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Chapter 330: No Point in Grouping Together

Chapter 330: No Point in Grouping Together
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The young lady extended an invitation to Chen Feng. "Then, are you interested…"

Chen Feng rejected her decisively. "No."

"But…" She started giving Chen Feng a series of serious explanations. However, she was still rejected by Chen Feng. What joke? This young lady here was the main character of a porno world. Since they walked different paths, there was no point in them grouping together.

The young lady could only pout and leave. "Fine, then." However, before she left, she did not forget to clench both her fists and gave herself some encouragement. "I will definitely work hard to obtain you!"

Chen Feng: "…"

Only when the young lady left did Chen Feng breathe out in relief.

For some unknown reason, he suddenly thought of his bro Wang Chun. Tsk tsk, look at you and look at her! With a single ability, she established a harem for herself! How about you? Your ability gave you a harem, yet you failed to conquer your harem! Trash!

Presently, the Wang Chun that was so far away was unaware that he had been berated by Chen Feng. He was still cautiously serving the big mistress, Ming Yue.

Currently, at the field of the technical school, the analysis of the data of over 1,000 participants had taken quite a while to complete, even with the assistance of experts. Only now did the first round officially end.

Only 500 of the participants had passed with a score of 60 points. Among the 500, over 80 of them were those who had only passed thanks to Xie Zhongtong’s alliance.

Evidently, a huge portion of the people here were those who placed more trust in their own strength. Before coming here, they had all passed different tests back home. Hence, they had believed that getting through this test wouldn’t pose them much trouble.

"Here comes the real thing."

"Yeah, it doesn’t matter if one is somewhat lacking in connections. As long as one is strong enough, the connections will come knocking by themself."

"Isn’t that true?"

"I heard that those who occupy the top places will be paid more attention by the upper levels."

"That’s for sure. With so many of us, there will definitely be some who are geniuses and some who will be given special nurturing by the organization in the future. Hehehe…"

"If so, I will have to try fighting for it."

Everyone rubbed their fists and was eager to give this a try.

Unknown to all of them, the moment the true test began, with Chen Feng here, the first place of this test would no longer have anything to do with them.

Currently, the second test had just started. Strength. This was the most straightforward and violent test, a test of combat. One only needed to erupt with one’s strongest combat power. Next, the system would judge that person’s actual combat power.

Their opponent was a black-clothed man who was only now walking out toward them.

He stood there in front of all of them and shut both his eyes. "Everyone. Your opponent is me."

Instantly, all the participants blanked.

It was him? How were they supposed to fight him?

Just as everyone was in doubt, countless phantoms streaked out of that person’s body. A terrifying power bloomed, and after that instant eruption, a phantom was already beside every single one of the participants.

"Moonlight Phantom!" someone cried out in alarm.

Moonlight Phantom was a 6-star secret art, a secret art that was capable of automatically releasing a corresponding amount of phantoms depending on the amount of enemies. Apart from that, the strength of these phantoms could be fine-tuned as well. The fewer enemies there were, the fewer phantoms there would be.

Theoretically, as long as the user had sufficient energy, he could summon even a billion phantoms. That was what was scary about this ability.

Naturally, this wasn’t practically possible due to all sorts of limitations. However, creating over 1,000 phantoms against these participants here was still a possible feat.



One phantom after another appeared.

All the participants prepared themselves seriously. Before each of the participants was a phantom with a sufficient amount of wisdom and a strength that was similar to the participant. The strength would increase based on the strength of the participant as well.


All the participants erupted with their strongest combat power.

The grading method was in fact quite simple. Those with combat power below D class would receive 0 points. Those above peak B class would receive 100 points. The passing grade score was fixed at C class.

As long as one reached C class, one would be able to pass this test.

In truth, a lot of the genetic warriors here were only D class. However, they only needed to utilize their strength properly. That, coupled with a solid grasp of their secret arts, made erupting with a combat power equivalent to a C class possible for them.

Somewhere on the field, Xie Zhongtong waved her hands. Next, a clump of pink energy appeared and enveloped the phantom in front of her. After a long time, when that phantom walked out of the pink clump, it seemed to have shrunk. As for what had happened in the pink clump, it was a mystery.

