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Chapter 321: You Old B*stard

Chapter 321: You Old B*stard
Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Xu Fei rubbed his bald head and smiled foolishly before saying, "I am Xu Fei. Please wait a while with me. Everything will be fine when Chen Feng arrives."

Ji Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. "Ridiculous."

Yes, he did not dare to fight Chen Feng, as he feared Chen Feng’s previous achievements. However, this did not signify that any random C class could talk this way to him. In his world, those below A class were all bugs. A mere C class like this?

Ji Feng was too lazy to even talk much to Xu Fei. "Die!"


A clump of radiance condensed and an A-class power bloomed.


Before his eyes, that clump of radiance intensified as the sky dimmed. At this point, the color of everything in the world seemed to fade. Only that clump of radiance remained visible. This was the power of an A class, the corrosive power of Ji Feng!


That liquid with a bizarre tinge in front of Ji Feng streaked toward Xu Fei.

Ji Feng’s cold gaze landed on Xu Fei’s body, akin to the gaze of a death god. He was aware of how powerful his attack was. This single attack of his was capable of even penetrating a mountain.

At this point, he was already dragging Chang Luguo as he prepared to continue moving forward.

However, after one step forward, he stopped.


A crisp sound could be heard.

That supercorrosive liquid of his had finally landed on Xu Fei’s bald head. Next—uh, nothing else happened next.

The smile on Xu Fei’s face was no longer there.

An alarmed expression appeared on Ji Feng’s face. "You…"

He’s fine? Xu Fei is fine?

That was only an ordinary 4-star secret art he'd launched, but with his present strength, it was as powerful as an A-class attack. How was it possible for Xu Fei to block that off?

At the same time, the ashen-faced Xu Fei opposite him was raising his head. He raised his hand and rubbed his bald head. Something sticky could be felt, disgusting him immensely.

Xu Fei raged. "You dare to spit your mucus on my head?" This was too damn excessive!

When Chen Feng had told him his opponent would be an A class whose ability was coincidentally weak against him, Xu Fei had been extremely excited. After all, that was an A class. He would be able to brag about how he had once defeated an A class in the future after this. As such, he had come immediately after Chen Feng's call. Unexpectedly, the ability of this so-called A class was a mucus-spitting ability?!

The f*ck?

"I…" Ji Feng opened his mouth, yet he couldn’t find the words. He remained there with a "what the f*ck" expression on his face.

His all-powerful corrosion ability had been blocked just like that. Blocked… by a C class!

Look at how fine the opponent was. His opponent had suffered absolutely zero damage and had actually mistaken the attack as him spitting mucus? This was truly a humiliation!

That was corrosive energy he had shot out earlier! Had it been too weak, hence Xu Fei being fine? That had to be it!

Ji Feng inhaled deeply. Since a 4-star secret art was ineffective against this guy, he might as well use a 5-star secret art instead.


Ji Feng’s whole body started radiating brightly.


The air trembled.

Endless liquid emitting a golden radiating appeared and started swirling in the air. This was a secret art commonly used by Ji Feng. This was also the strongest single-attribute secret art of Ji Feng's. Although it was merely a 5-star secret art, it was much stronger than even a lot of other 6-star secret arts out there.


Ji Feng flung his attack over.


A crisp sound could be heard.

Ji Feng had an ominous feeling when he heard that sound. A corrosive energy that was working normally would sound like something that was piercing through everything easily. Instead, what he heard was this sound effect of someone spitting out mucus…

He raised his head, and behold, it was as he had guessed.

The ashen-faced Xu Fei was getting rid of the sticky liquid on his body.

"You are spitting mucus on me again!" Xu Fei raged.

He did not fear this thing. But then, it was truly incredibly disgusting! Moreover, the opponent was truly stronger than him. As such, he couldn’t avoid this "mucus" even if he wanted to.

Ji Feng: "…"

That energy he'd unleashed earlier could kill an ordinary person with a single touch. Even A-class warriors would be terrified of it. As for this guy in front of him, he had blocked the attack twice without an ounce of effort.

This guy…

Ji Feng’s expression became solemn.

