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Chapter 320: Line Horizon

Chapter 320: Line Horizon
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In Clear City, countless people looked toward the distant mountain range. There, the eruption of an astonishing and powerful aura could be felt. Even from several tens of kilometers away, this aura was still sufficiently powerful to trigger a feeling of reverence in anyone who felt it.

A class! That was definitely the power of an A class!

"What’s going on over there?"

They felt anxious. It had been quite a while since they had last seen an A class in Clear City. Every single appearance of an A class was a major event for them.

"I’m afraid something happened there."

"Is it some beast?" someone guessed.

The whole Clear City became anxious. Even the Genetic Union’s branch there started preparing for battle. Regardless of what was happening in that distant mountain range, they could not allow Clear City to be affected. They were even prepared to seek reinforcements from headquarters.

However, unknown to them, the A-class warrior they were all talking about was currently fleeing frantically in the mountain range, as if he was being chased by some fiend.

Run, run, run!

This was the only thought in Ji Feng’s head.

His powerful A-class aura spread all around as all the mutated beasts in the vicinity hid in fear. With this, Ji Feng and Chang Luguo’s escape route became even smoother.

Ten minutes! Only when the enemy’s aura could no longer be felt did they breath out in relief.

"Have we shaken that guy off?" Chang Luguo asked as he gasped for breath.

Although he had been dragged all the way by Ji Feng, it had still placed immense stress on his body.

Ji Feng wasn’t certain. "I guess… so?"

Presently, they had just traveled out of a forest.

Theoretically, based on his strength as an A class, it should have been quite easy to shake off a C class. However, if the C class in question was Chen Feng…

Ji Feng moved backward prudently. "Let me take a look."

Just 10 seconds after he started moving backward, a familiar head popped out from the woods. "Hey, bro, why are you running so urgently?"

Ji Feng's eyes widened. Instantly, his bones chilled. "Chen Feng?!"

Chen Feng! It was truly Chen Feng! Presently, Chen Feng had just walked out of the woods and was staring at Ji Feng teasingly.

Ji Feng’s heart thumped furiously. "How is it possible for you to…"

Chen Feng was indeed a freak. He could even catch up with this speed of running? One had to know that when Ji Feng was erupting with his full power, even A-class warriors would have difficulty keeping up with him. But this Chen Feng…

He was most certainly not a mere C class!

At this point, Ji Feng was sure that this Chen Feng was definitely some secret weapon of the Genetic Union's. He appeared like a C-class youth, but in truth, he was some old freak! Such a person existed in their Mysterious Organization as well.

Ji Feng did not hesitate. "Go!"

He turned around, dragged Chang Luguo, and once again started running.



Both their silhouettes vanished instantly.

Chen Feng sighed. "Sigh, can’t we have a proper chat?"

As that voice drifted into Ji Feng’s ears, his scalp felt numb and he proceeded to run even faster.

Ten minutes!

Ji Feng felt like he had even escaped heaven itself. However, he was smarter this time. Instead of stopping, he decided to continue running for 20 more minutes, leaving the border of the Clear City region before stopping.

This time, Chen Feng shouldn’t have been able to keep up, right?

Ji Feng breathed out in relief. "Hu—"

It had been a very long time since he'd last had to flee for his life in such a manner. It had been even longer since a C class was the one who had caused him to flee for his life.

Unfortunately, he had only rested for a short while before that familiar voice was once again heard.

"Hey, bro, waiting for me?"

Chen Feng?!

When he heard this voice, Ji Feng’s scalp felt numb. He turned around and saw Chen Feng walking unhurriedly toward them, seemingly not in any sort of rush at all.


After leaving only this one word behind, Ji Feng started running again. He truly couldn't understand how was Chen Feng moving so fast.

Unknown to him, this was merely the beginning. Subsequently, Ji Feng had a taste of what true despair felt like. Regardless of how fast he ran, regardless of how long he continued running, Chen Feng was always following closely behind like his own shadow.

He would always be there!

One hour…

Two hours…

Finally, Ji Feng lost all hope.

"Shall we… try fighting him?" Chang Luguo suggested meekly.

Ji Feng felt powerless to even berate this suggestion. "If we could actually fight him, do you think I would be running?"

Chen Feng’s past battle records were extremely clear in the information provided to them. Killing Senior Soul’s clone twice and killing A-class experts numerous times. All these were under the circumstances where Chen Feng was counterattacking after being the one on the receiving end.

And now, Chen Feng was the one taking the initiative to look for him…

Hehe… ah…

He was sure that Chen Feng had most certainly prepared sufficiently. If he chose to turn around and fight Chen Feng, it was no different than seeking death. One could not deny Ji Feng’s intelligence. From the mere information about Chen Feng provided to him, he was able to see how terrifying a person Chen Feng was. Unfortunately for him, since Chen Feng had already made his preparations, would Ji Feng be allowed to escape successfully?

Within the mountain range, Ji Feng and Chang Luguo were feeling exhausted from all the running.

Suddenly, their hearts trembled. "We reached Line Horizon."

Line Horizon was a place between the Clear City Mountain Range and a different mountain range. Due to the different attributes of both mountain ranges, a bizarre crack had appeared here. This bizarre crack was the only route connecting both mountain ranges. As for the surroundings of this route, there was nothing but hills.

Due to the unique attribute of the mountain range and the composition of the rocks here, the mountain and rocks here were incredibly strong. Even an A-class expert would not be able to break them. As such, to pass through this place, one could only travel through the small crack between both mountain ranges. This crack was the so-called Line Horizon, a one-way street.

This was also an opportunity for Ji Feng, as he was the only one who was aware that the indestructible rocks here were coincidentally weak to his corrosion ability!

His corrosion ability would be able to easily destroy these rocks. As long as they traveled through this Line Horizon before subsequently destroying the rocks and collapsing them on the route, Chen Feng would not be able to catch up to them!

Taking a detour would take him at least two hours!

Ji Feng regained some of his spirit. "Go!"


They took wide steps forward. From far away, this well-known Line Horizon appeared like a huge crack on the mountain with countless weeds growing around it.

However, just as they were preparing to step into the crack, a bald head popped out from within the crack.

Someone is here?

Ji Feng immediately panicked.

Is it Chen Feng? Impossible!

Although they had failed to shake off Chen Feng, he had always remained behind them. Ji Feng was able to regain his calm quickly, though. He recalled that this was the only route connecting both mountain ranges. As such, it wouldn’t be odd to encounter other adventurers here.

Moreover, this newcomer’s strength…

Ji Feng checked him out and noticed that his strength was merely C class, nothing to worry about.

Wait… C class?

Suddenly, he had an ominous feeling.

"Who are you?"

He dragged Chang Luguo to his back as he asked this, hoping that his guess was wrong. Otherwise…

Xu Fei greeted them in a bashful manner, "Hi. I was told by that idiotic Chen Feng to stop you here."

It was indeed Chen Feng!

Ji Feng’s pupils shrunk. What was this guy planning?

But then… this Xu Fei’s strength… Chen Feng had actually gotten a C class to stop him? So Chen Feng believed that any random C class could step on him now?

Had Chen Feng gone crazy?

Ji Feng was furious. "He’s getting a C class to stop me?"


Xu Fei was evidently confused by all this as well. Shortly after, though, he shyly said, "Don’t be too nervous, though. This is also my first time. I have never fought an A class before."

Ji Feng: "…"

Suddenly, he had the urge to beat this damnable bald guy to death.