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Chapter 359: Arcane Studies

Chapter 359: Arcane Studies
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"I guess he's doing that in order to become a formal subsidiary family of our organization," the person stated in a lowered voice. "The Zhang family applied to join us numerous times in the past. In fact, we haven't had an issue with accepting them. However, during the past few years, there hasn't been a new recruitment drive. As such, their acceptance was delayed. As for the recent recruitment, they were not included, as we were in a rush at the time. However, they will be able to join us by the end of this year at the latest. I guess the Zhang family thought that they had failed their application and decided to try their luck using this roundabout method."

Jin Dian nodded. "Mhm." This might be the case. Perhaps he could recommend this Zhang family to Senior Lu Hun later. A family so resolute and patient might be acceptable to Senior Lu Hun.

"Continue observing Wang Feng," Jin Dian commanded. "No matter what, do not grant any high-level authority to this batch of recruits for now. We will observe them for a while before deciding."

Without first confirming the identities of the new recruits, he definitely would not allow them to leave the headquarters. If any of them were found to be problematic… hehe. Even those they were only suspicious of and had no substantial proof of any wrongdoing would have to stay here at the headquarters their whole lives.

"But he is, after all, the one who killed Chen Feng and rescued everyone," that person said. "Miss Xie Zhongtong has been begging for leniency on his behalf all this while as well."

Jin Dian smiled bitterly. "Little Tong?" This Xie Zhongtong was a source of headaches for him. This young lady had an unordinary identity. Even before she had participated in the recruitment process, she had already had a unique identity as the daughter of a big shot in their organization. Mhm… to be precise, she was the adopted daughter of that big shot. As for which type of adopted daughter she was, it remained a mystery. 1

This young lady originated from a subsidiary family of the organization. Due to a certain incident, her family had been destroyed by a certain family. Subsequently, this young lady had joined the family that had destroyed her family. Next, that family had fallen into disorder.

It was rumored that, after she had joined, the family head had killed all the females in their family. Next, the family members of those females had rushed over and a huge battle had erupted there. Ultimately, none of them had survived. This was not the only family to have suffered that fate. All families that had had a hand in the destruction of Xie Zhongtong's family had been implicated and destroyed as a result. Their fates were akin to the elimination of their bloodlines. All families with even an ounce of blood ties with them had been eliminated.

Back when that happened, the Mysterious Organization had indeed made some preparations to deal with this war between their subsidiary families. Due to their unique identity and the need to hide their actions from the Genetic Union, it had been inevitable that the organization would need to do something about this war between their subsidiary families.

Unexpectedly, though, just as their preparations had completed, before they had even been able to do anything, all the families were already dead. Thereupon, Xie Zhongtong's fame had risen within the Mysterious Organization. In seven short days, she had eliminated the entirety of a powerful family and all other families related to this family. Subsequently, a certain big shot of the Mysterious Organization had decided to adopt Xie Zhongtong as his daughter. Just like that, Xie Zhongtong's identity in the Mysterious Organization had changed. The only reason she had even joined this recruitment was to expand her connections.

Naturally, due to the disastrous casualties of the new recruits during the Chen Feng incident, among the new connections she had made, Wang Feng was the sole survivor.

"She and Wang Feng…" Jin Dian tried asking.

The person shook his head. "Not yet. She tried courting Wang Feng several times and was repeatedly rejected."

Jin Dian breathed out in relief. "Good." Although he insisted on investigating Wang Feng, Jin Dian still trusted him. If Wang Feng were to get entangled with Xie Zhongtong, his future in this organization might be somewhat jeopardized as a result.

"Try to reduce the amount of contact between the two of them." Jin Dian frowned as he continued, "If Wang Feng passes the checks we are conducting on him, he might very well be a person the organization will focus on nurturing. As such, it is a good thing that he is such an indifferent person and only focuses on strength. If he were a person encumbered by his emotions, things would be quite troublesome."

"Understood," that person answered.

Jin Dian waved his hand. "You may leave now."


