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Chapter 343: Redmoon

Chapter 343: Redmoon
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Chen Feng's pupils abruptly shrunk. "It's you?"

A person who shouldn't have appeared here had appeared. Jin Dian was one of the strongest peak A-class experts of the Mysterious Organization. He possessed extremely terrifying strength, and based on the information from Ji Feng, this person was extremely intelligent and cruel. Such a person would definitely not give him a chance to drag this out. Things would probably get dangerous now that this guy was here.

Chen Feng's palms started sweating. "You are not supposed to be here."

Based on their previous record, this guy called Jin Dian should have been away from the headquarters at this point in time. Based on Wang Yao's initial plan, she would only be successful after these peak A-class experts were all lured out of the headquarters. Otherwise, they would absolutely be capable of trapping Wang Yao here all the way until her eventual death.

This guy here should have been out implementing missions!

Jin Dian smiled calmly. "I was indeed implementing missions. However, something happened back here. Hence, someone sent me back here."

Sent back?

Chen Feng widened his eyes.

How was this possible? He had checked the details of Wang Yao's plan before. This Jin Dian had been sent on a mission to a place extremely far away from the headquarters. It was simply impossible for him to have returned speedily. In order to lure them out, Wang Yao had paid a huge price for it. Only after destroying a huge amount of projects of the Mysterious Organization had these people started heading out there.

At a place like that…

Suddenly, Chen Feng noticed the fading green radiance above Jin Dian's head. It was an extremely faint trace that the naked eye couldn't see. However, if one used their spiritual energy to sense it, one might still be able to catch a trace of its existence.

This radiance…

Chen Feng sighed. "Lu Hun!"

Jin Dian nodded his head. "That's right. Your plan was indeed flawless. However, you neglected the existence of Senior Soul. Before true strength, all tricks are nothing but jokes. As for Senior Soul, his strength far exceeds your imagination. Even if he can't move away personally, he only needed to send me here and everything will be dealt with."


Chen Feng shook his head. Once again, it was this guy.

It seemed like they had an extremely deep grudge with each other, since every time they encountered one another, it was a confrontation of life and death. However, as he thought about it, he found that, indeed, they had a deep grudge. That guy was a venerable green diamond member 1 yet had ended up being cuckolded by Chen Feng, his young wife missing Chen Feng every day. How could he not hate Chen Feng?

Moreover, this was the Mysterious Organization Chen Feng had ventured into, his very own place.

Chen Feng shrugged, seemingly accepting his fate. "Fine, then. However…" He looked at Jin Dian. "Although Soul can't move anywhere personally, if he can exhaust a huge amount of energy to send you back, why can't he use that energy to create a clone? I seem to recall that Soul's clone is also peak A-class, right? Hehe. Have you not wondered why Soul sent you instead of his clone?" Chen Feng had a faint smile on his face.

"Oh?" Jin Dian's eyes narrowed at these words. However, he maintained his silence.

Chen Feng smiled. "Because he is afraid. Since you have the information about me, you should also be aware that Soul once sent two peak A-class clones after me. Both of them were killed by me. Hence, he is now horrified of me. How about you?"

Instantly, the atmosphere around them seemed to reach the freezing point.

Jin Dian stared at Chen Feng calmly. "Me?" Suddenly, he smiled. "Are you trying to drag this out?"

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. "What?"


Jin Dian's gaze skipped past Chen Feng and landed on a certain small screen behind him amid the experiment that was progressing there. On that small screen, where a normal person would not be able to read from several tens of meters away, was a countdown timer. Time indicated: 8:58.

Jin Dian's eyes gleamed coldly as he said, "Regardless of whether or not Senior Soul is actually capable of killing you, since I have appeared here today, I will definitely kill you."

He was not aware of Chen Feng's actual plan. He was also not aware of the reason Chen Feng was dragging this out. However, regardless of what Chen Feng was planning, the only thing he needed to do was ensure Chen Feng's failure.

Since Chen Feng wanted to drag the time out, Jin Dian would end the battle speedily. This had always been Jin Dian's style of doing things: firm and decisive.


A terrifying power started shaking around him. A power belonging to a peak A class started swirling around the air. All the other members of the Mysterious Organization were forcibly forced out by this power. Now, the only thing they could do was wait outside.

