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Chapter 358: Target Confirmed!

Chapter 358: Target Confirmed!
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Ultimately, Chen Feng failed to figure out if that senior was surnamed Ma. But then, that senior had truly been a formidable person to have created this underground system with his ability. With the Mysterious Organization as the center, the nodes around were connected to all sorts of locations. Apart from that, a complete training system could be seen as well.

1. Region of Ten Squaredemons

This was a place where a species of mutated beast called squaredemon resided. This was a mutated beast formed through the concentration of a certain bizarre element. As such, these beasts possessed an undying body yet did not possess any knowledge. A warrior could increase their physique attribute a certain amount through killing these beasts.

Recommended strength: E-class genetic warrior.

Strength limitation: Warriors above F class were not allowed entry.

Tips: This is a beast without wisdom. As such, it can be killed easily.

2. Region of Roaming Ghosts

Somewhere within the planet's core was a region where a dark energy wreaked havoc. The dark energy here concentrated and formed a species of formidable elemental life-forms. Due to the intense death aura contained within these beasts, they were named direghosts. This was a life-form capable of consuming the rotten corpses underground to obtain a portion of the corpse's memory before death. Due to the excessive corrosive aura this life-form emitted, they were rather hard to approach. The act of approaching them carried a certain degree of danger. After killing one of them, a genetic warrior would be able to stabilize their spirit attribute to a certain extent. They could obtain a certain amount of spirit attribute as well.

Recommended strength: D-class genetic warrior.

Strength limitation: E-class and below genetic warriors were not allowed entry.

Tips: This is a rather boorish life-form with low intelligence. One could try killing them through tricks.

3. Starfall

Somewhere within the planet's core was a place with concentrations of bizarre starlight. Every single drop of the concentrated starlight here was extremely well loved due to the formidable power contained within each drop.

After consuming these drops, one's spirit, physique, strength, and agility attributes would increase a certain amount. Due to the formidable power contained within these concentrated starlight drops, some mutated beasts good at traveling underground were attracted and normally lingered around here. As such, those trying to consume the concentrated starlight drops would be subjected to a certain degree of danger. Anyone attempting this had to exercise extreme caution.

Recommended strength: C-class genetic warrior.

Strength limitation: D-class and below genetic warriors were not allowed entry.

Tips: Try to sneak inside and avoid snatching the starlight drops through force.

4. Gigantic creatures of the planet's core

In front of Chen Feng was a long list detailing all available training regions, known as training camps. From E class to A class, all sorts of training camps existed. A huge amount of these camps were exclusive to the Mysterious Organization. This was a feat the Genetic Union was not capable of. The scariest fact of all was that there was no limitation to the number of the people the Mysterious Organization could send there. Anyone meeting the strength criteria would be allowed entry.

Perhaps the Mysterious Organization was somewhat lacking compared to the Genetic Union in other resources, but when only training camps were taken into consideration, the Mysterious Organization far surpassed the Genetic Union.

"These camps…"

Chen Feng was quite shocked at all this. Why had he decided to stay with the Mysterious Organization? The first reason was to allow Wang Yao and Ming Yue to escape.

The second reason was so he could locate the Spirit Sea wood hidden within the Mysterious Organization. Unfortunately, even until now, he had yet to locate it. Now, though… the Spirit Sea wood no longer seemed so important.

No matter what, anything capable of assisting one in increasing one's strength could be considered a resource as well. Chen Feng's status in the outside world had reached plateau of sorts. Even at the Gene Production Association, he was already able to obtain any resource he wanted. Nobody could stop him. However, those resources were only helpful for gene production. If he wanted to increase his strength? Those resources were insufficient. As for the Genetic Union, his contributions there weren't particularly high. He was sure that, with his relationship with the Genetic Union, he would be able to obtain those unimportant resources from them rather easily, but if he wanted to obtain a spot to enter one of their training camps… hehe. That was simply impossible.

