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Chapter 381: Mysterious Demonic Mirror

Chapter 381: Mysterious Demonic Mirror
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Without experience, a relevant bloodline, or any related information, they had boldly entered this place. They did not even know how to receive the legacy and were only able to wander around randomly. This was a place originally not meant for outsiders like them.


The distant huge beast was already faintly discernible.

"We're finished."

Their expressions changed slightly. Chen Feng's nerves were already stretched taut. It would seem like they would have to once again start fleeing for their lives.



The armored dune buggy was still streaking forth.

"Chen Feng!" Kong Bai suddenly shouted, but he paused as he felt something off, and he corrected himself as if nothing had happened. "Erm, Wang Feng…"


Chen Feng and Qin Hai turned around and looked at him in unison.


Wasn't it somewhat too late for this guy to pretend he hadn't recognized Chen Feng now? This guy was truly… So he had already been aware of Chen Feng's identity long ago? A trace of killing intent flashed in Chen Feng's eyes. Who was the one who had told him? Or perhaps this was a fact Kong Bai had already been aware of previously? Or had it been someone from Genetic Union ? Or the Mysterious Organization? Regardless of which party it was that had told him…

Instantly, Kong Bai raised his hands in defeat. "Bro! This is something I guessed myself! First, the Energy Equipment you used. Based on the recent data, in this year, the only person capable of utilizing the Energy Armor ability in such a manner is you, Chen Feng. Naturally, this is only my guess. Secondly, Qin Hai!"

Kong Bai speedily finished his explanation, "The both of you do not behave like friends who just recently got to know each other. From the tone, conduct, and relationship between the both of you, it appears like two people who went through life and death together countless times. Based on the information from the past two years, after Qin Hai's fall from grace, only one person would still put his life on the line for him and have such a good relationship with him."

Chen Feng: "…"

Something he had considered to be a secret was actually so obvious?

Kong Bai coughed and continued, "Naturally, I am a rather sensitive person as well. When I saw your bromance… ah, no, your amicable relationship, I was able to guess the truth. I suppose others will not be able to notice this. Moreover, as far as the others are concerned, Chen Feng is already dead. Am I right?"

This land of legacy was too dangerous. He had no intention of butting heads with them in such a place. Furthermore, both Chen Feng and Qin Hai were rather formidable. It would be stupid for him to provoke the both of them by his lonesome self. Silently, Chen Feng listened to his explanations. Only after Kong Bai had finished did Chen Feng decide to let him off.


Another loud bang could be heard. In a well-practiced manner, Chen Feng drifted the dune buggy and dodged the attack. The sense of vigilance he had acquired from the danger-filled environments he had experienced for several decades proved helpful to him at times like this. Even without his Luck Aura, he had no fear.

"Do you have any methods of dealing with this?" Chen Feng asked. Previously, Kong Bai had been trying to say something at the risk of revealing he had figured out Chen Feng's identity. It was rather probable that he had a way out of this.

"I have a particular ability…" Kong Bai paused and continued, "This ability is capable of ignoring all defenses, including energy immunity, and dealing a huge damage against an enemy. However, there are certain conditions for the usage of this ability."

"What ability?"

Chen Feng and Qin Hai's interest of was piqued. Such a powerful ability capable of ignoring defense was certainly an ability with a rather harsh activation condition. This was something they knew very well. However, in their present situation, they had no other methods anyway. As such, they could only try this out.

One word at a time, Kong Bai stated the name of his ability, "Demonic! Heartfelt! Mirror!"


Chen Feng braked abruptly, almost flinging the three of them out of the car. However, none of them were bothered. With an inconceiving expression, both Chen Feng and Qin Hai stared at Kong Bai. "Demonic Heartfelt Mirror?"

Kong Bai scratched his head. "Yes."

