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Chapter 349: Space Turbulence

Chapter 349: Space Turbulence
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How should I solve this predicament? Using the figurine of the young lady? Chen Feng rubbed the figurine. Since he had found out that this item here contained some unique power, he had taken it everywhere. However, apart from the occasional passive defensive capabilities this figurine displayed, Chen Feng truly had no idea how to use this figurine.

It would be too unreliable to depend on this figurine. If so, were there any other methods of escaping Lu Hun? Chen Feng's eyes started darting around. When his gaze landed on Wang Yao, his heart thumped. Perhaps there was one more method they could try.

Wang Yao, a peak A class with flame- and space-related abilities. Due to the rebirth experiment, she possessed two different sets of abilities. Moreover, she had trained both these abilities to a certain level as well. That was the reason she was so powerful. If so, how about using a space tunnel?

Chen Feng looked at Wang Yao. "Are you capable of opening up a space tunnel?"

"Under normal circumstances, that wouldn't be a problem," Wang Yao replied without hesitation, "but now that this place is being blockaded, it is natural for space to be included in the blockade as well. That green radiance was too bizarre. Normal methods will never be able to help us escape."

"What if we opened up a space tunnel by force?" Chen Feng asked conscientiously.

Wang Yao blanked. Force?

The so-called "opening by force" was basically using space-related abilities to clash with the ability used to blockade the space. As long the attack was sufficiently powerful, it would be able to rip apart the air to form a space tunnel. Using this method, the success would no longer be dependent on the strength of Lu Hun's defense. Rather, it would depend on whether the space could bear with the power exerted on it. As long as the space was not firm enough to bear with the power, it would definitely be ripped apart.

In fact, with the strength of Wang Yao and Lu Hun, if they decided to go for an all-out battle, the space around here would definitely be ripped apart. This would create space undulations that often times were extremely dangerous. The moment the space undulations became sufficiently powerful, it would transform into space turbulence. And a place with space turbulence …

As an example, if space tunnels were equivalent to multiple streets, in normal circumstances, what was in the tunnels would normally remain on their respective streets. The occasional connecting point of different streets would be governed by a set of rules, akin to a traffic light. If so, what was space turbulence?

Space turbulence was an area where countless space tunnels started interweaving with no fixed form to the tunnels or any rules governing the connecting point. At any given moment, all sorts of bizarre items, energy, or even space items would pop out of the tunnels. This was an extremely dangerous area.

The danger of space turbulence was apparent when even Lu Hun did not dare to enter the space tunnel forcefully when seeing space turbulence within.

Instantly, Wang Yao thought of this. "Are you…"

"Will you be able to open one?" Chen Feng asked with a deep tone.

Wang Yao nodded. "Yes!"

Chen Feng nodded. "Very good. If so, leave everything after to me."

Without any hesitation, Wang Yao nodded. "All right."

"???" Ming Yue widened her eyes as she heard this. "Have the both of you gone crazy? That's space turbulence we are talking about here! It's fine for Chen Feng to be ignorant due to him being a weakling, but you, young lady, you are following along with his craziness?"

Wang Yao glanced at Ming Yue coldly. "Does this have anything to do with you?"

Ming Yue: "…" She could feel a vague sense of hostility toward her from this young lady. Why was that? Wait, could it be that this young lady is thinking that I am the mistress? How excessive! Ming Yue rolled her eyes. If it wasn't for Xiao Ying, she wouldn't have even bothered staying here.

Chen Feng had no change in his expression. "If you are unwilling to follow, you are free to leave."

Ming Yue felt helpless. "You both…" Due to her unique identity, she was able to leave this world any time she wished. Here, she was instead the safest person. But then, if something were to happen to Xiao Ying… "How troublesome." Ming Yue clenched her teeth. Why had she been so stupid as to use the marriage link on Chen Feng? Forget it. One day, when she recovered her peak strength, this marriage link would naturally stop working on her. It was natural for Ming Yue to have her own plans as well. Now, though, she could only follow along with Chen Feng's plans.

Chen Feng glanced at his surroundings. "Very good." The green radiance controlled by Lu Hun was already shrinking toward the inner region of the headquarters. Evidently, he was also worried that Wang Yao and Ming Yue might work together to escape. As such, he hadn't been making any rash moves. Presently, the Mysterious Organization's confinement barrier had been completed as well. They only needed to focus on preventing the three's escape. That was all.

"Now… you no longer have any escape routes." Finally, when everything was in place, Lu Hun started making his move. However, right at the same time he made his move, a formidable power of space bloomed abruptly from Wang Yao's hands.


An astonishing power was blasted toward the air.

Lu Hun was confused. "???" What the hell? Space tunnel? That shouldn't be the case. With Wang Yao's strength, she should be able to easily see that a space blockade had been put in place as well. If so, what was she trying to do?


Another loud explosion could be heard. Thunderous sound reverberated all through the air. The sky itself seemed to be trembling at this instant.



After several loud explosions, a huge hole was blasted through the pitch-black sky.



A terrifying power started spreading around the hole. The hole started emitting and absorbing all sorts of energy. At the same time, a seemingly boundless energy storm appeared and started spreading toward the Mysterious Organization.

Lu Hun was shocked. "Space turbulence?" The attack he was about to launch was forcefully stopped. Had these people gone crazy? He couldn't believe his eyes. That was space turbulence! These people's action of creating this thing here was no different than suicide.


The members of the Mysterious Organization couldn't even stand properly anymore as their bodies started swaying, blown by the force of the storm. Now, they were forced to use all their effort to avoid being blown away by that storm.

Lu Hun narrowed his eyes. "Could it be…" Were these people planning to escape while everyone was in confusion after creating this space turbulence? This was the only likely explanation for this action.

He sneered. "How funny." Did these people truly believe that by creating space turbulence, the Mysterious Organization would loosen the blockade on space, thus allowing them a chance to escape through a space tunnel? How naive!

Lu Hun started barking out commands. "Jin Dian, fully activate the blockade. Reinforce the rules of space around here. Stabilize the chaotic space turbulence. We can't give them any chance to open a space tunnel."

Jin Dian had a malevolent expression on his face. "Understood." He vowed that not even a nuclear weapon could stop him from trapping Chen Feng's group here, even if the whole headquarters needed to be destroyed to achieve that.



Numerous gushes of energy started emerging from the Mysterious Organization. Astonishingly, the space that had been on the verge of collapse due to the space turbulence actually stabilized somewhat from this. It could be seen that the Mysterious Organization was still formidable after all, especially when they worked together. Not a single of their members would think of escaping.

Lu Hun snorted. "Hmph!" The green radiance had been shrinking all this while, and now, only a one kilometer radius was left in the headquarters. The entirety of the zone where Chen Feng's group could move about freely was now visible to the naked eye.


After confirming that Chen Feng's group had no way of escaping, Lu Hun made his move. Light started swirling around his hand. However, surprising him, just as he was about to kill Chen Feng, a group of silhouettes could be seen flashing past. Chen Feng's group had actually charged head-on into the space turbulence.

Lu Hun: "???"

Jin Dian: "???"

Space turbulence? Had they gone crazy? Lu Hun widened his eyes. That was space turbulence, a place governed by no laws! Regardless of how powerful one was, regardless of how sure someone was of their ability to protect themself, any random space undulation would be able to eliminate that person easily, body and soul included. There was also the possibility of that person being dragged into a different world, a world with no life. That person might be trapped there forever, unable to die even if he wanted to.

Lu Hun was the first person to be alarmed by this sight. "These people…" Now, only one question remained to him. Should he go after them?