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Chapter 337: Start of Experiment

Chapter 337: Start of Experiment
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"How did you break free?" asked a grandmaster that specialized in formations, his head aching as he saw the perfectly fine chains left on the ground. How many times had this happened? Every single time, the same thing happened. Her ability had obviously been sealed away. These chains had obviously been improved countless times. However, Wang Yao was still able to break free of the chains and start raging and killing. Even though their attention was always focused here, they had still failed to rescue the A-class expert in time before he had been killed by Wang Yao.

The most dreadful part of all this was the fact that the chains were all still intact.

They suspected that Wang Yao possessed space- and flame-related abilities. As such, both abilities had already been sealed. Theoretically, Wang Yao should not be able to break free of the chains.

Everything here, the building included, had been specially prepared just to deal with Wang Yao alone. Toward the question, Wang Yao did not respond. The grandmaster merely gave her a deep glance before saying, "Go."


Led by the grandmaster, they all left.

Some of them pointed at the chains. "Those chains…"

The grandmaster shook his head. "Take them back, then. Since they are useless against her, there’s no need to keep using them on her."

"All right."

After they left, under the grandmaster’s command, the whole building was once again fully sealed.

The outer layer of the building had been reinforced a countless amount of times as well. Even if Wang Yao was able to escape the inner room, she would most certainly fail to escape from here. Initially, meals had been delivered to her three times per day. Now, it had been changed to once per three days. A person at Wang Yao’s level would not starve to death anyway.

Before the research project began, they had to avoid anything untoward happening. Even if their chains were useless against her, they had to ensure that Wang Yao was locked tight within the building. Just as they busied themselves for Wang Yao, one particular day… Square returned!

It was also rumored that he was coming back with an incredibly talented genius new recruit.

"New recruit?"

"Yeah, I heard that he was someone Square met while he went out on a discussion. When he was about to return, he brought this new recruit with him to join this new project."

"The hell, as a new recruit, he is already allowed to join a project? Back then, I had to spend years completing missions and going through countless dangers before I got the chance to join a project."

"I heard that this new recruit is extremely talented."

"Even if he is talented, that won’t do, right? This is too excessive."

Everyone started berating the new recruit.

Evidently, this new recruit that had appeared out of nowhere wasn’t particularly welcome. Even here, everyone was aware of the importance of this new project. The upper levels had, for the first time, approved an unlimited budget for this project. As such, the members of nearly all other projects were vying to join this new project.

A single look at the level of the defense system placed on Wang Yao was sufficient to showcase the importance of this project.

This Wang Yao was a person the upper levels had personally captured to be put into research. As long as their research bore results, it would be a gargantuan contribution to the organization.

With this, who wouldn’t want to join the project?

Since the vacancy of the new project was limited, the appearance of this new recruit that had snatched one of the vacancies just like that caused these people to feel extremely unwell.

"I heard that boss only went out to submit the application for this project. Why did he bring someone back instead?"

"What else could the reason be? Coincidentally, the organization was holding a recruitment process. Since he saw someone he was satisfied with over there, he brought that guy back."


Everyone discussed without stop.

The next day, Square, with the new recruit in tow, returned formally to the department.

With that, project "MIMK-039" was officially activated as well. The main goal of the project was to figure out a way to unlock more potential within a human. They had once thought that humanity had already unearthed all potential available in a human’s body. However, Wang Yao’s appearance had seemingly opened up the gateway to a brand new world.

If they could figure out the secrets of Wang Yao… If they could figure out the reason this young lady was so powerful… If…

This was the actual reason the Mysterious Organization was willing to allocate such a huge amount of resources to this project.

To capture Wang Yao, the Mysterious Organization’s leader had personally made a move. Moreover, as bait for Wang Yao, a project at the rank of "world threat" had been sacrificed. Only with that had Wang Yao taken their bait. To capture her, the Mysterious Organization had paid an extremely high price. As such, a corresponding amount of return had to be made now that she had been captured.

Three days would be used to prepare for this project. After three days, the project would officially kick off.

