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Chapter 340: So It’s You

Chapter 340: So It’s You
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In the Mysterious Organization, in this danger-filled place, Chen Feng was holding onto Wang Yao's tiny hand as they traveled through these headquarters amid the countless enemies present.



With his map hack, Chen Feng was able to easily avoid being discovered by A-class and B-class warriors. As for those C class and below? What a joke. With their current strength, those people of C class and below would never be able to notice Chen Feng. As for the occasional circumstances where they were actually discovered by these people…


After a single wave of his hand, Chen Feng left together with Wang Yao, leaving behind a corpse whose eyes were still wide open.



Both their silhouettes flitted through the headquarters undetected, akin to walkers of dreamland. As for the people of the Mysterious Organization, after failing to locate Chen Feng and Wang Yao, they were now concentrating most of their attention on the borders of the headquarters, to prevent Wang Yao and Chen Feng's escape. As far as they were concerned, Chen Feng was only here to rescue Wang Yao.

Unknown to anyone, presently, at a certain location at the center of the headquarters where the research department was located, a group of senior researchers were conducting a certain crucial experiment. For them, even if the sky and the earth outside were turned upside down, it had nothing to do with them.

"Gene reagent."

"Preparation complete."

"Catalysis reagent."


"Energy recharge and energy reserve?"


Within the ice-cold laboratory, everyone was doing their respective tasks in an orderly manner.

"What's the situation out there?"

"Oh, I heard that some prisoner escaped. They are trying to recapture that escaped prisoner."

An old researcher with brown hair sneered. "What trash. They can't even hold a prisoner properly." His name was Huang Guo, the official in charge of this project.

"That's normal. These two years, we have suffered too many losses due to Wang Yao and Chen Feng. As for the new recruits, they are too new and are still being trained. As such, we still haven't been able to replenish our manpower. It's normal for there to be some weak points here and there." This person felt extremely helpless as well. However, they had no doubt that the prisoner would not be able to escape the headquarters at all. What place was this? This was the Mysterious Organization's headquarters. A place where A classes were everywhere and B classes were worth less than dogs.

If the prisoner were able to escape the headquarters, that would truly be hilarious. Hence, these researchers here were not worried at all. As long as their experiment wasn't affected, they wouldn't be bothered with anything.

"Ignore them. Let's prepare for our experiment," Huang Guo said with an imposing expression.



The numerous assistants finished the preparations of their materials. Next, the laboratory's door was shut and the lights were turned off. Only a gentle ray of light was left, which was then aimed straight at the platform. On the platform lay a young lady who appeared to be 13 or 14 years old.

It was obvious that anesthetic had been administered to her, robbing her of the ability to move her body. Her eyes were filled with despair, and her face was filled with horror. This was an extremely pitiful expression. Unfortunately, here at this place, nobody felt any pity toward her.

"Let's begin."


The group of researchers stepped forth coldly. When Huang Guo was looking at this young lady, his gaze was akin to someone looking at a precious treasure. After 10 long years of research, they had finally reached this stage where they could start experimenting on a human body. Based on their previous deductions and their previous successful experiment on a lab rat, their experiment on this human this time would be…


The time for the elevation of their status in the organization was not far away.

"Young lady, don't worry. This won't hurt. Soon, it will all be over," Huang Guo whispered. However, his eyes became increasingly cold and detached. Behind him were a group of assistants in white gowns. Their indistinct appearance in this dim room, combined with those white gowns they wore, was giving off an incomparably gloomy feeling to the young lady. She wanted to struggle, yet she couldn't move.


With a wave of Huang Guo's hand, the experiment began. However, right as they pressed on the power switch, the door to the laboratory started rocking. A gush of energy so powerful it caused one's heart to palpitate could be felt coming from the door.


With a loud sound, a hole was left in the seemingly indestructible door. The edges of the hole were still burning red from the heat. From the hole, a tiny figure and a big figure stepped through.

"Wang Yao!"

Someone had recognized Wang Yao. Instantly, that person's expression changed greatly. They were aware that a prisoner had escaped. Little had they known that the escaped prisoner was actually Wang Yao. No wonder the alarm outside never stopped blazing.

If it was Wang Yao…


As Wang Yao's ice-cold gaze landed on them, they felt like they had all fallen into an icy cave.

"What are you afraid of? This is the inner region of the organization…" someone bellowed.


With a red flash, his body collapsed onto the ground as a soundless corpse. As for the rest, they were all so horrified that they knelt on the ground, no longer daring to even move. Silently, Wang Yao walked toward the platform before undoing the bindings on the young lady. At the same time, a mild power gushed into the young lady's body to expel the drugs in her body.

"Are you fine?"

The pale young lady nodded her head.

"Escape, then." A hint of loneliness could be felt in Wang Yao's voice. "Since you are here, it is certain that your family has given up on you. Leave this place and escape as far as you can…"

The young lady looked at Chen Feng and Wang Yao in gratitude before hastily leaving. From the way she moved, it was apparent that she was quite a formidable person as well.

"Genetic warrior…" Chen Feng frowned as he noticed that even their test subjects were genetic warriors… As for Wang Yao, she wasn't surprised by this. Her ice-cold gaze started sweeping through each one of the researchers before stopping on a B-class genetic warrior that was somewhat powerful.



Once again, a group of lifeless corpses collapsed onto the ground. Only the C-class warriors were left alive. The laboratory sunk into a dreadful silence.

She looked at Huang Guo. "You, stand up."

"Don't kill me." Huang Guo gulped and continued, "We will stop this experiment immediately. After all, this experiment is something the upper levels arranged. We are only following orders…"

Wang Yao coldly interrupted him, "Shut up. Did I told you to stop?"

"Ah?" Huang Guo was confused. Since she had already freed their test subject, what could they do besides stop?

"Continue the experiment." Wang Yao inhaled deeply before saying, "This time, your test subject shall be… me!"


Everyone's heart jolted.


They stared at this young lady with unbelieving expressions. Had she gone crazy? Was she aware of what this experiment was? This was…


Suddenly, Huang Guo's body trembled as he stared at Wang Yao with an inconceiving expression. At the same time, Wang Yao's body trembled slightly and her body turned nearly transparent, as if she was going to vanish at any moment. After several flickers, her body returned to normal.

Huang Guo fixed his gaze on Wang Yao. "It's true! It's really true! Could it be, you are... Hahahahaha! So it's actually you! I knew it! I knew my experiment would be successful! Hahahahaha!" He was so excited his entire body started trembling. "You have returned. In the experiment, I had a timestamp placed on the subject. If the subject did not return, she would vanish. Haha, it's about time you came back to me. Hahaha."

At this time, Chen Feng was flipping through their past experiment details. When he saw the content of the experiment, he finally understood everything. Finally, he figured out the reason Wang Yao had come here. There were certain things that were indeed impossible to explain clearly. However, as long as he arrived here and saw everything here with his own eyes, he would understand without needing any explanations.


Project name: Rebirth

Project series: Third project in the transmigration series of projects

Content: Send the target's memory and part of the target's soul back in time to undergo rebirth.

Course of events: …


That's right. This was one of the transmigration experiments of legend. The information Chen Feng had once accidentally seen had now became a reality right before his eyes.

No wonder…

Chen Feng shut his eyes.

No wonder Wang Yao was always capable of predicting what was going to happen… No wonder Wang Yao always knew everything… No wonder Wang Yao has such a hatred toward the Wang family…

All this that had remained unknown to anyone had now become clear to Chen Feng.