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Chapter 338: Fleshy

Chapter 338: Fleshy
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A smile appeared on Square’s face. "I have been waiting a long time for you."


All of Wang Yao’s attacks started solidifying in front of him. Fire and space interwove, and almost all the power unleashed by Wang Yao was fixed in the air as an ice-cold chunk of rock.

This is… petrification!

Even the non-solid attack that Wang Yao had unleashed was able to be petrified!


Seeing that her attack had failed, Wang Yao unleashed another attack instantly. However, Square seemed to have seen it coming, as he was able to easily block her punch.

With his right hand in front of him, Square blocked the attack easily.


Square sneered. "Hehe. You are indeed worthy of being this organization's most wanted person. Even after being captured, you are still so dangerous. I suppose that in the future, it is still better to first kill an enemy of your level, since keeping someone like you alive is a disaster in waiting. But now, though, since we have paid such a huge price to keep you here, we have to proceed with our research on you. Am I right?" In a low voice, Square said, "This research was commissioned by the upper levels themselves."


While talking, his power started surging. A small part of Wang Yao’s fist that had punched out earlier started petrifying. She could no longer push forward toward Square. Rather, she was being forced back by him. Presently, she was unable to beat him. Even getting near him was something unachievable for the current her.

Wang Yao bit her lips and urged the power within her. However, her fist that was only half a meter from Square seemed to be unmoving, unable to move even a single inch further.

"Under normal circumstances, I would naturally not be your opponent. But now…" Square raised his head and looked at the simulated starry sky above him.

When they had entered the building earlier, the blue radiance above them had intensified. As such, the suppression on Wang Yao now was even stronger than before. The amount of strength she could unleash was less than 10% of her total strength. As such, how could she be an opponent of Square's?

"Be obedient and lie down," Square shouted coldly.



After the shout, he exerted additional pressure in his hand. The petrification power started spreading. As a result, both Wang Yao’s right fist and the attack she had unleashed earlier slowly lost their power due to the petrification. Soon, she would be completely under Square’s control.

Wang Yao’s mood dimmed. Indeed… is this still too difficult for me? She knew she shouldn’t underestimate the Mysterious Organization. Unfortunately, she had no other choice, since she did not have much time left. Coming here was her only choice.

That project is going to start very soon, right?

Disappointment and frustration filled her.


Even the little amount of power she had left was gradually leaving her.

She sighed inwardly. I won’t be able to hold any longer.

It had always been said that, at the moment of death, the memories of one’s whole life would flash before one’s eyes. Wang Yao had previously believed that this would be the case for her as well. Unexpectedly, though, the only person appearing in her flashback was… Chen Feng!

Perhaps he was the one and only spark of light in this entire dark life of hers. She did not regret death, as this was something she had accepted long ago.

Her vision started darkening. But… if… if... if I could see him one last time before my death, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

That malevolent face of Square's was akin to a fiend that had crawled out of hell itself. His strength seemed to be increasing, as Wang Yao was increasingly unable to resist him. Suddenly, before her eyes, an odd radiance appeared and erupted.


The sounds of an explosion traveled to her ears.

Next, that incomparably immense power in front of her seemed to instantly vanish. Suddenly, she was able to easily blast her power into Square’s body.


Square’s chest was directly penetrated.


Wang Yao’s indistinct vision cleared up. The scene of the crew members of the research project sprawled all over the ground welcomed her. Alarming her, a surgical knife had been stabbed into Square’s body. Wang Yao recognized that knife, since that was what Square had prepared to use on her earlier. Now, though, it had been stabbed into his own body instead.

Wang Yao’s gaze landed on the spot behind Square. There stood a youngster in a uniform. The youth took off his uniform and shed of the disguise on his face, revealing his true appearance.

It’s you… At this instant, Wang Yao’s heart seemed to stop beating. Chen… Chen Feng? She stared in daze at this person standing before her. It really is him! This person who was only C class, who could only reach B-class combat power at most, this person who was so far away from the peak A-class Wang Yao, at her moment of danger, he had appeared.

Chen Feng walked to her and touched her. "You have gotten fatter. Mhm… your face is becoming quite fleshy now."

Wang Yao: "…"

Under normal circumstances, she would have sent Chen Feng flying with a kick long ago. Now, though, for an indescribable reason, the only thing she felt was warmth.

It’s good that you can be here.

Presently, beside them, Square was witnessing this scene in daze. No matter what, he had never expected that this guy he had brought back was actually Chen Feng in disguise.

As for the reason Chen Feng had been able to sneak into their recruitment? It was clear now that there was a traitor among them!

He lowered his head and looked at his own body.


His back had been stabbed by Chen Feng. Adding salt to the wound, Chen Feng had stabbed him after using Nethergaze, and the knife capable of harming an A class was a knife Square had chosen himself. This stab by itself wasn’t that big of a deal, but unfortunately, after getting stabbed in the back by Chen Feng, his chest had been penetrated by Wang Yao’s attack as well. That was the damage that was actually fatal.

That one single attack was sufficient to harvest his life. As he heard the chattering of this small couple beside him at his moment of death, this Square who had dedicated his whole life to research and had remained single his whole life felt like someone had stuffed his mouth full of dog food.

God damn you all…


His body collapsed onto the ground, dead.

As for the remaining people here?



Light started swirling around.

After the death of the A-class Square, those who remained, who were all B class, were no longer a threat. Even Chen Feng could crush them any time he wished with his full power.

Shortly after, only the two of them were left alive in the tower.

Chen Feng rubbed her tiny face. "Mhm… let me take a look." Mhm…fleshy. It feels so nice to the hand. Next, Chen Feng’s hand started reaching downward. Mhm… this feels… somewhat… Suddenly, Chen Feng’s hand stopped moving. With great difficulty, he looked at Wang Yao and found that Wang Yao’s body was turning illusory. This was exactly the same as what had happened back then!



Wang Yao’s body started flickering, akin to a TV with bad signal.

Chen Feng grabbed onto her tightly. "Wang Yao." Gradually, her body started solidifying again. Chen Feng’s heart trembled. "What’s going on with you?"

Wang Yao’s expression was serene. "This is why I’m here. There is a secret in my body. I am aware that you are worried about me."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply before saying, "But see, even without telling me anything, I still appeared here. On top of that, I even rescued you. Hence, shouldn’t you place some trust in my ability? For certain matters, you can let me know and I will deal with it for you."

Chen Feng’s bright eyes stared straight into Wang Yao’s eyes.

At this moment, Wang Yao’s huge eyes were filled with joy. "All right. I promise you."

"Ah?" Initially, Chen Feng had believed that she would need a lot of convincing.

Naturally, he had prepared to start acting in a more forceful manner if she had still refused to agree with him. Surprisingly, Wang Yao had agreed just like that.

Wang Yao had a faint smile on her face. "You seem somewhat regretful that I agreed so easily?"

Chen Feng coughed. "Says who?"

Just as he was about to say more, Wang Yao stood on her toes and gently planted a kiss on his cheek. "Are you satisfied now?"

Chen Feng laughed in joy. "Yes, yes."

Next, he lowered his head and started searching Square’s body. Soon, he found the secret key for this tower. With this, they would be able to leave this tower.

"Don’t you want to know my secret?" Wang Yao turned on her electronic map and pointed at a certain spot. "This is where my current target is at."


The map hovered in the air while Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk abruptly. That was because the spot Wang Yao had pointed at was the center of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. That was also the actual location of the research department, the place where all experiments and tests were conducted, a place right in the middle of the Mysterious Organization.