…"

Their expressions changed abruptly.



At this moment, even the sky appeared to be collapsing.

A boundless power descended upon them, akin to a giant from the skies stepping upon them.


Everyone in the squad started spurting blood crazily.

"How is this possible…"

They could not believe that a casual wave of Chen Feng's hand could bring about such power.



The defense forged by all 12 of them was breaking apart. They were actually facing a power capable of insta-killing their captain, a power capable of insta-killing an A-class! Since Chen Feng's lock had been successfully completed, his attack definitely carried a power capable of insta-killing this captain. As of now, everyone in the squad was taking on this attack together with their captain.

Their formation was indeed powerful, with shared energy and defense, but the disadvantage of this formation was the fact that any injuries taken were shared as well.

If their defense wasn't broken, things would be easier to handle, but now that Chen Feng's attack had easily gone through their defenses, this single disadvantage of the formation instead became an incredibly terrifying weakness. Initially, this had only been an attack capable of insta-killing the captain alone. Now, though…



With a flash of light, they all spurted blood and collapsed onto the ground, dead.



With a single move from Chen Feng, apart from the captain and deputy captain, everyone else was instantly killed, and even these two survivors were suffering injuries.