As a supergenius, it was natural for Wang Feng to be brought into the project by Square directly. As for all the criticism and those who tried to spread rumors, all these people were directly suppressed by Square.

Only those who had attended the recruitment process were aware of how astonishing Wang Feng’s talent was. Those people were thinking of suppressing such a person? Were their brains damaged?

In a straightforward manner, Square gave Wang Feng the highest scope of authority and all sorts of resources. Within these three days, all the methods capable of giving one a rapid improvement in strength without hurting one’s body or potential were provided to Wang Feng. This top-notch service enabled Wang Feng to comfortably increase his strength greatly.

"High-tier C class, not bad." Square was extremely satisfied. "You are still extremely weak. However, this strength is already enough for you to participate in this project."

Henceforth, the project was activated. A single A class, a bunch of B classes, and a single C-class Wang Feng were involved in the project. Anger simmered in the eyes of a lot of people whenever their gazes landed on Wang Feng. However, they were helpless against him.

Chen Feng feigned an uncaring facade as he asked, "Where are we performing the tests?"

Even after several days here, he had yet to hear any news regarding Wang Yao. The only thing he had been able to do was wait. Now that the project was going to start, Wang Yao should finally appear before him, right?

Square smiled profoundly. "There."

Chen Feng looked in the direction Square was pointing and noticed a huge tower.

Square’s deep voice responded, "That young lady is too dangerous. Hence, she was locked in there. To ensure the safety of our base and our test objects, we must perform the tests in that building."

Chen Feng widened his eyes. "In there?"

"Yes." Square shrugged and continued, "You will understand when you get there."

Soon, they reached the entrance of the tower.

Chen Feng raised his head and started looking around. This was an extremely tall tower with a crystal on it. One could see that the upper part of the tower was comprised of some sort of energy and a formation that was being used to suppress the lower part of the tower.

The emotions of the B-class guards surged as they saw their leader. "Boss."

"Prepare to start."


Everyone was overjoyed.



The huge building in front of them started reassembling itself. The upper layer of the tower started rotating as a certain mysterious power started leaking out of it. The power of this leaked power was extremely terrifying. As for Square and the rest, they were standing there waiting.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. "How is it?"


Noiselessly, a red flash streaked out under his feet into the underground. Due to the unique property of Xiao Ying’s body, it was something no one could detect. It remained in the illusory world all the way until it reached the inside of the building before it reappeared in the real world. Surprisingly, the blue radiance within the building was rather unique. Even Xiao Ying was somewhat suppressed by it. As such, Xiao Ying had no choice but to start dodging the blue radiance.

Chen Feng was shocked. "What a powerful suppression."

Even with Xiao Ying’s strength, it failed to press forth and was forced to stop there. How dreadful was the suppression that Wang Yao was being subjected to farther inside the building? Moreover, this blue radiance was merely the regular radiance of the tower. As the tower started operating at full power, endless radiance started solidifying midair and swirling around before landing on Wang Yao’s limbs. This radiance was nearly similar to what they had at the outer layer of the tower. With this, Wang Yao would definitely fail to escape. However, the price they paid for using this was extremely high as well. Hence, they would only activate this when performing their experiments.



Instantly, Wang Yao’s body was fixed still on the test platform.

Square was extremely satisfied. "Very good. Let’s go."

They entered the tower, and soon, the test apparatuses were all prepared.

Square coldly said, "Let’s start. Prepare to extract Wang Yao’s blood."

The assistant obeyed his command. "All right."

However, just as they neared the test platform, something astonishing happened. Wang Yao’s right hand actually vanished before reappearing out of the chains.



Her body flickered several times, and next, she was completely free of the chains.


An ice-cold ray of light streaked toward Square.

Wang Yao’s eyes gleamed coldly. She was aware that here in this area, this square-faced man was the leader. As long as he was killed, she would be able to achieve her goal within a short time.



Wang Yao erupted with all her power.

Even under the blue radiance’s suppression, Wang Yao was still erupting at full power. The power of flame and space gathered together and charged toward Square.

Surprisingly, though, at this moment, a smile appeared on Square’s face.