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Chapter 377: It’s Not Easy to Be an Oriole

Chapter 377: It’s Not Easy to Be an Oriole
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The barbarian that Chen Feng had pointed at was furious. He couldn't understand what Chen Feng had said, but the simple gestures of Chen Feng were still something he understood, especially the provocation and the disdain in Chen Feng's eyes.

"Howl! Howl!" he howled endlessly. Fiercely, he walked out of the crowd as the barbarians around him erupted into an uproar.

Qin Hai was ashen faced. "I…" This was the so-called cooperation mentioned by Chen Feng?

In a satisfied manner, Chen Feng returned to Qin Hai and patted his shoulder. "Remember. Drag this out as best as you can."

At this, Qin Hai could only smile bitterly.

"Howl! Howl!" The barbarians cheered without stop. The challenge issued by Chen Feng had indeed angered them. However, they had also behaved precisely as Chen Feng had guessed. Instead of getting involved in this, they were giving Qin Hai the chance to have a one-on-one fight. Some of the barbarians retreated, emptying a space with a circumference of 100 meters for the coming fight, quite similar to the legendary wrestling rings. This was evidently something they placed the utmost importance on.

Qin Hai inhaled deeply. "Come." Since this was the only way, he would not shrink from it. Despite how vicious this barbarian seemed, he had been relying on his flesh when it came to battles ever since he had lost all the energy within his body. Never once had he slacked. This was a fight that belonged to him. This was a fight he would absolutely not concede!


He stepped into the makeshift ring.

Truth be told, he was quite curious how his physical body would do when pitted against a barbarian, as they were exceptionally good at using their physical bodies. How strong exactly was the present him?

The barbarian howled and, with a pair of bloodshot eyes, charged at him.

"Come!" Qin Hai's gaze was resolute. He was Qin Hai! A dazzling ex-celebrity producer! He had once dreamed of being a magnificent gene producer. All the gene reagents and gene armaments he had learned had simply been his path to becoming the greatest gene producer. However, his dream had been shattered. Along with the fall of the Qin family, his dream had been crushed. He had lost everything and started upon a path none had walked before. Even when everyone believed that he would no longer move forth, he had never stopped treading his path! "I… am Qin Hai!"


His figure charged out. Compared to the tall and sturdy barbarian, he appeared so short and small. With his height of 180 cm and the barbarian's height of 360 cm, the difference in their sizes was almost threefold. Despite that, the power erupting from Qin Hai's hands was still not something to be despised.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They clashed without stop.


Chen Feng was somewhat amazed as he witnessed this. His initial plan of having Xiao Ying make a move in the dark was halted. Qin Hai was actually evenly matched against this barbarian leader? How was that possible? Chen Feng was astonished.

One had to know that this particular barbarian was the sturdiest among the barbarians here. From the attitude the other barbarians had toward this barbarian, it was apparent that he was the strongest among them. And it was such a person that was evenly matched in a battle against Qin Hai? This…

"Qin Hai is already this strong?"

Chen Feng felt somewhat apprehensive. He did not doubt Qin Hai's strength. However, he felt like something somewhere was wrong. Based on his evaluation of Qin Hai, when in peak condition, he could unleash the power of an early-tier B class. As for this barbarian Qin Hai was battling… he was at the level of a high-tier B class. Currently, they were purely battling with their physical bodies. The gap between Qin Hai and this barbarian was not small. As such, Chen Feng's initial plan had been to let Qin Hai face the barbarian while Xiao Ying assisted him in the dark. Only by doing that would they have been able to drag this out.

However, surprising him, the two were evenly matched. Why? Chen Feng frowned endlessly. Had Qin Hai erupted in power purely from willpower, like the characters in comics always did? As he looked at Qin Hai, that seemed likely. However…

Chen Feng had an apprehensive feeling. "Something doesn't feel right." Noiselessly, he checked the time. Three minutes had passed. Qin Hai and the barbarian were still evenly matched, neither of them at a disadvantage.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Still evenly matched?" Suddenly, Chen Feng commanded, "Xiao Ying, go help Qin Hai."


A red flash streaked out of Chen Feng's feet and traveled forth underground. Without making a noise, it entered the body of that barbarian leader. With that, the attacks of the barbarian leader were somewhat weakened. His combat power was thus reduced by 10%. This sudden reduction in combat power placed him at a disadvantage.



He was forced two steps backward by Qin Hai's attacks.

Chen Feng shook his head. "Was it just my misconception?" As he was about to summon Xiao Ying back, he noted that, once again, the barbarian's power had increased and regained the 10% he had lost earlier.



Once again, both combatants were evenly matched.


Chen Feng's eyes shone, seemingly realizing something.

He ordered Xiao Ying to retreat. "Xiao Ying!" Along with the disappearance of Xiao Ying's suppression of the barbarian, the barbarian's power increased and he was able to gain an upper hand over Qin Hai. However, this only persisted for a short few seconds before, once again, the barbarian's power recovered to how it had been. Both of them were once again evenly matched.

Chen Feng was alarmed at this discovery. "There is indeed a trick somewhere." This barbarian was hiding his strength? However, how would this benefit him? As he looked at the barbarian fighting Qin Hai with bloodshot eyes, Chen Feng rejected the possibility that this was a person with sufficient intelligence to conceal his strength. If so…

"Xiao Ying," Chen Feng urged inwardly.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! The dim red flash started streaking around underground.

Thanks to the ability to travel between the illusory and real world unique to Xiao Ying, it was almost unequaled in its ability to scout almost everything within one kilometer, and it transmitted this information back to him: Vicinity, someone is here!

"Third party…"

Chen Feng's heart jolted as he recalled the group that had tried to trick both the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union when they had first arrived.



He ordered Xiao Ying to conceal itself near them and transmit the image back to him. Indeed, it was the same guy! Every single time any sort of energy undulation was created, that person was around. He was able to ensure that, regardless of how Qin Hai and the barbarian fought, they were evenly matched. Eventually, both sides would suffer damage. The mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind them. Evidently, behind them was such an oriole as well. After nearly succeeding several times earlier, this time, he had once again arrived noiselessly. The treacherousness of this person was apparent.

Doubt surfaced in Chen Feng's eyes. "Who is he?" Despite the numerous factions in this world, very few of them were considered top-notch powers. A huge majority of the geniuses were under the various powerful organizations. It was almost impossible for a small organization to possess a genius, even if the genius was born within their organization. Either these geniuses would be taken away by the larger organizations or the smaller organizations would directly be swallowed whole by the larger organization. There was also the possibility of… the genius being directly erased.

Not a single major organization would allow the minor organizations below them to have any heaven-defying geniuses. From the way this third party had acted, it was rather likely that they were merely a neutral party. However, a neutral party actually knew about training camps? A mere neutral party was so well practiced in scheming against the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union? Even Chen Feng had been forced to go undercover and remain within the Mysterious Organization to obtain more resources. As a neutral party, how had this guy reached such a height? However…regardless of the background of this person, wouldn't Chen Feng obtain more information after testing him out?

Chen Feng grinned. "Hehe."


Noiselessly, Xiao Ying hid beside that person.



A dazzling radiance erupted.

In a flash, that person erected his defenses to defend against the sudden attack against him. However, the true goal of Xiao Ying there was not to attack him. When that person raised his head after his eruption and saw the sight of all the barbarians looking straight toward him in unison, his expression changed greatly.