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Chapter 348: The Crux of Breaking Out of This Predicament

Chapter 348: The Crux of Breaking Out of This Predicament
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Mysterious Organization.

A green flash was streaking toward the headquarters. The Lu Hun who had always maintained his calm was currently filled with killing intent. Throughout his travel back here, he had seen how unlucky a person could truly get.

He was a superexpert, an existence surpassing A class. Even when he traveled, his speed was still unrivaled. Despite that, he had still been delayed for a long time by all sorts of random occurrences. Only God knew how high he was flying. Speedwise, he was already traveling at such a speed that even space itself was almost being ripped apart, the scenery before his eyes turning indistinct due to his sheer speed. However, for reasons unknown, there were always some weird things smashing into his defense barrier.

For example, bird poop, or even those giant birds themselves. Granted, such circumstances were in fact quite common. After all, he was traveling at too fast a speed. As such, these things would unavoidably happen, but he would normally only encounter several of these. Before anything could be felt, the bird poop would be disintegrated by the energy in his barrier. As for those giant birds, they would be directly smashed to death and would be unable to affect his barrier in any way.

This time, though, the bird poop was so huge in amount that they were raining upon him like bullets. His bad luck progressed, and a huge flock of giant birds started appearing before smashing into his barrier. By this time, he was already somewhat dumbfounded.

Indeed, his barrier was still intact despite all this. However, it was completely covered in bird poop. As such, he was forced to waste his time by stopping to clean up the poop from his barrier. Just as he was done cleaning up and started flying, once again…

Apart from this, there were even satellites falling on him from the sky. Why the h*ll were these things even falling? There were also energy storms, which were hurricanes formed of unique energy. During his travel, he was unlucky to the point that his heart grieved.

Lu Hun was extremely sure that someone must have used some sort of ability that generated bad luck on him. However, no matter how many times he attempted to purify his surroundings, he was unable to get rid of his bad luck.

"I'm finally here."

Distantly, the Mysterious Organization became visible to him.


His eyes started shining. Even from several tens of kilometers away, he could see the figure blocking in front of Chen Feng. Wang Yao! She had actually appeared!


Lu Hun's eyes gleamed coldly. Both Wang Yao and Chen Feng combined had caused the Mysterious Organization's to suffer a 30% drop in strength. This time, he would absolutely not allow them to escape.


The energy surrounding Lu Hun started bubbling as a clone shot out of him and descended upon the Mysterious Organization with the speed of lightning. Before his body could arrive, his clone arrived first.


The terrifying clone charged toward Wang Yao directly.

"Senior Soul!"

Everyone from the Mysterious Organization was overjoyed. They were now saved! An overjoyed expression appeared on their faces. If it was possible, none of them were willing to face this demonic girl.


The green flash charged toward Wang Yao. However, just as he reached Wang Yao, a gentle radiance suddenly appeared and started spreading. With Wang Yao as the center, a mysterious power erupted.


The shockwave engulfed the whole area. Everywhere it passed, everything paused and turned black and white.

"What happened?"

With a horrified expression on their faces, everyone was paused right where they stood.

Their brains were still working normally. They were able to see and hear, yet their bodies would not listen to their commands. The whole world had seemingly transformed into a black-and-white world. As for the attack of Lu Hun that had been about to land, it stopped midair and hovered there just like that.

This feeling…

Chen Feng's pupils shrunk abruptly. Time! Time itself was being stopped. However, different from what he had seen previously, this seemed somewhat different, as their brains weren't paused.


Distantly, a shiny silhouette started slowly walking toward them. On the face of the fiery-red silhouette was a smile. In this paused and gray world, this silhouette appeared so conspicuous. Instinctively, everyone focused on this silhouette. Instantly, their hearts were overwhelmed with shock.

That was because the red silhouette walking toward them was another Wang Yao. Both Wang Yaos exchanged glances as a smiling expression appeared on their faces. Wang Yao lifted her hand. Two hands that looked exactly the same connected midair.


