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Chapter 323: Wang Yao’s News

Chapter 323: Wang Yao’s News
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Events at Line Horizon:

Ji Feng was terrified. Next, nothing escalated. They relinquished their former hatred, and subsequently, a harmonious scene appeared there.

Ji Feng: "Grab dizhu. Three pair." 1

Wu Hui said, "Can’t match."

Xu Fei said, "Can’t match."

Wu Hui had a bewildered expression. "Bro, you can’t even match a three pair?"

Xu Fei’s expression darkened. "I only have odd cards. Why don’t you do anything, then?"

Wu Hui awkwardly replied, "I only have odd cards as well."

Xu Fei said, "How the heck are we supposed to continue, then?"

Ji Feng felt immensely refreshed.

He couldn’t beat these two in battle, but when it came to things like card games, where experience mattered, he was still able to easily ravage these two youngsters.

Ji Feng was feeling immensely proud. "Haha, I won. Now, according to our original bet, if I won 10 rounds in a row, you guys need to tell me how Chen Feng kept up with me."

Xu Fei laughed happily and said, "It’s quite simple. There, he’s here."

Ji Feng turned his head abruptly. "Mhm?"

This was something that he had been wondering all this while.

He could overlook it if only Wu Hui was the strong one. But for Chen Feng to be so strong as well? He was essentially still a C class. How was it possible for Chen Feng to be able to keep up with him? What ability was it that had enabled a C class to possess a speed surpassing that of an A class?

He truly had no idea.

However, when he finally got a clear look, he was dumbstruck.

Above the sky, a noiseless undulation started spreading. An advanced-looking flying blue car appeared noiselessly. It moved at an extremely fast speed and reached them almost instantly before stopping noiselessly in front of them.

Ji Feng was dumbstruck. "Flying… flying car?"

Car?? Why was it a flying car?

Nowadays, as technology progressed, flying cars had advanced quickly as well. A flying car whose specifications were focused purely on speed could reach an extremely astonishing speed.

However, that was supposed to only be applicable within cities. In actuality, nearly all flying cars in existence were only used within cities, because these ultra-high-speed cars were too fragile. Any random thing would be able to destroy the car together with the driver. The faster the speed, the more miserable the death the driver would suffer.

As such, nearly all flying-car drivers would not take their cars out of cities, as that was too idiotic an action. This was especially true in locations such as their present mountain range, where mutated beasts were everywhere. Any random spit from a mutated beast would be sufficient to destroy the car.

As for the defenses of these cars?

As these cars were capable of moving at too extreme a speed, anything that hit them would deal great damage. Even an A-class defensive barrier wouldn’t be able to protect the car for more than a few seconds.


The door opened and Chen Feng walked out of the car.

Chen Feng had a faint smile. "Are you curious?"

Ji Feng merely smiled bitterly. It would be weird if he wasn’t curious about this.

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. "Under normal circumstances, I would most certainly not dare to drive this thing out here, but have you forgotten about how you unleashed your A-class aura earlier?"

"Those weak mutated beasts were so frightened that they did not dare to move at all. As for those stronger mutated beasts, they thought that you were provoking them. As such, they were all focusing on chasing after you."

Ji Feng: "…"

So Chen Feng had been able to accomplish this thanks to him?

What could he say to this?

Suddenly, he recalled something that was seemingly not related to this whole incident. Due to Chen Feng’s way of appearance, he started doubting those as well.

"A few days ago, there were three A-classes…" Ji Feng started asking.

Chen Feng was honest. "Oh, those three were sent by me. I earned some profit from the Mysterious Killing Command. As such, I can afford to hire three A classes."


Ji Feng had a "what the f*ck" expression. So the three A-class warriors that had beaten him up had been hired using the money Chen Feng had scammed from him?

Suddenly, an indescribable sadness emerged in his heart. Looking at Chen Feng’s calm expression, he was speechless.

Thinking back, from the start of his conflict with Chen Feng, he had not gained a single upper hand, and that was even under the premise that he was the one who had actually taken the initiative to attack. This Chen Feng was truly…

Ji Feng stared at this terrifying young person in front of him.

Wu Hui was indeed a person more talented and stronger than Chen Feng. However, that was only a comparison of pure combat power. If one truly wanted to kill Wu Hui, one could always flood him with a huge amount of humans. That would still work.

Rather, a person like Chen Feng was the most dreadful kind of existence. Every single step one took, one would be falling into his traps.

Ji Feng raised his hands, indicating his surrender, and said, "I truly admit my defeat now. Anything you want to ask, just ask."

Chen Feng did not bother wasting any time. "Wang Yao. Where is she presently?"

Ji Feng was bewildered. "Wang Yao? How are we supposed to know? We were always looking for any news related to Wang Yao as well. We never—wait, Wang Yao… that young lady…" Ji Feng frowned.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "You have recalled something?"

"Mhm. Naturally, I do not have any official information related to Wang Yao. No matter who you ask, even if it were an inner member of the Mysterious Organization, no one would have any updates about Wang Yao. However, I recall that before I came here, I saw four A-class guys taking a young lady around 13 or 14 years old to the headquarters." Ji Feng pondered for a bit and continued, "That young lady… I did not get a clear look at her appearance. However, I recognized the other four guys. Those four were normally extremely arrogant and despotic due to the connections they had. On that day, though, all four of them were injured. On top of that, when taking the young lady with them, they were still fully armed. They were extremely vigilant as well. I was discovered the moment I entered within 100 meters of them. Under normal circumstances, something like that would never happen.

"There is only one possibility for that. That young lady was so dangerous that, even after her power was sealed, they did not dare to slacken their vigilance. In my memories, there is only one person that is so young and strong: Wang Yao!" Ji Feng concluded his observations.

Her indeed! So… she still ended up captured?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. For an unknown reason, after confirming that Wang Yao had not gone missing, he was somewhat relieved instead. This world was too dangerous. Compared to getting captured by the Mysterious Organization, dying in some random wilderness was a more terrifying prospect. This was especially true for a person like Wang Yao, who seemed to always have a clear-cut goal and was always working toward that goal.

But then, had she truly been captured? Chen Feng recalled how Wang Yao had always been unfathomable and had always been able to deal blows to the Mysterious Organization…

Chen Feng had a resolute gaze. "Seems like I really need to take a trip to the Mysterious Organization this time."

Right as he was pondering, the Ji Feng beside him started having second thoughts. Since there was only Chen Feng here, if he decided to kill him now…

He was indeed in conflict with the organization now. However, that was due to some misunderstandings. If he killed Chen Feng now and took his corpse back…

Ji Feng started weighing his options inwardly.

He could take this opportunity to kill Chen Feng and flee. Although Wu Hui and Xu Fei were strong, they might not be able to keep up with his speed.

As his thoughts reached this point, Ji Feng’s killing intent surged.

However, right at this instant, before he had even done anything, Chen Feng abruptly said, "Will you truly be able to kill me?"

Ji Feng’s heart throbbed. "What?"

Only when he raised his head did he notice that, since an unknown point in time, both of Chen Feng’s eyes were already glowing red, flickering with a radiance that caused onlookers' hearts to palpitate.