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Chapter 387: Legacy!

Chapter 387: Legacy!
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A seemingly boundless light erupted and, with that, an immense sun surged out from the distant horizon. The blood-red radiance of the sun emitted a sense of bloodlust, and numerous bloody figures appeared from amidst the red light.

Howl! Howl!

Numerous red monsters appeared. Even the expressions of the group of barbarians changed when they witnessed this scene.


With a howl, the barbarians changed the direction their weapons were pointed.

Sha! Sha!

A mournful voice resounded in the air. Each of the red monsters was radiating a light that swirled around their body. In this land of legacy of the barbarians that couldn't use any energy, the monsters that appeared were astonishingly pure-energy monsters. These were monsters formed from pure flame energy.

Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face. "No wonder the barbarians are so sensitive toward energy." In other words, these barbarians that were tempering out here had been treating Chen Feng's group as those NPC-like monsters?

Bang! Bang!

Red light flickered without stop. At this moment, the barbarians were already clashing with the energy monsters. Every time those huge weapons of the barbarians landed on the bodies of those red energy monsters, an attack with an explosive might was unleashed. However, the energy monsters were able to reassemble their bodies speedily even after their bodies were blasted apart. Since they were inherently formed of energy, they seemed to possess a certain ability to reconstruct their body by exhausting a certain amount of energy.

After the monsters' bodies were reconstructed, the barbarians kept attacking without stop, attacking until the energy monsters exhausted all their energy supply.


One energy monster after another was beaten until they collapsed.

As Chen Feng's group witnessed this, they felt a shock in their hearts by the strength demonstrated by these barbarians. At the same time, they were also rendered rather speechless by the barbarians' brutish method of combat.

With a single glance, Chen Feng saw through the barbarians. "They lack understanding of the structural makeup of energy. As such, they have to exert strenuous effort when battling." With such a brutish combat method, even if the barbarians were to achieve victory in the end, they would still have to pay a disastrous price.

"Should we help them?" Qin Hai asked.


Silently, Kong Bai grabbed the both of them and retreated. Presently, in the eyes of the barbarians, these low-level NPCs—Chen Feng's group—were evidently of no importance anymore. They were not willing to waste their strength dealing with these low-level NPCs. As such, it was good that these low-level NPCs had chosen to retreat by themselves.

"What are you planning?" Qin Hai asked doubtfully.

Kong Bai merely smiled profoundly. "Hehe."


Instantly, the color in his pupils vanished. Chen Feng's heart jolted as he recalled that unique ability of Kong Bai's.

This guy…

Shua! Shua!

Suddenly, the tides of battle started changing. The energy monsters that had been taking a beating from the barbarians suddenly became incomparably savage as their combat power surged. As for the barbarians, they seemed to suddenly have their strength repressed by some mysterious power.

Balanced! The combat power of both parties was now extremely balanced! Finally, accompanied by a resounding bang, the final barbarian slumped down onto the ground.



A chilly sheen flashed out and numerous Wind Blades appeared from among the chilly winds.

Bang! Bang!

The energy monsters collapsed and died on the spot.

Energy attacks were obviously much more fatal against these energy monsters compared to those barbarians. In a short moment, the several surviving energy monsters were all killed. The collapsing energy transformed into light particles before vanishing.


As for that sun on the horizon, it was still shining dazzlingly without stop. Chen Feng could faintly feel that some sort of mysterious power seemed to be transforming his body. An obscure yet mysterious power seemed to be operating on him.

Kong Bai and Qin Hai noticed Chen Feng's different behavior. "What's up?"

"Something is odd about these energy monsters—"

Before Chen Feng could even finish his sentence.


Once again, the sky changed. That blood-red sun started descending slowly, and a bright moon suddenly rose. A vague sound of waves could be heard.

"A bright moon rising from the ocean?"

All three of them sunk into a solemn mood. With the previous sun and the current moon, what was this scene hinting at, exactly?


The blue moonlight intensified, and suddenly, numerous terrifying energy monsters appeared from the darkness. This time, all of them were blue.

