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Chapter 308: Mysterious Killing Command

Chapter 308: Mysterious Killing Command
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"I'm serious. All this power will only truly show its worth in my hands. Didn't you see it earlier? That is power of the highest quality, life force!" Ming Yue continued with grief, "It's such a waste to leave it in the hands of that damnable tiny snake! It has no idea how to use it at all! This is pure wastage! If we have access to such power, why waste it? With such valuable power, the only thing that snake knows how to do is to charge around knocking into people. It might be a life form as well, but its intelligence is too low!"

Ming Yue was unsatisfied.

Chen Feng did not seem to mind. "I think it's quite good this way." No matter what, he would definitely not grant Ming Yue her freedom. This woman was too dangerous!


Seeing that she couldn't convince or kill Chen Feng, Ming Yue left, panting with rage, and returned to the comic. Since she was restricted out here, she was better off back in her own world. As for Chen Feng…

"Hmph. I will come back when all of you die," Ming Yue said without a trace of politeness. Although the marriage link was powerful, it wouldn't work if both she and Xiao Ying were in two separate worlds. She decided to only return after Chen Feng and that damnable snake were dead.


Her silhouette vanished. As for Wang Chun, he only watched on with a dumbfounded expression.

He couldn't control Ming Yue's act of coming out into this world. Even when returning, she wasn't bothered with telling him about it either. As of now, he was nothing more than Ming Yue's personal door to travel between both worlds. On top of that, he was akin to an automatic door.

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "Don't worry about it. Such an expert is fated to be a person nobody can control."

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. "I know."

This was the first time he had realized that even his very own summon might not have any sort of relationship with him. It seemed like his ability wasn't omnipotent after all.

Shen Wei sneered. "Hmph. I will teach her a lesson when I return."

Only at these words did Wang Chun's heart feel somewhat better. At least… at least the siblings Shen Yi and Shen Wei were at his side. Within the world of The Crystal Palace, he was considered part of the Shen family's faction, after all. As for the nether race? He would simply stop summoning anyone from that side in the future.

Soon, they left the Nether Capital and parted ways.

Wang Chun and Xu Fei returned to the Genetic Union to make their report, while Chen Feng returned to Star City. After making his report to the association, the whole association was shaken. It was said that even some old seniors that had been in seclusion all this while were shaken out of their seclusion as well.

Both the information regarding Nether Capital and the Mysterious Organization were incomparably major.

Some doubted him. "You are saying the art of necromancy exists at the Nether Capital? Those people were in a limbo of reincarnation for centuries? Such an ability existed in this world? Is this for real?"

As a response, Chen Feng merely released the recordings he'd taken.

"The heck, it was actually real."

"Forbidden art of reincarnation…"

"This thing is too dreadful!"

"Even if it was merely an incomplete ability, the meaning attached to it is extremely huge."

Everyone started discussing without stop.

Some said that this was a good thing, while some said that this was something bad.

Naturally, in Chen Feng's report, after the Nether Capital's master had been killed, the whole Nether Capital had collapsed. All available information had disappeared, and he had not obtained any information regarding the art of necromancy.

As such, everyone else could only guess at the way this ability worked.

Apart from this, there was also that matter regarding the Mysterious Organization. This was the first time the real strength of the Mysterious Organization had been announced. The veil had finally been uncovered from this incomparably mysterious organization.

Peak A class! A certain number of A-class and B-class warriors…

That terrifying number of experts planted fear in everyone's heart.

However, shocking everyone was the fact that, out of the original 70-plus A-class warriors in that organization, over 20 of them had already been lost. That was also a terrifying number.

One had to know that every single A-class warrior in existence out there was the type of person who dominated an entire territory by himself.

Death? Any single death of one of these people would be a major event. As for the Mysterious Organization, they actually had such a huge amount of such experts perishing. They had even lost two of their peak A-class experts! This terrifying number of losses was truly shocking.

"Mysterious Organization…" Hou Liang muttered as he stared at the data in his hands.

What was the scariest thing in the world? The unknown!

