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Chapter 383: Racing

Chapter 383: Racing
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"We're here."

They became spirited. Even Kong Bai's expression recovered somewhat. A tint of color reappeared on that face of his that had been filled with despair. After traveling so far, finally, a trace of hope had appeared. Far away, the vague scene gradually became distinct. A faint milky yellow radiance could be seen, a radiance that gave off an incomparably cozy feeling, akin to the only lighthouse of this land, causing them to subconsciously start going that way.

Kong Bai was full of anticipation. "Is this the place that contains the legacy?"



The armored car approached that place without stop. The distant buildings grew more and more distinct and the illusory-looking scenery became more and more real as they approached. The initial miniature yellow dot from far away transformed into numerous huge towers that gave off an imposing feeling. The dangers they had feared appearing had not appeared. This was actually the genuine land of legacy! Their journey laden with dangers had finally brought them here to this place. However, just as they neared, with a single drift, Chen Feng sped away.

Kong Bai was confused. "What are you doing?"

Chen Feng pointed at the center of the land of legacy. "Look." As they looked over, they sunk into a solemn mood. Below those towers, some tall and sturdy-looking figures could be seen moving about. There were actually people residing here! Those were living beings!

Instantly, Kong Bai understood. "Could it be… Is this the actual land of adulthood of the barbarians?"

The so-called land of adulthood referred to the place where the grown barbarians would be baptized and receive the legacy before transforming from an ordinary person into a genuine barbarian.

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. "As such… the so-called legacy is energy immunity?"

"That's quite possible."

Kong Bai's gaze was burning. They were filled with all sorts of anticipation toward the land of legacy. The legacy might be the extraordinary strength the barbarians possessed, or perhaps the extraordinary vitality the barbarians possessed. However, what they wanted the most was energy immunity! If this was the place to obtain the legacy, did this not mean that anyone could receive the legacy? They were tempted. Just imagine the scene where, in the future, when they were combating someone with similar strength, if one of them possessed an enemy immunity of 90%...

Wouldn't the other guy feel like cursing them with an MMP? 1

"If we enter…"

They exchanged glances and concluded that this might work. This land of legacy was obviously different from the world outside. They had been here for so long yet this place hadn't had any reaction whatsoever toward them. It was quite possible that they had no way of contacting the outside world. If so…

Kong Bai's eyes shone. "Let's pretend to be barbarians and enter."

Qin Hai laughed bitterly. "That's not possible." Even if the barbarians here couldn't contact the outside world, the three of them were still humans, a completely different race than these barbarians. How could they hide this fact? This was also why Chen Feng had shifted the direction of the armored buggy abruptly earlier. If they went nearer, they would definitely be discovered.

They could still easily deal with the issue of height… after all, there were a lot of child barbarians here with differing heights. However, the aura and appearance of a barbarian…

Qin Hai spoke forthrightly. "These barbarians are too ugly. If we refer to the standards of the demonic mirror, it would be fine for you to sneak in as part of these barbarians. However, I don't think it would work for me and Chen Feng."

Kong Bai: "…"

The hell, can you stop mentioning this?

Qin Hai shrugged. "I'm kidding. Looks are not too big a problem. The main issue is still our aura…"

Chen Feng shut his eyes. "Aura…"



Luck Aura activated silently. During the past few hours, he had regenerated several points of luck value. It was still insufficient for battle, but it should be able to solve such a simple issue relatively easily.

"Then… among the abilities of the Myriad Illusions, which will be most fitting for this?"



Countless information flipped past Chen Feng's mind. Soon, one point of luck value was consumed and one particular set of information was fixed in his mind. A simple and practical ability had appeared in his mind.

Chen Feng's eyes shone. "You, then." This was a minor ability capable of transforming one's aura. When used together with the Energy Equipment, an item capable of transforming one's aura might be created. Chen Feng pondered this and decided that it was feasible. At the very least, the recommendations of Luck Aura had never let him down before.

"Let me handle the transformation of our auras." Chen Feng inhaled and continued, "However, I need someone else to drive this car while I'm busy."

Chen Feng pointed at the swirling radiance surrounding the land of legacy. If Chen Feng stopped here to use his ability, their foreign aura would be stopping here for too long. It would most certainly attract the attention of the barbarians. As such, despite the rather good protection screen they had around them, they had to be moving continuously to dilute their aura that lingered in the air.

Kong Bai curled his lips. "This is not a problem. I am very familiar with driving. Back then, at Akina Pass 2 …"

In a well practiced manner, Kong Bai changed seats with Chen Feng and sat in the driver's seat. Unfortunately for him, before he could even finish bragging, he stared at the steering wheel with a dumbstruck expression.

"???" Kong Bai was stupefied. "What sort of car is this?"

Chen Feng shrugged. "A dune buggy. A normal car is too troublesome to control. We are, after all, maintaining the activation of this car using an energy supply. As such, a simplified car such as a buggy will do. In any case, we only need something that can sprint forward by exhausting energy."

"I know that…" Kong Bai rubbed his aching head and asked, "What are these?"

Chen Feng sighed. "Buttons." He doesn't even know such a simple control system, yet he still dares to brag about being a veteran driver? Where's his face? Chen Feng decided to teach Kong Bai. "Look. You should be familiar with this steering wheel's function, right? Yes, you can either turn it left or right to change the direction. It's very simple. As for this 'shift' button, it's used when you want to drift—" He coughed, corrected himself, and continued on as if nothing had happened: "You have to step here to brake. That is used for sprinting."

Qin Hai: "…"

Kong Bai: "…"

Although anything assembled using the Energy Equipment would be simplified, this amount of simplification was rather excessive, right? Stepping on it? The speechless Kong Bai glanced at the brake pedal down there. No matter how he looked at it, it looked like an enlarged shift button. Fortunately, despite the fact that this car had been simplified to the extent that it was akin to a go-kart, as an experienced driver, Kong Bai did not need long to grasp the controls. Soon, he started driving them around.

Now Chen Feng could finally start using his ability. It would be quite simple for him to produce something to disguise their auras. With the unlimited energy supply here and one point of his luck value, the probability of his Myriad Illusions would be revised such that the correct ability would emerge. Next, he could fuse this minor ability with his Energy Equipment. Using a small amount of luck value as the base and catalyst, what would be the final result? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


Light started swirling before his eyes. Energy was endlessly supplied to his ability, and the faint aura flickered without stop. Fortunately, Kong Bai's driving skills were rather dependable. As such, the aura that was leaked when the ability was used was spread all over the air rather than accumulated at a specific spot. As such, the attention of the barbarians wasn't attracted. Soon, after 10 minutes, Chen Feng finished his production.


He looked at the clump in front of him with anticipation.


As the required energy had been fully supplied, three "Unique Disguise Energy Equipment" were created. Instantly, the radiance and aura filling the air disappeared.


Before them, three crude black clumps appeared.

Qin Hai took one of them curiously. "It's this thing?"


Instantly, that black clump cracked. As he saw what was contained in it, Qin Hai's expression immediately changed.