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Chapter 326: Hit with the First Shot

Chapter 326: Hit with the First Shot
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In a place called Dawn City, there was a family called the Wang family 1 , one of the top powers locally. Here, among the local powers, this family was second in rank only below the Genetic Union’s branch in this city. It had always been known as a family that abided by the law. Unknown to anyone, this family was in actuality also a subsidiary family of the Mysterious Organization.

"Have we received the update?"


"Finally… how much is the quota this time?"


"Three… mhm. Send the three most talented children of our Wang family over, then. This time, we must have someone from our family up there in their ranks as well."

"Yes, this is the only way for us to get more resources allocated to our family."

The upper levels of the Wang family were in a discussion.

"Where’s Wang Zhong?"

"I suppose he’s absent again."

"He dares to be absent from even such an important meeting?"

"Be more understanding. You all have your own children. As for him, after so many years, he still has yet to get a child. With that, this meeting doesn't have anything much to do with him anyway. Just let him be."

"That is true."

Everyone sighed.

Wang Zhong was the firstborn of the Wang family. He was currently 40 years old. Being a rather well-connected person with a rather formidable combat power as well, if nothing unexpected were to happen, he would be the future Wang family leader. Unfortunately, he was without an heir even after so many years.

"I suppose the future leader of the Wang family is not fixed yet after all."


"After all, he does not have an heir. Even if the leader’s position is given to him, in the future…"

Some of them started discussing. They were at their wit’s end as well for something like this to happen.

Everyone was busy trying to get their child into the Mysterious Organization. If their child were able to do well in the Mysterious Organization, their family’s status would be elevated as well.

Soon, the meeting ended, their potential candidates having been decided. Based on the update received, these children would be sent over in three days.

"Train them well. If they can’t even qualify in regard to something as basic as combat power, there’s no need to send them over to embarrass us."


Everyone agreed with this sentiment.

Rather than sending an unqualified candidate to make up the numbers, they might as well disqualify the candidate themselves.

Soon, they started filtering their candidates.

Surprising them, Wang Zhong was nowhere to be seen throughout the day.

"Where did this guy go?"

Everyone was confused.

Right at this moment, an astonishing piece of news was delivered to them: Wang Zhong had gone over to the neighboring city’s Zhang family and fought Zhang Yue. It was said that a rather bitter battle had erupted there.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard this.

Zhang Yue? Wasn’t Zhang Yue best friend's with Wang Zhong? What was going on?

However, later in the afternoon, when Wang Zhong came back proudly with a young man, everyone had a vague idea of what had happened…

It was said that Wang Zhong had once secretly been in love with Zhang Yue’s wife…

"Oh, look at the face of that kid and who he resembles…"


Everyone was stupefied.

This couldn’t be true, right?

"Come, let me introduce you all to someone." Wang Zhong patted the kid’s shoulder and said, "He’s Zhang Feng. Ah puih, no. His name is Wang Feng, my son. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I even tested his DNA to make sure of this. Hahaha, I was always curious as to why that bastard Zhang Yue refused to let me see his son all these years. Unexpectedly, back then, I had hit it with the first shot and actually gotten myself a son!"

Wang Zhong laughed proudly.

Everyone else was powerless to even berate this. "But Zhang Yue is still your good bro, right?"

"So what if he’s a bro?" Wang Zhang proudly said, "I have not done him any wrong anyway. Back when that happened, he still had not been together with her yet. It is quite normal for young people to sleep around with each other. What surprised me is that back then, when they got married due to pregnancy, she was actually pregnant with my child instead. Haha! This is just nice, since presently, I don’t have an heir anyway."

"Is this proper?"

Everyone else was worried.

The Zhang family and the Wang family had always maintained a good relationship. If they were to become enemies due to this…

Wang Zhong sneered. "How is this improper? That bastard did not use any killing moves on me at all when we were fighting earlier. I suppose he probably realized this way earlier. Well, it’s still good this way, since this kid is also the only heir of the Zhang family. In the future, this kid will inherit both the Zhang family and the Wang family. Both our families will be even closer as a result. This is a good opportunity!"

As everyone thought of this, they found this agreeable.

An old man took a look at Wang Feng. "Come, child, let me take a look at you. Mhm… He looks exactly like you when you were young!"

"Of course." After feeling proud for a bit, Wang Zhong suddenly said, "Oh yeah, let this kid join the recruitment as well."


Everyone blanked.

Wang Zhong grudgingly said, "What else? Why else would Zhang Yue let him go so easily? He must have received some news as well. That is also the reason he let this kid go so easily."

"If so, let’s allow him to compete with the rest of the candidates as well."


Everyone nodded.

Soon, the training began.

Three days wasn’t a long time, but it wasn’t a short time either. All these children of the Wang family were quite strong. At the young age of 17 and 18, they had all reached D class. Truly not bad. Some of them were even capable of skipping classes to challenge a higher class warrior.

However, before Wang Feng, they were all reduced to a joke.




Even when fighting alone against three of them, Wang Feng was still able to easily obtain victory.

"So strong."

Everyone else gasped in admiration.

This kid that appeared to be in D class as well was astonishingly powerful. This heir that Wang Zhong had conveniently picked up was a person of few words, yet he was truly powerful.

Ultimately, the audition completed, and the final three candidates were confirmed.

As for Wang Feng, due to his strength that was the strongest among all the candidates, he was named the captain of the three.

"Worthy of being my son indeed." These two days, Wang Zhong had been feeling immensely proud of himself. At least, that was how it seemed to outsiders. Somewhat troubling him, though, was the fact that, recently, all his neighbors seemed to have moved out… This was especially true for those recently married neighbors of his. They had moved away hastily on the very same night he returned.

What are they doing??

Only after asking around did he find out that, due to the appearance of Wang Feng, he was now nicknamed "Child-Gifting Bodhisattva." As for what child he was gifting, he truly couldn’t understand.

The rumors were even more excessive. There were people saying how, being his neighbor, it would be easy to get the surname Wang. There were even excessive rumors talking about how Wang Zhong had only given Zhang Yue’s wife a glance from far away, and behold, just with that, Zhang Yue’s wife had become pregnant.

Wang Zhong: "…"

These people were truly creative when it came to creating rumors! The heck, if he was truly so powerful, he would have united the world under his rule long ago.

Fortunately, these three days passed quickly. Finally, the people from the Mysterious Organization arrived and took the three candidates away.

Naturally, in accordance with the notification given by the Mysterious Organization, on paper, these three kids had managed to pass the entrance examination for the Mount City’s Technical School, a place that could be considered a semi-university.

On the Ironcloud, Chen Feng contemplated as he read the notification in his hands.

So, this is what they used to conceal their actual identities?

He had always been curious with the methods employed by the Mysterious Organization to keep their recruitment a secret from the Genetic Union. Now, though, he realized that they only needed to use joining a technical school as an excuse. That was the perfect cover.

Next, the Mysterious Organization could proceed to do another round of elimination at these academies. With that, all this would be kept under wraps.

"Seems like only those who pass the final test will be able to enter the Mysterious Organization."

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.

Presently, he was entering this school with his identity as Wang Feng. So far, everything had progressed smoothly. As long as he followed the plan, everything would be fine. As for the two other candidates from the Wang family…

Since these two kids had grown up together, they were naturally prejudiced against him, the outsider. Those two were evidently without much life experience, akin to a blank piece of paper. They were currently busy asking the mysterious person some information pertaining to the school, asking questions about the school life and so on.

Chen Feng merely smiled calmly at this.


The Ironcloud started moving.

Staring at the scenery outside that was rapidly flitting past, Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly.

Mysterious Organization, here I come!