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Chapter 346: Battle!

Chapter 346: Battle!
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Mysterious Organization.

The research department was fully surrounded. All sorts of the Mysterious Organization's high-energy weaponry had been taken out as well. All these weapons were aimed straight at the research department. All sorts of A-class warriors, B-class warriors, and other members conducting missions near the headquarters had returned. Even with this, they only had the courage to watch on from far away as everything unfolded, not daring to approach the building.

That place had become a forbidden area.

"What's going on?"

"I heard that a terrifying person with strength similar to that of our leader's appeared."

"That girl?"

"Mhm. Don't you see how Boss Jin does not even dare to budge currently?"

"It seems like we can only wait for leader's return."

"For an expert at this level to have appeared here… is she here for revenge?"

"I have no idea. Perhaps this is trouble that arose due to our leader's love life out there?"


Under countless gazes, time slowly passed. The time that seemed so difficult to obtain was progressing forward until, finally, there was only one minute left on the countdown. Wang Yao's experiment was about to complete.

Di! 59 seconds!

Di! 58 seconds!

The countdown was ending soon. At this moment, Jin Dian was abruptly overjoyed. He could feel a familiar power approaching this place.

Senior?! You have finally returned? Jin Dian's emotions surged.


"??? " Toward this, Jin Dian was dumbstruck. What was going on?

"Senior?" Cautiously, Jin Dian asked, "You are not here yet?"

"There is a delay. I'm occupied with something."

The current Lu Hun was seething with anger. Initially, he should have arrived in a short time. However, for unknown reasons, when he had been splitting space to travel through space, he had encountered a chaotic space. The space tunnel that he usually used had collapsed as a result. Next, he had opened up a new space tunnel. However, in the new space tunnel, the space became unstable. Granted, he had long ago become accustomed to this, since all sorts of random chaotic circumstances would indeed arise when traveling through space. As long as he avoided those, it would be fine. With his strength, any problem he encountered could be easily solved.

This time, though... when he opened the space tunnel, the sight that welcomed him was space turbulence everywhere. He truly lacked the courage to travel through that chaotic mess. As such, he had been forced to travel using the ordinary method. What an awful day! Even up until now, he was still wondering the reason for his apparent bad luck today.

"I shall wait for your return," Jin Dian said deferentially.

"Wait my ass." Lu Hun was so angered by this idiot he was laughing instead. "Take them captive."

Jin Dian had a forceful smile on his face. "But that girl…" She was an expert at the level of the leader. How was it possible for him to stop her?

Lu Hun angrily snapped, "Idiot! Do you think that your leader would allow a person at such a level to step foot into the Mysterious Organization? Do you believe that he would be able to sit still if she was truly such an expert? If she was truly that powerful, she would have killed all of you long ago."

What? Jin Dian widened his eyes. Could it be…

Lu Hun was gnashing his teeth. "What else? Take them captive right this moment! That Chen Feng must die!"

Finally, Jin Dian came to himself. "Yes!" Finally, he understood the source of that bizarre feeling and the sense of familiarity Ming Yue was giving him. The hell. Wasn't this girl behaving in exactly the same manner as Chen Feng had earlier when he had been acting tough?

Jin Dian was furious.

In short… that b*stard Chen Feng assembled a team to trick me after seeing how he alone wouldn't be successful. F*ck!

Jin Dian was truly furious. He was a self proclaimed intelligent person who had a plan to deal with everything. Unexpectedly, he had been tricked like a fool by them to the point that he had been so terrified of them he had been acting like a dog!

Abruptly, Jin Dian's gaze became cold. "Chen Feng!"

Ming Yue stood up. "Mhm?"

"Hmph!" Without any hesitation, Jin Dian punched at her. In response, Ming Yue defended against his punch.


After a loud bang, the ashen-faced Jin Dian stared at the Ming Yue that had been forced back over 10 meters by his punch. Yes, Ming Yue's strength was indeed quite formidable. She was at least an A class and was capable of surviving his attack. However, she was definitely not as terrifying as he had thought earlier. She hadn't even reached peak A class! She was merely a comparatively powerful A class, that was all.

Jin Dian's anger-filled voice became hoarse. "So… you are someone who is all show as well." This was the first time he had ever felt such fury.

Ming Yue licked her seductive red lips and said, "This young brother here, you sure have a good eyesight. I am not only all show, I'm a fiery show. This young brother here, are you interested in trying?"

Chen Feng: "…"

He was aware that being a villain boss from the Nether Realm, Ming Yue should be a veteran as well in a certain aspect. However, it was truly out of Chen Feng's expectation that Ming Yue was so very experienced in this. In the future, if anyone were to say that a woman such as the demonic princess or the infernal queen would be clear as ice and clean as jade and never have been in love, he would definitely give that person a kick.

"Hmph." Jin Dian's gaze chilled. "When I have you captive, I will teach you a lesson."

He checked the time. There were still 30 seconds left. He was aware that this was a rebirth project with an extremely low success rate. However, since Chen Feng's group had put such effort in coming here, there had to be something he was unaware of. No matter what, he would not allow them to succeed. The final 30 seconds would be their moment of death as well.

"Kill!" Jin Dian commanded.


The whole Mysterious Organization started shaking. Their members had been extremely eager to move the moment they had seen that Ming Yue's actual strength was merely A class. This was a good chance for them to contribute greatly to the organization. Yes, Ming Yue was still powerful. However, could she even compete with their quantity?

"Kill her. Screw this 'super expert.' She's merely A class!"

"Yeah, she hasn't even reached peak A class. Our sheer numbers are sufficient to kill her."

They started swarming her.

Di! 29 seconds! Time was still moving forward.

The radiance surrounding Wang Yao was still flickering and growing in intensity. However, at this moment, the numerous members of the Mysterious Organization were storming them as well. None of them seemed capable of resisting this.

At this sight, the members of the research project paled. They couldn't help being fearful, since this was the Mysterious Organization's headquarters. Without the presence of an actual "mysterious super expert," when there was nobody else for them to fear here, the terror of the Mysterious Organization became apparent.

"Xiao Ying!" Chen Feng shouted.


At that shout, the recovered Xiao Ying streaked into Ming Yue's body.

Ming Yue groaned. "Oh." Once again, she felt like her body had been stuffed full. That familiar sense of strength had returned to her! Granted, even this level of strength was only a portion of her true strength. However, in a place like this…


Instantly, a terrifying power erupted out of Ming Yue's body.


With a bellow, the power of the Nether Realm descended and flung everyone away.

"So powerful!"

"This power…"

"Peak A class. The hell? She reached peak A class?"

Everyone was alarmed. At that single instant, the power Ming Yue had with erupted had actually reached peak A class. Presently, there were still 25 seconds left on the countdown.

Jin Dian sneered. "What's there to fear?" Just because these people were afraid of her did not signify that he would be similarly afraid of her as well. The eruption earlier had indeed been powerful. However, that had only been power at the level of peak A class. He would still be able to combat a person at such a level.

"Let me fight her." Golden aura started surging out of Jin Dian's hands as he charged forth to fight Ming Yue. Since they were both similarly at peak A class, he had no fear of her.



They started engaging in a chaotic battle midair. On the ground, only Chen Feng and the endless members of the Mysterious Organization were left.