Chen Feng and Qin Hai started exchanging glances. Demonic Heartfelt Mirror was a unique legendary ability. Most of the genetic abilities in existence were things that had been discovered by the masses and then been registered at the Genetic Union. Only with that had those discovered abilities obtained names. As such, most of the time, the function of a genetic ability was somewhat related to the name given to it. Of course, those abilities with names like "A Good Name Is Hard to Find" and "Name Taken" were exceptions.

In short, most of the time, the name was somewhat related to the genetic ability. As for the Demonic Heartfelt Mirror, it was a very good example of this. With its name alone, in a tyrannical and straightforward manner, the contents of this ability were narrated.


Ability: Demonic Heartfelt Mirror

Class: E

Function: Summons a demonic mirror to attack the enemy.

Effect: When attacking an enemy uglier than the user, unique damage will be dealt that ignores all defense. When attacking an enemy better looking than the user, the user will suffer backlash for the same amount of damage.


That's right, this was an ability only effective against an enemy uglier than the user. When attacking an enemy better looking, the user would be attacked by the demonic mirror instead.

This was an ability that was once part of the "Top Ten Most Exotic Genetic Abilities," occupying the seventh place in the ranking. Due to its exotic effect, back then, it had skyrocketed in popularity. However, due to this being an E-class ability, its attack wasn't too strong. As such, the restriction when using this ability was rather huge. On top of that, how was the user supposed to know if the enemy was uglier than the user? Nobody knew the demonic mirror's sense of beauty. Ultimately, the masses had lost interest in this ability.

And now Kong Bai was saying he possessed this ability? Even if they were to ignore the question of who was the uglier one between him and the huge beast, even after the attack was launched, so what? With his C-class power, even if the ability was capable of ignoring defense, not much damage could be dealt to that huge beast.

Kong Bai scratched his head. "This version of my ability is rather unique. Oh, let me show you the details directly."


He transmitted his ability to them. As Chen Feng and Qin Hai saw it, they were instantly alarmed.


Ability: Demonic Heartfelt Mirror

Class: E

Function: Summons a demonic mirror to attack the enemy.

Effect: When attacking an enemy uglier than the user, a triple amount of unique damage that ignoring all defenses will be dealt. When attacking an enemy better looking than the user, the user will suffer backlash for the same amount of damage.

Heartfelt Confession: Before using the ability, one may consult the demonic mirror.


Triple the unique damage! Capable of consulting the demonic mirror before using! The eyes of Chen Feng and Qin Hai widened. This was the perfect form of this ability.

With "Heartfelt Confession," the disadvantage of using this ability no longer existed. One only needed to select the target properly and one could absolutely unleash a onetime formidable eruption. Using this ability would be feasible!

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. "This guy's ability…" Suddenly, he noticed something. All the abilities of Kong Bai were mutated versions. All his abilities had unique effects as well, and extremely heaven-defying ones at that! That miniature energy ball had been mutated from five times per day into an unlimited energy supply. The Heartfelt Demonic Mirror had been completely transformed in an explosive way as well. This was extremely similar to the mutated abilities Chen Feng produced for himself. No, these abilities of Kong Bai's had in fact undergone an even stronger mutation than Chen Feng's abilities.

That was because the scope of mutation undergone by Chen Feng's abilities were still within reason. As for Kong Bai, his abilities had all undergone mutations that transformed the abilities into something like bugs in a code. If Chen Feng's guess was correct, the other abilities of Kong Bai were quite possibility mutated abilities as well. Even among C-class warriors, this guy's true combat power was extremely heaven defying. This was an extremely dangerous person.

Naturally, this was not the time for him to be bothered about this. Silently, he buried this in the depths of his heart and continued controlling his buggy to dodge the huge beast's attacks in a careful manner. As for Qin Hai, he was in charge of observing the trajectory of the huge beast's movement. By the side, Kong Bai was activating his Demonic Heartfelt Mirror.


A shiny demonic mirror appeared midair and hovered there. With a solemn expression, Kong Bai faced the demonic mirror and asked seriously, "Dear demonic mirror, am I better looking than that huge ugly beast there?"


At his question, the mirror shattered.