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Chapter 332: Killing Methods

Chapter 332: Killing Methods
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"Who’s that?"

"Wang Jiu, the younger brother of Wang Feng."


"The members of this family seem quite powerful."

"Mhm, someone with a potential to reach peak B class... If he encounters some fortuitous circumstances in the future and breaks through into A class…"

Everyone’s attention was attracted. Any breakthrough into A class required both opportunity and coincidences to be successful anyway. As such, people weren’t particularly bothered by the fact that his potential did not reach A class. As long as his potential reached peak B class, it was sufficient.

Hence, the Wang Jiu that had previously been neglected once again attracted the attention of everyone. As for those like Xie Zhongtong and the like, they similarly received the astonishing potential evaluation of peak B class, attracting much attention as well.

It was very probable that this group of people would be the geniuses among the new recruits of this batch!

Naturally, as more and more evaluations were released, a lot of people started paying attention to Wang Feng. What was the potential of this kid who had obtained first place in the previous round?

"Wang Feng…" Wang Jiu’s gaze was cold. Initially, Wang Zhong had been without an heir. It was quite likely that he, Wang Jiu, would have inherited the Wang family in the future. Now that Wang Feng had appeared, though, he had lost everything! Therefore, it was quite natural for him to envy and hate Wang Feng.

With this score of 80 points for his potential, he regained his confidence. Now, with his newfound confidence, he started wondering about this so-called brother of his, this person who was a C class with combat power equivalent to a B class. What exactly is Wang Feng's potential?

Everyone’s gaze landed on Wang Feng.

Presently, our friend Chen Feng was still staring blankly ahead. To be accurate, he was actually analyzing the evaluation method of the evaluator.

Chen Feng contemplated. "A-class evaluator?"

He knew that, in this world, an ability capable of seeing through one’s future with a single glance did not exist. This was even more so in this genetic era, an era of countless possibilities, thus rendering the future hard to predict.

If so, what would the A-class evaluator use as the basis of his evaluation?

Chen Feng started studying the screen hovering in front of him. This should be the core determiner of one’s result during the evaluation.

Body quality, spiritual awareness, age, energy intensity, unknown parameters, all these would be taken into consideration. Chen Feng wasn’t exactly sure how the evaluation was going to work. However, from what he had seen so far, he had his own deductions.

His conclusion was that during the instant where his body was scanned for data, if a certain parameter of his body had an extremely high reading, the result would be influenced to reflect on him favorably.


Chen Feng placed his hand on the screen. Right at this instant, Xiao Ying started unleashing its energy noiselessly.


On the evaluation screen, data started appearing. However, the data for Chen Feng appeared to be off the charts! For other participants, their data would change in a way that their score would rise gradually from 60, to 70, to 80, and so on. Next, the score would slowly stabilize itself before it stopped increasing. As for Chen Feng’s score…


In a single instant, it reached triple digits!

Next, the number flickered without stop.

One hundred plus!

One hundred plus!

One hundred plus!

This number started flickering crazily.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

One hundred plus?!

The hell, the score in potential could reach 100-plus as well?

What the hell?

"I remember that even the potential of A class requires only a score of 90…"

"That’s right. Does this mean that Wang Feng has the potential to easily and smoothly break through the bottleneck of B class to reach A class? As someone with a potential of A class, as long as he remains alive, Wang Feng will most certainly reach A class in the future!"

"Good lord!"

Everyone was stunned.

To understand this shock, one had to understand that, during every single recruitment in the past, the focus had been placed on A classes! A single A class was equivalent to 100 B classes! However, was it so easy to find a new recruit with A-class potential? Hence, most of the time, the Mysterious Organization focused on nurturing the children with peak B-class potential.

In every batch of recruits, there were bound to be some with peak B-class potential. When these people eventually reached peak B class in the future, the organization would aid them by giving them some suitable missions that would help with their breakthrough. Within a huge group of peak B classes, there would definitely be one or two that successfully broke through into A class. With this, the organization would increase the count of experts in their ranks. This was how the Mysterious Organization had increased the count of their A-class warriors all this while.

As for those whose potential reached A class? The amount of people with such potential was extremely low, to the point where the term "rarely seen" could fittingly describe them.

The maximum score of someone with peak B-class potential was 80 points. However, as long as one had a potential of A class, one would directly obtain an extra score of 10 points and thus obtain a score of 90 points. From this, the importance of A class was apparent.

In fact, as long as it was proved that one had the potential of A class, regardless of one’s total score, the Mysterious Organization would still recruit that person, even if he scored zero in all other tests.

"I’m afraid this Wang Feng guy is going to be super popular now."

"He is too terrifying!"

"A-class potential?"

Everyone lamented.

"That’s not all. Look at his score. 90 points is equivalent to A-class potential. But above this level, there’s an extra score of 10 points that will be used to represent the different stages of A class. But he…"

At this, everyone was startled awake.

True! The evaluation of Wang Feng was not something as simple as mere A-class potential. Rather, he had obtained a score of 100 points! No, to be accurate, he had a score of 100-plus points! Furthermore, his score was still flickering without stop on the screen.

If so, what was his limit, then? It was unknown!

"This person…"

Even some of those from the Mysterious Organization were stirred at the sight of this.

They were aware that this round of recruitment, this recruitment after three years of pause, had brought upon them a genius with unlimited potential, a person with seemingly no contenders!

Perhaps this person could even be a peak A class in the future!

"Record his information."

"All right."

Henceforth, the name Wang Feng was noted by countless people.

Evidently, regardless of his results in subsequent tests, his entry into the Mysterious Organization was already confirmed.

But then…

A grin appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "This is still not enough."

He had only obtained a good result in two rounds, so his total score was still far from sufficient. Due to his low score in the test of connections, he was still not the first-place holder when all the scores were added up. This wouldn’t do, since his goal was to obtain first place.

Chen Feng's gaze landed on Square accidentally, and he noted that although there were some fluctuations on Square's face, his expression still appeared serene.

Chen Feng calmed himself down. "Is it because he’s only taking in the first place holder?"

All the tests here were meaningless to him, since he had only one goal: Square!

Chen Feng’s gaze became stern. Seems like I will have to put more effort into the subsequent rounds, then.

As the people around him saw that, even with such results, he still maintained his calm and was not the least bit proud, they all started lamenting. He was indeed worthy of being a young man with unlimited potential.

Such a disposition… tsk tsk…

"Wang Feng."

As for Xie Zhongtong, her eyes were already twinkling by now. From the start, she had noticed him. However, she had never expected that he was so extraordinary. Instantly, her heart was moved. As for the Wang Jiu that had been the center of attention earlier, he had been forgotten long ago.

And now, the fourth test began.

This was quite a simple round: survivability. It was fine for one to be a genius. However, one could never forget that only a genius that was able to stay alive could continue being a genius. If one was dead, rather than a genius, one would be a corpse instead. As such, this was a round that tested the participants’ survival skills.

A total score of 100 corresponded to 100 different killing methods. One point would be granted for every killing method a participant survived.


Light started swirling around.

All the participants felt the scenes before their eyes change before they entered an illusionary world.

With this, the round began officially.

Assassination, ambush, passion killing, killing curse, poison… all sorts of killing methods appeared.

In this uniquely generated illusion, everyone would be led into believing that they were truly in this illusory world and would forget that they were currently in a test. Next, those sudden killing methods would appear to attempt to kill them.

This round of test had a different name as well: Mysterious Organization’s Encyclopedia of 100 Killing Methods.