In other parts of the field, numerous youngsters were erupting with their formidable power. Some of them had even erupted with a C class power right off the bat. As long as they reached C class power, they would be able to pass this test. Were these people satisfied with only 60 points, though? Evidently, they were not. Everyone was pushing themselves, trying to reach the power equivalent to a B class.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "It’s starting."

He had only obtained 10 points during the first round. If he wanted to obtain the first place, he absolutely had to obtain full scores in the subsequent rounds. Moreover, he had to avoid using the power of his Energy Equipment. He truly had no other options. Users of Energy Equipment were truly too rare. The moment he used it, everyone would know that he was Chen Feng.

However, if he did not use his Energy Equipment…


The phantom facing him was already charging toward him.

Chen Feng’s expression was unprecedentedly serene as he faced the phantom. If he couldn’t use the methods most familiar to him, there was only one method he could employ to defeat this phantom: Nethergaze!

This was an ability of his that the Mysterious Organization was unaware of.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Very good."

Wind Blade, arise!



Numerous incorporeal Wind Blades flashed out. Under the control of his Luck Aura, all the Wind Blades released by Chen Feng were transformed into a super ability capable of enhancing his speed.

Instantly, his speed became terrifyingly fast. His speed that had initially been equivalent to a C class instantly climbed up, reaching B class.



The phantoms tried attacking him several times, yet all their attacks missed. The red radiance in Chen Feng’s eyes flickered without stop. True, he was unable to use his Energy Equipment here. However, it wouldn’t take Chen Feng too long to deal with these warriors below A class anyway.

Lock on completed in one second.


With a flash of red, a D class was insta-killed.

Lock on completed in 30 seconds.


With a flash of red, a C class was insta-killed.

Even without using his Energy Equipment, he was still able to unleash an astonishingly formidable power with his Nethergaze. As long as he wasn’t hit, Chen Feng would be able to insta-kill anyone!



The whole field was akin to a chaotic battlefield.

Around the field were numerous drones hovering in the air. One scanner after another was aimed at the field. Evidently, these scanners were analyzing the combat power unleashed by the participants here.

Everyone’s data was swirling about without stop as the system analyzed them.

Suddenly, one of the participants was defeated by the phantom. Instantly, his data that had been swirling about stopped moving and he received his evaluated strength: 32 points. After receiving his score, he could only retire with a pale expression.

With such a score… if he wanted to receive a passing average score, he would have to try harder in subsequent rounds.

The rest of the battles did not last long either. Apart from certain individuals with unique battling methods, an absolute majority of the participants were defeated after reaching a score of around 60 to 70 points.

Presently, there were less than 10 participants remaining in battle.

Ultimately, these people were all gradually defeated as their scores reached around 78 to 79 points.

"Finally, the combat power has reached B class."

"Hahaha, it is already quite decent to be able to unleash a power equivalent to B class."

"True, we are not even 20 years old yet. Since we are already able to unleash B-class power now, when we enter the organization, the day we unleash A-class power will not be too far away."

Those who remained toward the end were all extremely excited.

Evidently, for these people capable of unleashing B-class power at this age, the organization would definitely nurture them as elites. Presently, only two were left on the field. One of them was a buff looking guy who was already deathly pale yet was still persisting in his battle with the phantom. He would occasionally glance at what was happening beside him. He was aware that the guy beside him, that Wang Feng, was still battling his phantom as well. Hence, he had to press on.

Since combat was what he was most well versed in, he had to obtain first place in this round. Presently, the battle at Wang Feng’s side seemed to have ended.

I won!

The buff guy was overjoyed. After waiting for an extra two seconds, when his score reached 80 points, he finally allowed himself to be defeated by the phantom. If his guess was correct, when Wang Feng was defeated earlier, the score should have been only 79 points. However, after ending his battle, when he raised his head to look at Wang Feng, he was instantly dumbfounded.

Astonishingly, he saw that Chen Feng was the one who had defeated the phantom, obtaining a score of 100 points!