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Chapter 376: If You Are Not Satisfied, Fight!

Chapter 376: If You Are Not Satisfied, Fight!
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Right at this moment, in the tribe, a formidable aura surged. The converging aura was akin to a white dragon, radiating an alarming might. Slowly, Chen Feng opened his eyes.

Have I broken through?

He started feeling up the brand new power within his body. Under the nourishment of this enormous pure energy he had obtained from the tribe, he had finally broken through. From C class, he had entered B class. His spiritual energy had gone through a transformation and his combat power had grown once again. On top of that, he was once more able to fuse with a new gene reagent.

"I can fuse with my fifth gene now?"

The corner of Chen Feng's mouth curled up, forming a smile.

I am truly… looking forward to it.


He stood up. He had been in charge of killing all the Genetic Union members, while Qin Hai had been in charge of killing off the Mysterious Organization members. This time, they had cleaned up all the members of each other's squad. Even if their respective organizations suspected the death of their members, the doubt would not fall on them, since the members of each side had respectively been killed by a member of an opposing organization. This was the perfect way to deal with them.

"Qin Hai, we…"

Chen Feng pushed open the door and instantly blanked. Out there, at the entrance, stood Qin Hai. His tall and straight figure currently appeared short and small, because as of an unknown point in time, the entrance was now filled to the brim with barbarians. Several hundred of them could be seen.

"What evil thing have you done to them?" Chen Feng muttered.

This amount of them… have you been interrupting the "activities" of their Nightspring Festival again?

Qin Hai: "…" He stared at Chen Feng snappishly and gnashed these words out of his teeth: "Have you forgotten how an aura above C class can't appear in this place?"

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded. "There's no B class here—"

Midsentence, he blanked.

Qin Hai sighed. "Do you understand what happened now?"

Chen Feng: "…"

In other words, these barbarians had come due to them sensing the unordinary power his body emitted the instant he had broken through into B class? He rubbed his head. He was aware that only those C class and below were allowed to exist here. Regardless of the Mysterious Organization or Genetic Union, when they had sent their people here, they had similarly advised that it would be fine to have someone capable of challenging a higher class come. However, a B-class genetic warrior absolutely could not enter. That was the requirement they needed to abide by.

All the while, Chen Feng had believed that this advice was due to that mysterious expert he had seen earlier. Now, though, he understood that this advice was due to the alarm mechanism these barbarians seemed to possess. Due to their unique bodies, they possessed combat power that rivaled B class. They were able to easily beat up all C classes in existence. However, a power of B class or above was truly a threat to them. As such, these barbarians possessed an innate sensory mechanism toward these powers. In their eyes, the present Chen Feng had transformed into a threat.

Instantly, Chen Feng came to an understanding. "So this is the case."

"Therefore." Qin Hai pondered and continued, "If I were to flee by myself now, they would most probably ignore me and stay here just to capture you?"

Chen Feng: "…"

Why did he feel like Qin Hai's mind had been polluted by Lady Xiao Rou? Back then, Qin Hai had been a person filled with a sense of justice!

Howl! Howl!

The barbarians eyed them viciously. Slowly, they approached. Chen Feng and Qin Hai could only retreat one step at a time. Soon, they no longer had anywhere to retreat to. This was in fact the ancestral hall of the barbarians. Since the pure energy was considered a treasure by the barbarians, it was natural they had placed it here. After all, this was the core region of the barbarians' tribe!


Groups of barbarians blocked all their escape routes.

"This is getting troublesome…" Chen Feng muttered. Despite his recent breakthrough into B class, despite the increase in his strength, he did not believe that he would be able to survive the attacks of several hundred barbarians.


He pointed midair. His Myriad Illusions activated, and a gush of energy shot out.


The fiery red energy blasted the body of one of the barbarians. The clump of hair on that barbarian's chest was burnt black and… nothing else happened. The barbarian suffered no damage despite that being a B-class attack. Against these barbarians with over 90% immunity to energy attacks, it was impossible for his attack to be successful.

"What if I fuse with a new ability…"

Chen Feng shook his head. A person's strength would indeed increase after breaking through. However, only fusing with a new genetic ability would bring a qualitative change, increasing one's combat power greatly. Now, though, in this situation where his energy attacks were ineffective, the only thing he could rely on was brute force alone.



He clenched his fists. A faint energy started converging within his body. Shortly after, he gained a comprehensive understanding of his body. The power of his body was only at the level of a D class. As for these barbarians, even the weakest of them was at C class. Energy Equipment? It would be ineffective here. Nethergaze…

Chen Feng's eyes started glowing red. With his present B-class power, facing an opponent with even 95% immunity against energy attacks, his Nethergaze might be able to help him insta-kill one of them. However, that was the limit—only one enemy killed. Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade? With no luck value, he would not be able to unleash the type of might he wanted to.

"What to do?" Qin Hai whispered.

Chen Feng was helpless as well. "No idea."

"Aren't you good at creating miracles?"

Qin Hai glanced at him. This guy had even survived the kind of danger they had encountered in the snow tundra back then. Now there were only some barbarians that couldn't even use energy in front of them, and he was helpless against them?

Chen Feng coughed. What could he do about it? His luck value had been exhausted when saving Wang Yao previously.

He shrugged. "I need time."

"How long?" Qin Hai asked.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "One hour." One point of luck value would recover per hour.

Qin Hai: "…"

He glanced at the several hundred barbarians surrounding him and felt like Chen Feng was trying to kid him.

Chen Feng pondered and corrected himself, "Oh… Thirty minutes will do as well."

Thirty minutes had passed since he had killed those Genetic Union members. Thirty more minutes and he would recover one point of luck value. It wouldn't allow him to battle these barbarians, but it should be sufficient to provide him an escape route. Mhm… he would be satisfied with even a single escape route now. His requirement was truly not high.

Qin Hai gnashed his teeth. "Do you think that I am made of iron?" Despite the strength of his flesh, he would still be beaten into a meat patty by these barbarians.

Chen Feng whispered, "Well, there is indeed a way of solving our predicament… This way will allow us to drag this out for 30 more minutes. After that, we will be able to flee easily. The only thing this requires is your cooperation."

Qin Hai nodded. "All right." At times like this, he could only cooperate with Chen Feng.

At this moment...



The barbarians around them were pressing toward them. Their thundering footsteps were truly terrifying. After inhaling deeply, Chen Feng walked out in a serene manner.

Qin Hai narrowed his eyes. "Do you truly have a way out of this?" In their current circumstance… Perhaps Chen Feng possessed some unique defensive techniques? It could be clearly seen that the barbarians had noticed Chen Feng walking out as well. Standing in front of them, slowly, he raised his head.

He pointed at Qin Hai beside him and gave him a thumbs-up. "Him! Powerful!" Next, he pointed at one of the leaders of the barbarians and, full of disdain, gave the leader a thumbs-down. "You! Trash!" Finally, he concluded by raising his middle finger. "Not satisfied? One on one!"


Instantly, the entire area sunk into silence.


Qin Hai's expression darkened. He opened his mouth yet had no idea what to say. This method was truly…