He was a veteran of a hundred battles. As such, he had certainly seen people capable of blocking his corrosive energy before. However, this was the first time he had encountered someone so strong against his corrosive energy. He could clearly sense that this guy was truly a C class! There existed a C class capable of blocking against an A-class attack?

Perhaps it is something akin to Absolute Defense? Ji Feng contemplated.

There existed some defensive abilities that were incredibly powerful and nearly unequaled. However, the flaws of such abilities were quite obvious as well. The active duration of those abilities were usually short. They would only stay active for a single short instant.

He guessed that Xu Fei might possess a similar ability as well.

Seems like… I can only use that ability, then.

Ji Feng leaned forward slightly while both his hands started flitting across the air rapidly. The light waves in front of him started trembling as clumps of bizarre liquid started appearing midair.

Different from all the corrosive abilities he had used previously, his current attack was without any radiance on it. On top of that, this attack did not even have any sort of aura.

Almost all the energy used to form these clumps of liquid were all perfectly condensed within the liquid, resulting in no leaking radiance or aura. This was the strongest corrosive ability Ji Feng had at this time. This was also the ability he had once used to corrode an entire mountain range, the very 6-star secret art that had granted him his fame. All sorts of defenses became useless against this attack.

Absolute Defense?


You might be able to block an instant of my attack, but can you continue blocking it forever?

Ji Feng waved his hands. "Goodbye."


The air trembled as the light waves in front of him started trembling. The clumps of liquid hovering in the air started streaking forth. Each of them contained a terrifying amount of energy, sufficient to corrode everything in existence. This was a power that had almost reached the peak of A class.




The air was filled with the white liquid.

Chang Luguo had already hidden himself far away from all this. What joke was this? He had once witnessed how terrifying this ability was. As such, he had no desire to be caught up in this attack.


Almost all the clumps of liquid were tossed over toward Xu Fei.


The attacks hit their target!



The anticipated sound effect of something being pierced was nowhere to be heard. Instead, a bizarre sound resounded.

Ji Feng sneered. "Has it been momentarily blocked?"

The strength of this ability was its duration. Not only was it strong, its duration was long as well. All sorts of defensive abilities would be reduced to a joke when facing this ability. Even if Xu Fei managed to block it now, how long could he keep it up?



A numerous amount of liquid streaked toward Xu Fei.

However, as time passed, Ji Feng’s heart chilled. Even toward the end, that sound of something being pierced through couldn’t be heard.



As the final attack landed, Ji Feng raised his head, and his heart trembled at what he saw.

In front of him, a huge portion of Xu Fei seemed to have been corroded, as his upper body was covered by the liquid. As Ji Feng’s attacks had been concentrated on his upper body, it was normal for Xu Fei’s lower body to still be intact. However…

"Is he dead?" Ji Feng asked anxiously.

Next, he saw Xu Fei’s hand rise stiffly before rubbing his face, revealing that familiar ashen complexion that was glaring at Ji Feng.

"You! Dare! To! Spit! On! My! Face!" Xu Fei raged.

Ji Feng was alarmed. "You are fine?!"

He had finally understood the source of the "pu" sounds he had been hearing earlier. Those had been the sound of his attacks landing on Xu Fei’s body. In other words, from the start, Xu Fei had been blocking the corrosive energy with his very flesh!

There hadn't been any defensive abilities at all! This guy here…

Ji Feng was horrified. "Who on earth are you?"

"I’m your grandfather!"

The furious Xu Fei started charging toward Ji Feng. When it came to energy control, he was indeed lacking compared to Ji Feng. As such, he had no way of avoiding Ji Feng’s attacks. However, when it came to a purely physical battle, hehehehe…


Instantly, Ji Feng was struck down onto the ground by Xu Fei.

"You dare…"



Xu Fei’s punches rained down without stop.

Chang Luguo was watching all this with a dumbstruck expression. His boss, that imposing A-class expert, was actually being beaten like a dog by this C class. Only now did he know that even a C class could beat up an A class.

Chen Feng was not the only one capable of such a feat. Even the people he sent…


What was going on with the world?

Chang Luguo was stunned.