At that instant, a dazzling radiance appeared and the entire world was seemingly engulfed by it. At the same time, the paused gray world was instantly reinstated and a terrifying power started blooming.


The light wave swept past everyone. The clone released by Lu Hun crumbled apart before he had even reached Wang Yao.


With a mournful scream, the clone formed of green energy transformed into countless light particles before dispersing.


All the other members of the Mysterious Organization inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. Wang Yao… why were there two Wang Yaos here? How was she this powerful?

Chen Feng's thoughts started racing. Indeed…

This was the true Wang Yao he knew, the combination of the Wang Yao from the present and past. As both bodies connected, her cycle of rebirth was completed.



With a single snort from Wang Yao, a bright explosion occurred and everyone around her was instantly blasted away. Before someone at Wang Yao's current level, they were simply helpless.

Chen Feng was shocked. "This is the power of a peak A class?" He knew that the present Wang Yao was a genuine peak A class. But then… even if she's now a peak A class… Chen Feng glanced at the distant faintly discernible green figure. With the destruction of yet another clone of his, the furious Lu Hun had finally appeared. This time, his main body had appeared. The main body of that super expert, the legend himself, Soul!

"Ming Yue!" Chen Feng bellowed.


As she glanced at that green radiance, even Ming Yue herself couldn't help but to shiver.

"Go," Chen Feng said in a low voice.


Wang Yao waved her hand and blocked all the members of the Mysterious Organization before leaving speedily with Chen Feng. However, at this moment, Lu Hun had already arrived.

Lu Hun sneered. "Wanting to escape?"


The diamond on his forehead started shining dazzlingly.


The entire border of the Mysterious Organization's headquarters was instantly enveloped by a green radiance. The terrifying power radiating from the green radiance caused everyone there to tremble in fear. Every single possible escape route was henceforth sealed. Even Ming Yue and Wang Yao were forced to stop.

Lu Hun sneered. "Escaping? Chen Feng… do you think that I will allow you to escape this time?"

Lu Hun sneered. He had been enduring the existence of this bug known as Chen Feng for way too long. He had even lost several of his clones due to this guy. Now that he had come personally, he would definitely not allow Chen Feng to escape.



The members of the Mysterious Organization surrounded them speedily.

Jin Dian greeted Lu Hun with a deep tone. "Senior."

Lu Hun nodded. "You have done well."

Although Jin Dian hadn't managed to stop the completion of Wang Yao's experiment, he had still prevented their escape. Since they were still trapped here, Lu Hun was able to ignore everything else that seemed to have gone wrong.

As for those from the research department? They had all been killed in the aftermath of the earlier attack. Although they had helped complete Wang Yao's experiment, they had, after all, done a lot of evil in the past through the various human experiments they had conducted. Chen Feng's group had never intended to spare them. Moreover, they were also the only ones who had known exactly what Wang Yao's secret was.


Green radiance was everywhere; all escape routes had been blocked from the Chen Feng trio.

Wang Yao forced a smile. "Sorry."

Chen Feng had completed his part by assisting her with the completion of her experiment. She was supposed to take on the task of taking Chen Feng out of this place. Beyond her expectations, Lu Hun had appeared here. He was excessively powerful. This time, they would most probably die here.

During this moment of crisis, instead of being nervous, Chen Feng was exceptionally calm instead. "No worries." His brain started racing. Mysterious Organization… Jin Dian… Lu Hun… A class… B class… The scene of everything around them started rapidly flitting past his brain. Presently, they were trapped at the center of the Mysterious Organization's headquarters. Surrounding them were three inner and three outer blockade layers comprised of A-class and B-class warriors. On top of all that, two super experts, Jin Dian and Lu Hun, were also here.

Naturally, the only one they truly cared about was Lu Hun. If Lu Hun attacked with his full power, he alone would be sufficient to kill all three of them. As such… the crux of solving their current predicament lied with Lu Hun.