Suddenly, his wristband buzzed. Turning his wristband on, Jin Dian noted that it was Tang Lan calling him.

"Your injuries have healed already?" Jin Dian asked with a faint smile. Tang Lan was that very person who had fought with Square over Wang Feng. Ultimately, he had been beaten up badly by Senior Mu and had only been released after a ransom of five million had been paid. As Tang Lan heard Jin Dian's words, his lips twitched. "Are you aware that your new nickname is Million Tang?" Jin Dian couldn't help but laugh whenever he thought of this. But then, that Senior Mu was rather childish as well. As a senior, not only had he cheated against these juniors, had there been a need for a superexpert like him to be angry toward these people? Truly…

Tang Lan sneered. "Hmph. I will have my revenge sooner or later."

Jin Dian narrowed his eyes. Even if Tang Lan had the courage to talk as he wished, the same did not apply to him. All those seniors were extremely formidable, each of them focusing exclusively on different abilities. They were all excessively powerful. That Senior Mu was also one such freakish existence. Jin Dian had no intentions of seeking death.

"What a coward," Tang Lan snapped.

Jin Dian did not reply. Inwardly, he thought, Yes, you are indeed brave. However, what's the result of your bravery?

Naturally, Tang Lan was aware of his thoughts. "Hmph."

Jin Dian's expression changed slightly. "So, why are you looking for me?"

"I agree with your proposal," Tang Lan said indifferently.

Jin Dian's eyes shone. "Are you sure?"

He was aware that this was an area Tang Lan specialized in.

"Yes!" Tang Lan grumbled, "Although he rejected me once, he is, after all, still an extremely rare super-lucky person that would probably only appear once in ten thousand years. I will not give up on him! Moreover, since Old Square is now dead, this Wang Feng is now a free person. It wouldn't hurt for me to try and get him for myself. Even if I can't obtain him, I can still do him a favor. Hehe, different from all of you who look highly on his strength and potential, I only care about one thing—his luck. A person with such luck is most certainly not someone ordinary."

From the moment he had met Wang Feng, he had already been thoroughly astonished. Wang Feng was terrifyingly lucky. This fact had especially been pronounced during the test. If luck could be transformed into light, during that test, Chen Feng had been akin to someone shining as bright as the sun and moon. This was a person that Tang Lan had to be friendly with.

Jin Dian glared at him. "You must not allow your personal opinion to get in the way."

Tang Lan smiled calmly. "Don't worry. However, the control of luck in itself is considered some sort of arcane studies. Despite his potential, he will still have to rely on himself when learning the methods of luck control."

"That is only natural."

With this, their conversation ended.

The next day, Chen Feng found out that Jin Dian had hired a teacher for him. As for the content of the subject he was supposed to learn, it was rather astonishing. Arcane studies, this was what he was going to learn. As for his teacher, it was Tang Lan, the guy who had been beaten up badly when Chen Feng last saw him.

Tang Lan felt somewhat awkward when meeting Chen Feng. "Cough, cough. We've met before." Evidently, he had been beaten up quite badly previously.

Chen Feng nodded. "Hello."

"I believe you have an idea what arcane studies entail even without me describing it to you. In short, this is the study of fate. However, it's also not as simple as that. The ultimate goal of arcane studies is to obtain the methods of increasing the probability of different occurrences. For example, learning how to increase the probability of something happening from 1% to 10%. Even if this is part of arcane studies, even if this is affected by probability and fate, after learning about arcane studies, you will be able to maximize the strength and power you can unleash." Tang Lan continued seriously, "Apart from this, after learning about arcane studies, you will be able to heighten your senses, allowing you to sense some vague details concerning the future. For example, you will be able to sense if today will be your lucky day and so on."

Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his hand. "Teacher."

Tang Lan was quite satisfied with Chen Feng's eagerness to study. "Yes."

Chen Feng stood up and meekly asked, "I have a question. That day, did you sense that you were going to get beaten up?"


Instantly, Tang Lan's expression darkened.