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Chapter 375: The Profitable Third Party

Chapter 375: The Profitable Third Party
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In the tribe, the heated Nightspring Festival was still progressing. Three-meter-tall sturdy males and three-meter-tall dreamy females were doing it in the public square of their tribe. In a certain bush at the entrance of their tribe, several pitch-black figures popped out. After a glance at the tribe, they noiselessly hid back in the bush. These figures were precisely the neutral party that had been planning to profit from the fight of Genetic Union and Mysterious Organization earlier. They had actually survived the pursuit of the barbarians as well.

One of them whispered, "Boss, the Mysterious Organization members are nowhere to be seen."

"The Genetic Union members don't seem to be here either," another person replied.

"Only barbarians…" another person muttered.

He had only observed this tribe for 10 short seconds. However, what he had seen in these 10 short seconds had almost blinded his eyes. After being a scout for so many years, this was the first time he had felt that scouting was such an uncomfortable task. Even if he ignored the male barbarians, the sight of the female barbarians—such as their powerful arms, their millstone-looking faces, or their moans that were sonorous and imposing and sounded like a tiger's roar…D*mn!

The leader glared at them. "Stay calm."

The rest might not be aware, but it couldn't escape him. Those people were definitely somewhere here as well.

"Be more careful. Take a detour around these barbarians and sneak over there. Within this huge village, that is the only area free of any barbarians. The members of the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union are definitely in there," the leader ordered in a whisper.

The rest nodded.


They were all still rather confident in this leader of theirs. The basis of their confidence in him was that extremely unique ability he possessed, that stunningly outstanding talent he had, and that unique bloodline ability he possessed.


Talent name: The Profitable Third Party

Function: When two different energies clash with each other in the user's vicinity, the user will always be able to detect this clash. Through this, the user will be able to determine the overall combat power of the two clashing parties.

Revision: Capable of altering the combat power of both camps (roughly 10% change)

Range: 100 kilometers

Consumption: one point of spiritual energy


Indeed, this was an ability with zero combat power. However, it was precisely this ability with zero combat power that was a heaven-defying ability and allowed him to enable anyone to reap the rewards from the battle of two different parties by hiding in the dark. Within a distance of 100 kilometers, none were able to avoid his detection. That was the scariest aspect of his ability.

At nearly the same instant the Genetic Union members and Mysterious Organization members clashed, he obtained their information and was able to easily follow the trail all the way until here. What was even scarier was that add-on of his ability, Revision. Even if the disparity between the clashing parties was huge, it wouldn't matter to him. With this function, he would be able to increase the power of the weaker side by 10% and reduce the power of the stronger side by 10%.

An altercation at this level was sufficient to change the result of a battle. At the very least, it would ensure that his enemies would suffer more damage from their clash. After all, there were times where the battle would end as long as the opponent was dealt sufficient damage.

Revision was truly an extremely terrifying and heaven-defying ability. This was also an ability no one had seen before. Because of this, presently, the amount of different genetic abilities required to fuse to come up with this final ability was unknown. It might require five or six. However, what was certain was the fact that this was an ability with a single use.

It was also due to this that the rest of them had deduced that those possessing this ability would definitely possess a weak combat power. Since the user of this ability would use up all his slots to fuse with genetic abilities whose fusion would be required to ultimately create this single ability, even if the user of this ability was A class, he would not possess much combat power. Surprisingly, though, this leader of theirs was instead the one with the highest combat power in their group.

Was it due to him obtaining a huge amount of resources using this ability, resources he had subsequently used to train himself? Or perhaps… he was innately talented when it came to combat? It remained a mystery. The only thing they knew was that this leader of theirs possessed an extremely terrifying combat power and had an astonishing ability on top of that.

Since the assembly of this squad of theirs, they had been profiting off the fight of others for quite some time, never failing. This time, if it hadn't been for the appearance of the barbarians, they would have succeeded long ago. In their eyes, this leader was simply a legendary figure.



The leader was emitting a faint glow from his eyes. His gaze swept past the depths of the tribe and was able to clearly see two different parties that belonged to the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union respectively. As for the difference in their combat power, it was nearly zero.

"Evenly matched, huh?"

He was overjoyed. This was the favorite setting of his. With this, both sides would normally suffer equal damage before he appeared with his squad and defeated everyone present, taking away all available resources.

Mhm… even the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union would not be an exception to this. They were hidden far away and were observing the clash of the two parties. However, he noticed an odd thing. The number representing the Genetic Union's combat power was reducing without stop. As for the Mysterious Organization, it never changed. To be precise, it was slowly increasing. Initially, he had been waiting for the Nightspring Festival to end so that the barbarians could participate in the chaotic battle as well. Unexpectedly, these barbarians had such powerful vitality and were able to last so long when doing that deed.

He narrowed his eyes. "Something seems off." Both parties were obviously clashing. Why was the combat power of one particular side increasing without stop? This did not seem right. As such, he did not dare to interrupt their battle yet.



His ability, The Profitable Third Party, was activated once again.


The data was refreshed. At this, an astonishing scene appeared. In a split second, the data representing the Genetic Union had vanished, as if all of them were dead. As for the Mysterious Organization, the data representing them had increased sharply.


He had an ominous feeling. For something like this to have happened… was this a trap set for him by the Genetic Union and Mysterious Organization?

Without hesitating, he ordered their retreat. "Retreat!"

"Boss?" Everyone else was confused. Retreat? But they were already on the verge of success. They only needed to wait for the battle to end…

Without the slightest hesitation, he ordered, "Retreat! Now!"


He took the initiative and started retreating.

The rest exchanged glances and clenched their teeth. Ultimately, they decided to trust him and retreated together with him. Before leaving, he glanced one last time at that place.


Once again, the data was refreshed. The data representing the Mysterious Organization's combat power increased greatly one more time. As for the data representing the Genetic Union, it disappeared completely. At this point, even if his Revision was able to change their combat power by 100%, it would still be useless. Instantly, his very soul shivered. Something was indeed wrong here.

Retreat! Retreat! They retreated rapidly, not leaving any traces behind. He had been relying on his wit and his tricks to stay alive all this while. Only a person alive would be able to increase one's strength. Only by hiding in the dark would he be able to scheme against others.

"Boss, are we retreating just like this?"

"The Genetic Union was suddenly destroyed. The reason is unknown." The captain shook his head and continued, "With the disappearance of an opposing party, I am no longer able to detect their exact position. However, at the very least, their combat power was exposed to me during their clash earlier. A power at that level… hehe. Use an anonymous identity to issue a mission with 10 million as the reward. Set this place as the venue."

His underlings nodded. "Yes."

He stared ahead into the distance. "Regardless of who it was that was victorious, I will allow you to stay happy for now." Since they were not evenly matched, he would create a situation where his enemies were all evenly matched against each other. This mission with a 10 million reward would be sufficient to lure a bunch of people over here. Even if they were all similarly C-class warriors with the ability to challenge those of a higher class, there were still a lot of people out there that were confident in their own strength. When those people arrived…


As long as they started clashing, the effect of his ability would be maximized. At that time, he would remain hidden in the dark and use his Revision ability. That would be sufficient for him to control the result of their battles. Controlling the tides of war was in fact the feat he was most apt at.