"Here they come again," Kong Bai shouted.

Qin Hai's expression was somewhat unsightly as well. "What's going on?" Without those barbarians around to deal with those energy monsters, they were simply not the opponent of these monsters. There was nothing they could do, as the amount of the monsters was too high.

"We seemed to have activated something," Chen Feng stated with a deep voice.

Red, blue…

As Chen Feng recalled the changes in his body earlier, he started wondering if this was the so-called legacy of the barbarians? He decided to give it a try. "You two hold back the other energy monsters and let only one of them over. I want to try something out."

Chen Feng inhaled.


Instantly, his Energy Equipment erupted. His peak B-class combat power appeared, insta-killing the lone energy monster.


A single blue colored energy monster collapsed on the ground.

During that instant…

A certain power could be felt gushing into his body. His body seemed to be undergoing some sort of transformation, a transformation that enabled his next battle to feel somewhat easier.

"This thing…"


Once again, Chen Feng insta-killed a lone energy monster.


That familiar power gushed into his body. After immersing himself in that sensation shortly, Chen Feng came to himself. These monsters were actually capable of increasing the amount of energy immunity a person possessed!

Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. "This is the training method to obtain the legacy of the barbarians! Each energy monster killed will increase the killer's energy immunity. Earlier, after killing two energy monsters, my energy immunity seemed to have increased by around 1%."

"So that's how it is."

Kong Bai and Qin Hai were overjoyed. When their gazes landed once more on these energy monsters, their gazes were already bloodshot.

"Hahahahaha, so this is the so-called legacy. No wonder there are such environmental changes occurring even within this land of legacy."

Qin Hai's mouth curled up, forming a smile. "Let's go. Increasing energy immunity, huh? I like it."


The three of them started forming some sort of entrapment. The energy monsters were forced into a small radius near a certain ruin where they started killing the monsters. Regardless of the amount of energy monsters, they only needed to focus on a small portion of them first. Under normal circumstances, they were most certainly not a match for these monsters. However, if their energy immunity were to increase without stop, this would transform into a true training session. This situation they were in that seemed so dangerous was in fact a situation that could be solved in a rather safe method that would also enable to them increase their strength.

In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that the barbarians couldn't use any energy, causing them to only be able to battle these energy monsters in a brutish manner—coupled with Kong Bai scheming against them—the barbarians definitely would not have ended up defeated by these monsters. This was a great opportunity for them.


A small blue ball was hovering in Kong Bai's hand.

Shua! Shua!

The blue monsters died without stop. The three of them were going berserk, killing one monster after another without stop.

From 1%... to 2%... 3%... 5%...

The amount of damage these monsters could deal to them was reducing, and the three of them were becoming more and more powerful as the battle progressed. Their strength increased without stop and, using only a short period of time, all the monsters were killed. Ultimately, their energy immunity reached 10%.

"Haha, we won." Kong Bai laughed heartily and continued, "With 10% energy immunity, when I go out in the future, I can afford to be arrogant."

Chen Feng and Qin Hai were full of smiles as well. However, before long, suddenly, the color of the sky changed. This time, the color was yellow.

Their expressions changed slightly. "There's more?"

Shua! Shua!

Once again, numerous monsters surged out. After great difficulty, they defeated all these monsters and, once again, their energy immunity increased by another 10%. However, before they could even heave a sigh of relief, once again, the sky changed color.


By the time they defeated the green monsters, they were already weary and exhausted. Even with energy immunity and an unlimited energy supply, they had still reached their limit. However…


Once again, the sky started shining. Surprisingly, though, there was no color this time.

Chen Feng looked at the sky. "Has it ended?"


Suddenly, a terrifying beam of light pierced out of the sky. An intense heat started spreading. The three of them could only feel a sense of pain in their bodies, and they lost consciousness immediately after. An indistinct huge figure seemed to be flitting through the sky. That huge figure seemed to be the terrifying giant dragon they had seen from the barrier earlier.