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Chapter 325: Don“t You Know?

Chapter 325: Don't You Know?
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Ji Feng was going crazy. As for Wu Hui and Xu Fei by the side, they had odd expressions as well. They were wondering when had Chen Feng ever possessed such a powerful secret ability like the Divine Draconic Curse.

Wu Hui looked at Xu Fei. What’s going on?

Xu Fei rolled his eyes. What else? Based on my previous experience with him, your master is probably tricking this guy here.

Ah, it’s fake? Wu Hui couldn’t believe it.

Xu Fei rolled his eyes. Naturally. An ability with so stupid a name is something only he would come up with. Don’t you know your master’s actual strength? If he was really so strong, would we still need to use such a stupid trick to stop Ji Feng from running?

Wu Hui did not know whether he should laugh or cry. "…"

The only thing your master knows how to do is scam others, signaled Xu Fei to Wu Hui with his eyes, feeling proud at how quick-witted he was. Next, he felt a cold glance land on him from Chen Feng. Instantly, he "shut his mouth."

Chen Feng felt somewhat helpless. Those two guys… Although those two had been signaling each other and communicating using their expressions instead of actually talking out loud, could Chen Feng not know what they meant? What had Xu Fei meant by tricking this guy? Could this be considered tricking? The proper term should be "luring." He was luring Ji Feng to the side of justice! That was all.

As for the Divine Draconic Curse, what, did they believe that any made-up lie would be able to convince Ji Feng? He had clearly felt that terrifying power of Xiao Ying's! In fact, Xiao Ying did possess this power as well. Within its body was half of Ming Yue’s power. As such, it would be able to easily insta-kill Ji Feng.

Mhm, the only issue was Xiao Ying not knowing how to make use of that power. But then, a day would come when it finally learned to use the power. So this shouldn’t be considered tricking, right? Definitely not!

In any case, it did not matter if those two believed him or not. The important thing was that Chen Feng himself believed this excuse of his. As such, Chen Feng had managed to convince himself that he was not actually tricking Ji Feng.


Ji Feng’s eyes shone. "I got it."


Several gazes landed on him.

Ji Feng confidently said, "Recruitment! Recently, the Mysterious Organization has been recruiting. You could pretend to be a member of one of their subsidiary families. With that, it might be possible for you to sneak in there."

Chen Feng was doubtful. "I thought you said that the Mysterious Organization’s recruitment is strict?"

Ji Feng was excited. "That was true for the previous recruitments, but those were all normal recruitments. Every time it happened, the testing phase would last for more than one year before the recruitment began. This time, though, it’s different. They are mass recruiting this time."

Chen Feng: "…" The hell, is this a university now? With mass recruitment and all?

"Had you received any commands about this?" asked Chen Feng.

Ji Feng shook his head. "Nope, but I am sure that they will be mass recruiting."

Chen Feng frowned. "Why is that?"

Ji Feng was powerless to even berate Chen Feng. "Bro, do you even need to ask this? Because of you! Do you have any idea how many people the Mysterious Organization lost during the Mysterious Killing Command? Do you think A classes were the only ones lost? You should understand how a curse works. If it succeeds, fine. If it fails, what do you think will happen?"

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "Backlash?"

Ji Feng nodded. "Yes, backlash! This is especially serious when the curses, the curses reaching tens of thousands, all failed. At least 20% of their lower-leveled members perished as a result."

Chen Feng felt doubtful. "Wait… If so, the ones killed were only those with curse-related abilities, right?"

Ji Feng smiled bitterly. "Bro, are there so many curse ability users in this world? Even the Mysterious Organization would not be able to gather over ten thousand curse ability users even after announcing it 10 days in advance. Among the curse attackers we actually gathered, at least 90% of them were users of other abilities. The only reason they could use curses during the mission was by using gene reagents. Don’t there exist some one-time-use gene reagents capable of unleashing curses out there?"

Chen Feng: "…"

Previously, he had actually believed that the Mysterious Organization was truly powerful enough to have had so many curse ability users within their ranks! So among all those curse users, the large majority of them had been fillers?

"As such, a huge amount of people perished during this mission. Normal recruitment will not replenish this amount of manpower. As such, a different method of recruitment will be required." To save his life, Ji Feng was extremely serious in figuring out a way for Chen Feng to sneak into the Mysterious Organization. As he had previously been a project implementer in the Mysterious Organization, he was quite comfortable when it came to things like drawing up plans. "Naturally, even during a mass recruitment, the Mysterious Organization will only recruit from their subsidiary families. The recruitment will never be opened to the outside world. After existing for so many years, the organization has cultivated a significant amount of subsidiary families as well. These subsidiary families will only be deployed during moments of crisis. This way, betrayal can be avoided. As for these subsidiary families that have maintained a low profile, as it turns out, I know some of them."

Ji Feng started muttering as he finalized his plan and joined different parts of his plan together.


Chen Feng knowingly said, "As such, we only need to sneak into those subsidiary families and wait for the recruitment?"

Ji Feng looked at Chen Feng. "Not you all, only you alone. I will only be able to sneak a single person in without anyone noticing. Even this can only be accomplished using the favor one of them owes me due to me saving his life previously."

Chen Feng shrugged. "Fine."

Seemed like he would have to go on a solo operation this time. But then…

Mysterious Organization, eh?

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He was quite looking forward for it.

Ji Feng had a solemn expression. "Remember. Even after you are enrolled into the recruitment process, you might not necessarily be allowed entry into the headquarters. Even for a mass recruitment, it will be extremely strict, with all sorts of tests and reviews before a portion of the participants are recruited. Even when mass recruiting, the Mysterious Organization will not lower their standard."

Chen Feng nodded his head. "Understood."

"Remember, don’t ever get too anxious… You don’t have to worry too much about Lady Wang Yao. Although I am not aware of what’s going on with her, what I know is that she was taken by the research department," Ji Feng advised him.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Research department?"

"Yes. The department responsible for setting up the various research projects of the organization," said Ji Feng. "I am not aware of the finer details of how they work, but I am still aware of what normally happens there. She was probably brought there because they are trying to figure out the reason she is so powerful. For such a project… they will first need to file a report before submitting it for review. Next, they will have to wait for the funding to be allocated to them. Only then will the project start. These steps are something they must go through. Before that, they will probably only lock her down while waiting for the start of the project."

Chen Feng: "…"

This workflow truly felt too familiar. In other words, Wang Yao shouldn’t be in any trouble within a short period of time.

"She will be fine. Hence, you must not be anxious." Ji Feng wiped away his cold sweat. He was afraid that Chen Feng would charge in there without taking anything else into consideration. "As long as you follow our plan properly, you will be able to sneak in there and rescue her. Based on my previous experiences, new projects normally take in a bunch of new recruits as assistants."

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. "You mean…"

Ji Feng nodded. "That’s right. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to infiltrate the Wang Yao project."

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "My luck has always been good."