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Chapter 367: Third Party

Chapter 367: Third Party
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In a certain unknown region, a dense primal, chaotic energy permeated the air. The quality of the air there wasn't particularly good due to the dense energy. As such, it gave a stifling feeling when one tried to breath. A weaker genetic warrior might even fail to breathe here.

Chen Feng's group had just located their enemy after following the trail. The Genetic Union! It was them indeed! Opposite them, on the other side of the bush, the members of the Genetic Union could be seen. They noted that the Genetic Union had the numerical advantage here. Despite that, Chen Feng's group did not feel any fear.


The bush was split apart.

The leader of the Genetic Union's group sneered. "It's you guys indeed. Let me kill you clowns today."

Ri Guang sneered. "Hmph! That's not for sure."

Both groups stared at the opposing sides, and the air seemed to spark as their gazes connected. They were both studying the opposing side, and they were in the process of analyzing their enemy's strength. After all, this was an untamed region. Even if they wanted to fight, they had to exercise caution. Together with his group members, Chen Feng was studying the Genetic Union members as well.

Qin Hai?

His gaze landed on that guy, that one guy whose existence was almost unnoticeable among the other Genetic Union members.

What is this guy doing here?

With a single glance, Chen Feng saw through Qin Hai's current circumstance. "Working as slave labor, huh?"

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. How interesting.

He was clear on the amount of combat power Qin Hai possessed. Even without any energy left in his body, his present combat power was still extremely frightening. After his body transformation back then, his physical flesh was now extremely terrifying. Even without using any energy, he still possessed B-class combat power. Those people were using him as slave labor? Were they idiots?

But then, what piqued Chen Feng's curiosity more was the reaction of the Genetic Union members when encountering the Mysterious Organization. Chen Feng's group had been following their trail to ambush them, but their reaction toward this ambush seemed somewhat off…

Perhaps a third party was here as well? Chen Feng's heart jolted. He had merely thought of this possibility. Next…


His Luck Aura confirmed his guess. At that, Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood.

This trip is truly getting interesting… A setup by a third party? Ah…

Right at this moment, both sides finished studying their opponent's strength and started making their moves.


Instantly, several terrifying radiances surged out. Not a single one of these radiances possessed power below B class. As they had all been qualified enough to be chosen by their respective organizations to come here, it was natural that they all possessed the ability to transcend classes and fight those of a higher class. The Genetic Union had the numerical advantage here, but the Mysterious Organization had the advantage strengthwise due to the pure number of times they had trained in training camps. They clashed, and both sides seemed to be evenly matched, as a single member of the Mysterious Organization could take on two of the members from the Genetic Union.

The Genetic Union members sneered. "Only this much?" The Mysterious Organization members might be strong individually. Unfortunately, they were lacking in numbers. As such, they would not be able to last as long. The Genetic Union members concluded that they only needed to survive this initial eruption of power and those Mysterious Organization members would definitely die as the battle dragged on.

Ri Guang merely smiled. "Hehe. I have encountered quite a number of enemies with exactly the same thought. However, all of them are already dead." Eruption? True, due to them having fewer people on their side, they had no choice but to erupt with their full strength right off the bat. After the eruption, their energy would be exhausted, resulting in a huge drop in their combat power. However, could these Genetic Union members survive long enough for that to happen? Ri Guang smiled cruelly. "Hehe."


A terrifying radiance started converging in his hands. Ri Guang, Yue Hua, and Xing Hui started radiating with the same radiance.


The expressions of the Genetic Union members changed. They could see that this was most certainly a superpowerful joint ability by the three of them. With a solemn mood, they braced themselves for the attack by erecting the strongest defensive barrier they could around them. Surprisingly, though, the bushes around them started trembling violently. Some of them glanced at the bushes but weren't bothered, as they thought that this was perhaps the result of the energy undulation from their battle. However, the trembling of the bushes was increasing in intensity…


One of them waved his hands casually to split apart the bush. Unexpectedly, someone was in the bush.

The Genetic Union members were greatly alarmed. Who?!

"Who is it?"

Even Ri Guang's group was so shocked at this development they almost peed their pants. All of them stopped their actions and looked toward the two newcomers. If this was truly a third party, they would not stupidly continue wasting their energy fighting each other here. Beyond their expectations, though, what appeared was two sturdy-looking figures entwined together… That posture…


The hairs on the bodies of the two newcomers stood. Evidently, they were also shocked by this sudden development. Shortly after, when they realized what had happened, they became furious.

Ri Guang's gaze was bitingly cold. "Who are you?" Doing the deed at a place like this? Who were they trying to fool with this trick? Right at this moment...


One of the two stood up. As he stood up, they noted that his height actually reached three meters, and there were a huge amount of hairs all over his body. He greatly resembled a barbarian. Both his eyes were filled with fury as he glared at them. He opened his mouth...


One of the Genetic Union members sneered. "Who are you trying to scare?" They had been tempering themselves out in the wilderness for so many years, what had they not seen before? This body shape… this guy was most probably the user of some magnification-related ability. Hehe, it was rumored that there were some who had fused with magnification-related abilities just to enlarge that specific part of their body. Such a person was usually quite lacking in combat power.

In an arrogant manner, he launched an attack toward that person. "Scram!" However, that barbarian merely stood there and, with his two fists, easily ripped apart the energy beam launched toward him. Next, his fist landed on the body of that Genetic Union member.


Blood splattered. That person was actually pierced through with a single punch.

"Damn it."

At this, the expressions of the people from the Genetic Union changed greatly.

Even the Mysterious Organization members were shocked at this sight. They were all aware that the Genetic Union member had only attacked this barbarian to test his strength. Unexpectedly… this guy…

"You are courting death!"




The indignant warriors of the Genetic Union started attacking the barbarian. One attack after another with B-class power landed on the barbarian's body. However, the only thing those attacks accomplished was to messing up the hair on that barbarian's crotch. He was still perfectly fine.

Suddenly, one of them started shouting. "Aboriginal! This is an aboriginal!"

At this, everyone sunk into a solemn mood.

So this is an aboriginal!

The exploration missions to open up new training camps were normally conducted in those untamed regions. As for the types of inhabitants, powers, or other items that these untamed regions contained, they were all unknown. At times, aboriginals would be found at some of these places. Since these aboriginals had never gotten in contact with the outside world, they were rather different than normal humans of the outside world. One could call these aboriginals the people of a different race or tribe. Most of the time, the aboriginals of a single region were comprised of a single race.

The size of all the untamed regions on this planet was simply too large for humanity to discover the existence of all races. Despite that, the amount of aboriginals actually discovered all these years was rather low in amount. As such, some of the stories about them were treated as folklore. Now, though, a brand new aboriginal had appeared in front of them. A race that had never been seen before.

"Energy attacks seem ineffective against him."

Xing Hui's hands trembled slightly at this revelation. All of them were users of energy-based attacks.

This barbarian…

They were all alarmed.

"Go!" Ri Guang shouted.


The Mysterious Organization members started retreating rapidly. Chen Feng glanced around and followed them without hesitation.

Similarly, Genetic Union members did not hesitate in their retreat. "Go!" What joke was this? There was simply no hope of victory against such a person. The only thing they could to was flee. However, could they truly escape?


Everyone turned around and noted that the barbarian was actually chasing after them. Moreover, both the barbarians were trying to outmaneuver them in order to prevent their escape.

"This is going to get troublesome."

At this sight, their very souls shuddered and their backs dripped wet with sweat.