"Seal up all their escape routes," Jin Dian ordered indifferently.


With several A-class warriors as the leaders, they sealed the whole laboratory and blocked all possible escape routes.

Jin Dian looked at the time. "Eight minutes left… Seems like you won't be able to wait that long."

Chen Feng shook his head helplessly. "Hehe. Why do you refuse to trust my words?"

"Are you even trustworthy?" Jin Dian said toyingly. "Even if you have killed Senior Soul's clones, even if you have killed A-class warriors, even if everyone's evaluation of you is "an eerily bizarre person," as far as I am concerned, all that has been achieved by your tricks. Mere tricks that only work in specific circumstances. Here…" He looked at Wang Yao. "I suppose this young lady here is in the midst of enhancement? No matter what experiment this is, after killing the both of you, everything will be over. Sorry, I will not be giving you any extra time."

Jin Dian took a step forward. At this moment, the whole world seemed to tremble. This was how scary an A class was. Presently, there were still eight and a half minutes left on the countdown. This small discussion between Jin Dian and Chen Feng was simply not sufficient to drag too much of the time.

Chen Feng sighed. "Who told you that I intended to drag this out?"

Next, he raised his head. His eyes were already glowing red.

Jin Dian sneered. "Nethergaze?"

Nethergaze was also known as the ender of chatterers.

This ability was indeed a killing machine. Finally, he understood how those people had died in Chen Feng's hands. They had most certainly talked to Chen Feng too much and ended up perishing due to their excessive words.

However, this thing was simply a joke against him. Only a minute had passed since he had met Chen Feng. With such a short time frame for the Nethergaze to lock onto him, he would not fear even the Nethergaze of an A class at his level, let alone this C-class Chen Feng.

If one wanted to completely lock onto him, at the very least, one full day would be required.

Jin Dian sneered. "You are indeed good at seizing every opportunity." Next, he prepared to kill Chen Feng. However, he stopped suddenly, as he suddenly sensed an astonishing power appearing. "What?"

Instinctively, he looked toward the source of power.

Before his eyes, along with Chen Feng, who was slowly standing up...


A faint aura started bubbling up around Chen Feng. That aura that was obviously totally different from all other powers appeared incredibly conspicuous at this instant. Nobody else else could resist looking in this direction either.

In a serene manner, Chen Feng's right hand reached out.


An astonishing clump of energy started converging in his hand. A perfectly straight red energy weapon solidified in his hand. That shiny weapon was radiating a power that alarmed even Jin Dian.

Jin Dian's pupils shrunk abruptly. "This is…"

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Now, are you still of the opinion that I am dragging this out?"


A powerful red radiance started gathering around him.

"The name of this sword is Redmoon, a sword I once used to kill countless people, the two clones of Soul included. Among them were also some of the A-class warriors of your organization. Mhm… I can't even remember their names anymore..." Chen Feng pondered for a bit before shaking his head. "Indeed, I have killed too much recently…"


Their surroundings sunk into silence.

Chen Feng might have forgotten. However, they remembered clearly the names of those killed warriors.

Everyone in the Mysterious Organization, from the initial B-class warriors up to the subsequent A-class warriors, peak A class included, not a single one of them who had once crossed swords with Chen Feng had ever returned alive. Not a single one!

They had always been wondering about the reason for this. They had once doubted the capability of Chen Feng's fused abilities to kill their members. None of them had known the answer. Now, though, they had finally found out the real reason.


Their gazes landed on that energy sword flickering with a red radiance. That energy sword was flickering without stop, glowing with a faint radiance. Despite the faint radiance, the energy undulation around the sword was powerful enough to stifle their breaths.

Even when standing so far away, they could feel that bone-piercing chillness and the terrifying pressure the sword was emitting.

That was the power of a peak A class! The strength of a true expert!

Jin Dian couldn't believe his eyes. "How is this possible?"

It would be understandable for a peak A class to possess a sword with peak A-class power. However, when this sword was taken out by a C-class warrior, that was extremely abnormal.

Looking at the tyrannical and formidable Chen Feng in front of him, coupled with his recollection of Chen Feng's battle history, Jin Dian started doubting.

F*ck! Could it be that this *sshole is tricking people again?!