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Chapter 380: Mobile Mini-Ball

Chapter 380: Mobile Mini-Ball
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This was a world filled with sandstorms and brutal gales. Three figures were currently struggling among the dust-filled air.

"This is the land of legacy?" Just as Kong Bai finished this sentence, he could feel a bitter feeling in his mouth. With a spit, a mouthful of sand was spat out.

Before he could even finish his sentence, Qin Hai's mouth was stuffed full of sand. "I think so… wu."

Chen Feng was smart enough to ignore these two. Was there a need to even ask such an obvious question?

He activated his Energy Equipment and formed a protective screen in front of them. "Condense!"

With that, the sand was no longer able to go through the screen, and the roaring sound of wind was somewhat silenced. At this moment, the whole world seemed to have become much quieter.

"You even have this ability?" Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. So the Energy Equipment could also be used this way? He felt that he had still underestimated this guy called Wang Feng.

"Since you can change the shape, why not create something even more impressive?" Kong Bai asked in excitement.

Chen Feng glanced at him. "I can't. Due to the limited energy supply, having a protective screen is already as good as it will get."

"Let me worry about the energy supply." Kong Bai licked his dry lips and continued, "I will supply you with an unlimited amount of energy. Please create something better."



A faint radiance started flickering. A faint clump of radiance condensed in Kong Bai's hand. The beam flickered without stop. Every time it flickered blue, a huge amount of Chen Feng's energy was replenished.

Chen Feng's eyes shone. "Oh?"

Clang! Clang!

Once again, he improved his Energy Equipment. With the energy supply from Kong Bai, he would not hold back. Thereupon, the Energy Equipment that had originally been a mere protective screen transformed into an armored dune buggy.


The armored dune buggy charged forth fiercely, akin to an incomparably vicious and ferocious beast.


The blue ball of radiance leaped around in an upbeat manner, replenishing the energy consumption.

Chen Feng was endlessly shocked. "This thing…" Unlimited energy supply? It was rather difficult to form this armored dune buggy. The greatest trouble was the huge amount of energy required for each of its components. However, every time his energy was exhausted, this blue ball of radiance replenished his energy. Every few seconds, it would flicker once. With this, Chen Feng did not even need to worry about the energy supply. This was truly a terrifying thing. Perhaps this guy called Kong Bai was not so simple after all.

"This thing!" Qin Hai exclaimed in astonishment as he stared at the blue ball jumping around. "Is this the legendary mysterious mini-ball that is capable of moving by itself? But then, I heard that those things are always pink in color…"


Kong Bai and Chen Feng looked at him in uniform.

Qin Hai was bewildered. What?

Chen Feng felt powerless. Good gracious, what had that Xiao Rou been teaching this guy?

With a darkened face, Kong Bai gave a rough explanation. "This is an extension of my ability."


Kong Bai had merely mentioned this casually and had not noticed what Chen Feng had noticed. That was because it was very rare for someone to know of all genetic abilities in existence. However, different from them, Chen Feng was someone who had swept through the gene bank of the Gene Production Association. Back then, to look for a suitable gene for himself, he had read through all the information in the Gene Production Association's gene bank.

Energy… continuous supply… blue ball… Only one ability fit these characteristics.


F-class genetic ability: Energy Supply

Function: The user can activate this ability to release a small energy ball.

Effect: The energy ball will flicker once per minute and supply 20% of the energy the user possesses to the target. In total, the ball is able to flicker five times.

Cooldown: 20 hours


This was a genetic ability obtained after fusing with a certain F-class mutated beast, and it was capable of enhancing one's endurance greatly.

However, even when the small ball of energy was fully exhausted of energy, only 100% of energy would be supplied. It was equivalent to the recovery of onefold of the user's energy. Moreover, a total of five minutes were required for the ball of energy to fully exhaust the energy supply. Next, there would be a cooldown of 20 hours before this ability could be used again.

As such, this wasn't a particularly popular ability, as such a unique support ability would usually not have any sort of potential to be fused with other genetic abilities. What was up with this ability of Kong Bai's, then? Its ability to provide an unlimited supply of energy was simply akin to a bug. This guy… there had to be a problem somewhere! Despite the fact that he had found something problematic, Chen Feng's expression did not change.

Chen Feng gasped in admiration. "This ability is not bad. This armored dune buggy has a huge energy consumption. Even if the assembly of this dune buggy is ignored, the energy required to move this dune buggy still poses a great problem when it comes to energy supply. With your ability, the energy supply is sufficient for this dune buggy's consumption."

Kong Bai was immensely pleased with himself. "That's natural." With a thundering sound, the armored dune buggy entered the dusky land of legacy. None of them had any idea as to the contents of this place. None of them knew where exactly that so-called land of legacy was. The only thing they could do was wander around endlessly.

One hour… two hours…

The scenery outside still appeared the same—only an endless sandstorm could be seen. When the three of them were nearly falling asleep, suddenly, a sound could be heard from afar.

A beast's thundering howl traveled to them. "Howl—"


They were overjoyed at this discovery. Finally, something different had appeared.

Qin Hai pointed in a certain direction. "There."

Kong Bai was filled with anticipation as well. "Go, go, go!"

What they feared most was being forced to wander this seemingly endless land forever. Now that something different had appeared, if they killed that thing… After crossing a distance of several hundred meters, finally, they saw the huge roaring beast. This was a beast 10 meters tall, a tall and sturdy beast that was akin to a small mountain.

Chen Feng's eyes were sharp. "It's here."


A huge clump of energy condensed within the armored dune buggy. With the energy supply from the small blue ball, a cannon extended out of the armored dune buggy and aimed straight at the huge beast.


With a loud sound, the terrifying energy shot out. A dazzling explosion erupted amid the sandstorm. However, when the radiance dissipated, an indignant howl could be heard. A huge figure charged out of the darkness and instantly appeared before them.

Kong Bai's expression changed greatly. "The heck? Dodge, fast!" That huge beast charging at them was akin to Mount Tai descending upon them.


Abruptly, Chen Feng changed their direction and controlled the armored dune buggy as they left speedily. Not even one second after they had darted away, their original position was hit by the beast, creating a huge pit there.

All three of them were perspiring all over.

"Damn it!"

"This huge beast is immune to energy!"

In a calm manner, Qin Hai stated, "With a height of 10 meters and the unique makeup of its body, its strength is estimated to be at B class. With an energy immunity reaching 99%, it is an extremely dangerous beast."

At this, the expressions of Chen Feng and Kong Bai changed slightly. With energy immunity, the attacks of Chen Feng and Kong Bai would be ineffective. If so, they could only…


Qin Hai waved his hands repeatedly. "I don't plan to die this early."

What joke was that? The physical flesh of this beast alone was already B class, much higher than Qin Hai. The present Qin Hai would not even be sufficient to be food that could be stuck between the beast's teeth. How was he supposed to fight that beast?


The huge beast attacked violently.



Under Chen Feng's control, the armored dune buggy dodged without stop. Influenced by a game called "Crazyracing Kartrider" he had once played in his previous life, the makeup of this armored dune buggy was rather simple as well. It was purely relying on its energy supply to move. As such, the control of this dune buggy was extremely simple, and it was able to perform all sorts of drifts and stunts.


Another loud attack was launched by the beast, yet, in a confident manner, Chen Feng dodged it easily. However, seemingly attracted by the sounds of activity here, faraway, other huge beasts started appearing. If they couldn't deal with this beast here soon, they would truly fall into a grave situation.