Only the unknown was the scariest thing. The moment the veil upon the Mysterious Organization was uncovered, the moment the outside world had some sort of understanding of them, this organization no longer appeared so terrifying, regardless of the high amount of experts they had in their ranks.

This information alone was a huge contribution by Chen Feng.

This major contribution hadn't even taken into consideration a third point, the destruction of the Nether Capital. Moving on, the area humans could explore in this world had once again enlarged and now included the former Nether Capital!

Only ruins were left of that area for now. However, at the very least, to the satellite, that area was no longer enveloped by darkness. That place that had initially been unknown had now opened up to humanity thanks to Chen Feng. Since it was no longer something unknown, other humans would now be able to set forth on exploration missions there in the future. This was a huge contribution.

Once again, Chen Feng's prestige at Star City increased.

Hou Liang smiled bitterly. "You…"

It seemed like every single time Chen Feng left, he wouldn't come back without first doing something major. He simply couldn't sit still!

Just look at the updated data. It was said that the Mysterious Organization had 56 surviving A-class warriors, but after this incident, wasn't the amount once again reduced to only 54 remaining? Oh, wrong, 50 would be the correct amount.

Hou Liang took out a different set of data and passed it to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was astonished as he laid eyes on the data. "What?"

At a certain location where a certain major project of the Mysterious Organization was progressing, a young lady had appeared at the crucial point of the project. Next, the whole project had been destroyed and four A-class warriors had been killed.

Although only a rear view of this young lady was available in their data, Chen Feng knew who she was. Wang Yao! It was indeed her!

A faint smile appeared on Chen Feng's face.

Wang Yao had once again increased her strength.

"See," Hou Liang said grudgingly. "I suppose the Genetic Union doesn't even need to do anything. Just the two of you, this couple, will be sufficient to destroy the entire Mysterious Organization."

"How is that possible?" Chen Feng said awkwardly.

"I suggest you maintain a low profile for a period of time." Hou Liang paused before continuing, "You just dealt such a major blow to the Mysterious Organization and killed two of their A-class warriors. I don't think they will let you off easily. This is different from the past. Previously, you didn't play significant roles in the damage dealt to them. As such, they didn't put any emphasis on you either, since in the end, you were merely someone dragged into the incident, but this time… you will be their target! Based on their style of operation so far, my advice is for the few of you to stay put and not leave for a period of time."

"All right," Chen Feng agreed.

Not only him, during the past few days, Wang Chun, Xu Fei… those who had participated in their trip all had their movements restricted and were kept in either the Gene Production Association or the Genetic Union. If they were to leave at a time like this, it would be no different than seeking death.

This was a good opportunity for Chen Feng to rest himself and stabilize his newly gained spiritual energy after his recent breakthrough.

As he had only recently fused with this new ability, there were a lot of things he needed to deal with. On top of that, he had a lot of classes to learn about new gene reagents that he could not produce either. With his current identity and contribution, almost all available formulas were made available to him. How would Chen Feng not grab such a good opportunity?

One star, 2 stars, 3 stars…

E class, D class, C class…

He started speed-reading all the formulas, etching the information into his brain.

His progress was quite apparent as well. However, just as Chen Feng was thirstily devouring knowledge, an astonishing piece of news was received: The Mysterious Organization had activated the Mysterious Killing Command!

Everyone was shaken at this.

Hou Liang widened his eyes. "Mysterious Killing Command?"

They did not know much about the Mysterious Organization. However, they were still clear on what this Mysterious Killing Command was. This was the highest-tier killing order of the Mysterious Organization.

The moment this command was issued, it signified that the Mysterious Organization would be willing to pay any cost to kill their chosen target. It was extremely terrifying. Back when they first found out about this, the Genetic Union hadn't been bothered by this at all. Only when an A-class warrior under heavy protection within the Genetic Union had been killed by this order had they understood what this Mysterious Killing Command signified. Only at that had they understood what "pay any cost" signified.

In order to kill that single A-class warrior, 10 A-class warriors of the Mysterious Organization had perished. This did not seem worth it. However… they had ultimately succeeded in killing their chosen target.

From that moment, the Mysterious Killing Command had become a legend.

This time…

They stared at that familiar command token. On it was a single name: Chen Feng!