As far as the people from the Genetic Union was concerned, with their limited quota, the priority should be placed on their own children and all sorts of other geniuses they had. As for Chen Feng? Even if they acknowledge that Chen Feng was a genius, for them, Chen Feng was simply a genius gene producer. His kind of genius was totally unrelated to combat power. Even the Gene Production Association wouldn't be helpful in this aspect. As far as they were concerned, Chen Feng was a treasure to be protected. They would never allow him to enter one of those training camps lest he accidentally suffer harm there.

As such… Chen Feng was unable to obtain any resources training-wise in the outside world.

In the past, Chen Feng had always been relying on himself. Apart from the gene-production-related resources he had been able to obtain from the Gene Production Association, everything he had used for training had been something he himself had obtained. That was truly too sad. Here at the Mysterious Organization, he would be able to easily enter any of those training camps. The list he was staring at was a flawless training system. Those training camps that the Genetic Union held so sacred were simply common benefits here at the Mysterious Organization. Moreover, the training system here was of a higher quality compared to what the Genetic Union had.

Mysterious Organization… Chen Feng muttered inwardly. This was indeed a scary organization. Perhaps this organization's only flaw presently was its recruitment of talent. If they were able to solve this issue, with their talent and their high-quality training system, the Genetic Union would be in trouble. Naturally, none of this was something the present Chen Feng needed concern himself with.

He studied the underground map attentively. He was planning to design a perfect training itinerary for himself to reach B class.

"Now, I'm still mid-tier C class. Despite the amount of combat and training I have done these few days, due to lack of training resources, I am still stuck in C class. If so, my next goal is rather clear. First, charge to peak C class, focusing purely on strength increase. Mhm… these few training camps seem rather suitable for me. After reaching peak C class, I can focus on breaking through."

Soon, he completed the analysis of his current circumstances. What was the biggest benefit of training in these training camps? What one stood to gain was transparent. Even before going, one would know what they could obtain from that particular training camp.

Whatever one wished to obtain from their training, one only needed to select the corresponding training camp and start going there without stop until one obtained what one sought.

Naturally, for certain rare items, the probability of their appearance would be rather low. An example was the crystallized flame. This was the main material a flame-ability user required to break through into B class. All sorts of fire-elemental beasts might drop this item after death, but there was also the possibility of them dropping nothing instead.

As such, warriors searching for this item would have to keep killing fire-elemental beasts. In layman's terms, this was an act of grinding. Naturally, in those training camps, the probability of appearance for these items was much higher than in the outside world.

Chen Feng shrugged. "So I still have to grind after all…" In his memories, the last time he had done any grinding was in one of those games he used to play.

Mhm… what game was it again? Was it Diablo 3 or Gumballs and Dungeons? Forget it.

Chen Feng shook his head. Those were affairs of his previous life. He shouldn't keep looking backward. Now, he should focus on increasing his strength. In games, when one was grinding, only time and tenacity were required. Here in this world, when one grinded, one's life would be put on the line. Proper preparations were required before he set forth.

Unknown to him, while he was busy preparing to increase his strength, the Mysterious Organization was conducting an investigation on him as well.

"What is Wang Feng doing?"

"Recently, he has been focusing on increasing his strength."

"Did he not roam around and gather information about us?"

"No. The only information he gathered was related to improving one's strength."

"How about his identity? Are there any problems?" Jin Dian asked.

"Nope. We already investigated several times. His background is rather normal. The Wang family is our subsidiary family and has never done anything suspicious before. That Zhang family is not our subsidiary family, but they have always been one of our candidate subsidiary families. Their family members have been secretly joining our recruitments all this while. The only abnormality is the circumstances of Wang Feng's birth." As the person making the report reached this point, he paused.

Jin Dian: "…"

What abnormality? Rather, that Zhang family leader had already been cuckolded to the heavens. Surprisingly, he had actually chosen to endure this humiliation and joined hands with the Wang family? Indeed, it was wise to choose to endure and to look at the bigger picture. But then, this...