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Chapter 366: Exploration amid the Bushes

Chapter 366: Exploration amid the Bushes
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At an unknown location, at that place that was still unrecorded on the satellite map, a group of six was cautiously walking forward. They were all dressed in neat and clean uniforms. Every single one of them had a solemn expression. Only the one walking behind everyone else was carrying a heavy-looking bundle and following the rest, walking one step at a time.

"Qin Hai, why are you so slow?" the rest complained unhappily. "Yeah." They were wondering if the reason they had been made to bring Qin Hai along was purely due to him being strong enough to carry their luggage. They couldn't think of any other reason for the Genetic Union to make them bring along this guy who was such a drag on this trip.

"I am truly wondering the reason the Gene Production Association sent this guy here."

"Yeah, it's even more surprising that the higher ups actually agreed to this."

"Well, they have no choice but to agree with the Gene Production Association's request. Our yearly supply of gene reagents are all sent to us from the Association. If we don't even give them this much face, they will probably stop sending us gene reagents."

"Sigh, even so, they should have at least sent someone with some combat power, right? Even Chen Feng would do."

They complained endlessly. They had long found this Qin Hai guy to be an eyesore. It was understandable that the Gene Production Association wanted to send someone over to get their share as well, but then, they should send an expert instead, right? Even if they couldn't, they should send a proper gene producer, right? At least a gene producer would be able to produce gene reagents for them even if he couldn't battle. What had they gotten? A drag like Qin Hai.

Qin Hai had previously been a super genius. However, due to the fall of the Qin family, he had turned into trash. It was said that, ultimately, Qin Hai no longer possessed any energy in his body, which, as far as they were concerned, meant he was as good as a cripple. He couldn't battle, and he couldn't use any energy either. The Gene Production Association was purely giving them trouble by sending this guy here…


They sighed endlessly, yet they were helpless against this development.

Fortunately, even though Qin Hai was now a cripple, he had still maintained the quality of his physical body. As such, he was quite strong and was able to take on the role of a porter.

"Forget it. Just consider him some slave labor sent to us."

"Qin Hai, move faster."

They complained. Toward all this, Qin Hai merely raised his head and gave them a single glance before walking forward silently. Hou Liang had once suggested he just leave. However, he refused to give up. Since he had decided to walk this path, he would walk to the end. One step, two steps, steadily, Qin Hai walked forward.

One of them glared at Qin Hai and roared, "Make less noise. Are you afraid that no one can hear your movement?"

Qin Hai: "…"

This roar is even louder than the sound of my movement, right?

The leader glared at the both of them. "Lower your voice." Suddenly, he squatted down and a serious expression appeared on his face. He studied the ground Qin Hai had stepped on and said, "Something seems off."

Everyone else stopped moving. "What's up?"


The leader signaled them to keep quiet and started scanning the ground where Qin Hai had walked.


A violet radiance started flickering. Next, an astonishing sight appeared. A faint glow could be seen on every single one of Qin Hai's footprints. What was odd about the glow was that some additional glow seemed to be overlapping it.

Everyone widened their eyes. "This…"

The leader gestured. "Qin Hai, step down one more time from this angle."

Qin Hai stepped down and moved his leg. "Mhm."


The footprint was scanned.

There, the glow of a complete footprint appeared. That was a footprint that was completely different from Qin Hai's footprint. Someone else was here!

Instantly, their vigilance heightened. "It's them again!" They had heard from the seniors that, in the previous exploration of newly discovered potential training camps, there were times where those from the Mysterious Organization had appeared. Some neutral parties might appear as well. Those people weren't particularly powerful, but they were still rather annoying to deal with.

"Be more careful," the leader said with a solemn expression. These people weren't too strong. However, they could still be trouble if they decided to mess around. It was said that, once, an exploration mission to a newly discovered potential training camp had failed due to these people. By the time the Genetic Union had deployed someone else there, that newly discovered place had already been plundered empty. That was truly a hateful development.

"Follow the trail."

"This time, we must not allow them to stay here."


Their killing intent surged. They had long wished to kill those clowns messing around with their missions. As for Qin Hai, he merely followed along silently with the bundle on his back. They started following the trail. Since they had been selected for such an exploration project, it was natural they possessed some scouting abilities. They were able to easily follow the trails. Soon, some voices could be heard. A human silhouette had seemingly appeared.

"There is indeed someone else here."

They exchanged glances and prepared to mount a sneak attack on these people. Qin Hai glanced at their surroundings. A faint ominous feeling surfaced in his heart.

This place… Something seems off!

If it was truly the Mysterious Organization, would they have left behind such an obvious trail? Nowadays, almost all genetic warriors also possessed good wilderness survival skills. How could they have been discovered so easily? This was the first reason for Qin Hai's doubt. The second reason was his intuition.

Suddenly, Qin Hai said, "Be careful. Something doesn't seem right here."

They glanced at him with surprised expressions. "Oh?" They did not believe that Qin Hai could truly discover anything. However, seeing Qin Hai's solemn expression, they exchanged glances and once again increased their vigilance.

The leader whispered, "Don't go out. Confirm the target first."

The rest nodded. "Mhm." Could there truly be something off here?


Noiselessly, they stared ahead. Distantly, that silhouette became clearer and clearer. When the silhouette neared them, the pupils of the leader shrunk as he said, "It's indeed them!"

The rest raised their heads and noted that what their leader had said was true. It was truly the people from the Mysterious Organization.

The leader sneered. Since their target had been confirmed, there was no need for any hesitation. He glanced at Qin Hai in contempt before ordering them to kill. "Go!"

As for Qin Hai, he merely stared at the newly discovered people silently. It was actually them! So was the feeling he had gotten earlier a misconception? Was he so weak nowadays? Qin Hai sighed.

At the same time, several hundred meters behind them, someone was staring at Qin Hai's group with a smile. "The fish has taken the bait."

"Boss, your plan is too perfect."

"Hehe, let the Genetic Union and the Mysterious Organization kill each other while we profit from their battle."

"That's right. The members of the Mysterious Organization this time don't seem too weak. We can let them rip each other apart," the people behind him said excitedly.

As for the person called Boss, he merely smiled silently. Back then, the undulation that had appeared here had truly been too eye catching. Apart from the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union, neutral parties that had happened to be nearby had noticed it as well. This led to what was happening today.

"Remember," he whispered, "although our squad is rather powerful, we are nothing compared to the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union. As such, we must not be discovered by them. We either do nothing or ensure their destruction once we make our move."

His gloomy voice lingered in the air.

The rest nodded their heads. "Understood." Since they wanted to profit from the fight of others, they had naturally prepared sufficiently. Right at this moment, suddenly, a bush near them started trembling violently.

Who is it?


The leader waved his hand casually and a burst of energy shot out of his hand and ripped the bush apart. Everyone else glanced at it, and instantly, an odd expression appeared on their faces. Within the bush, two sturdy-looking figures could be seen entwined together…