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Chapter 388: Awakening

Chapter 388: Awakening
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Unknown region, barbarian's tribe.

Numerous barbarians were kneeling on the ground and looking at the stone statue with a fanatical gaze filled with fear. They could feel the ancient and formidable power radiating from that stone statue. This was a power that belonged to their ancestors.

At this time, that stone statue looked up at the starry sky with his deep gaze and said, "They should be dead by now, right?"

Earlier, when those humans had intruded into their land of legacy, he hadn't stopped them, nor had he killed them. Rather, he had watched on with a mocking gaze as those humans had intruded into that land of sure death.

The stone statue sighed. "Legacy, huh… It has been severed for many years." The land of legacy was a place filled with danger, a place where every single step one took would be full of difficulty. If a human were to enter that place, not only would they need to face the dangers contained within the land of legacy, they would also need to face the attacks of the barbarians within as well. After all, for the barbarians, anyone capable of using energy was considered an enemy.

Furthermore, it wasn't a sure fact yet that those humans would be able to reach the inner region of the land of legacy. Even if they were witty and were able to avoid those fatal dangers, they still needed to face the five-colored tempering after entering the true core region of the land of legacy. On top of that, there was also the final test, the bloodline inspection—an inspection conducted by that mysterious huge dragon that originated from the barbarian's totem.

Only a true barbarian would be able to survive this. Everyone else would most certainly die. They had once been a prosperous civilization. As such, how would they fail in something like a bloodline inspection? Without a bloodline inspection, their legacy would have been plundered by their enemies long ago.

The stone statue pondered. "Seeing how the humans are already reaching this place in their explorations, I will need to make more preparations now."

As for the few humans earlier? They were most probably dead by now.

Earlier, the power of the dragon had been felt. Based on his understanding, only after one failed the bloodline inspection would this power bloom. That was a power even he himself dared not face. As for humans? It was quite probable that even an A-class human would not be able to resist such a power.


Far away, the primal and chaotic aura started shaking. The stone statue sighed inwardly. He knew that along with the entry of those humans, this initially peaceful region would once again sink into chaos. War was coming.


Within the dusk, Chen Feng was slowly waking up. His whole body ached, and he felt powerless. This reminded him of how powerful the attack of that dragon earlier had been. Just a random puff from the dragon's mouth had been sufficient to cause all of them to lose consciousness.

Not dead?

Chen Feng celebrated the fact that he was still alive. Now that he was conscious, it indicated that he was still alive. If so, had his Luck Aura worked earlier? That dragon's attack had been too fast and ferocious. None of them had been able to react in time. The only thing Chen Feng had been able to do was activate his Luck Aura before losing consciousness. That was the only thing he had been able to do.

Luck Aura…

Chen Feng tried sensing his luck value. Instantly, his expression changed. With shock, he found that the pitiful amount of luck value he'd had previously had not been reduced. Instead, it had increased by quite a huge amount.

What's going on?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. After shaking away his deep exhaustion, he opened both his eyes. Somewhat surprisingly, he was actually on a clean and neat bed. Some distance away from him were some ancient-looking objects, such as crude wooden washbowls and so on.

"This is…"

Doubt flashed in Chen Feng's eyes. Hospital? Not possible. The items here did look like something from this era. If so… was this the barbarian's tribe? That did not seem to be the case either. With the intelligence of those barbarians, they would not possess such tools. This was especially true since, on a certain desk, a book could be seen. This proved that the inhabitants of this place were capable of reading.

Chen Feng rubbed his head. "Damn it." What place is this, exactly?

Qin Hai and Kong Bai were nowhere to be seen either. Only Chen Feng was here on the bed. With great difficulty, he raised his arm and noted that a thick layer of cloth strips were wrapped around his body. The color of the cloth strips did not look pure enough, evidently not a product of the modern era. If so, was he in ancient times?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. "I haven't transmigrated again, right?" Back then, when he had been killed in the library, Luck Aura had displayed its power and brought him to the world of genetics. Now that he had been killed during tempering, Luck Aura had also similarly activated during his moment of death…

Chen Feng rubbed his somewhat aching head. "The f*ck? This can't be, right?"

If he had truly transmigrated… he was truly in deep shit, then. At this time, suddenly, footsteps could be heard.


The door of the room opened. A petite and delicate-looking young lady walked in carrying a pot of medicinal herb in her hands.

Instantly, Chen Feng's heart chilled. Why was this a girl instead of a sturdy-looking barbarian? He would rather have a barbarian looking after him than this young lady. After all, getting caught by the barbarians was better than being transmigrated away.

The young lady was somewhat surprised. "You're awake?"

"Yes." Chen Feng appeared to be at a loss. The young lady was dressed simply, the things she wore having been produced from clothes. This was clearly a different style than what the barbarians wore. Apart from that, her height, body shape, appearance, everything about her appeared like that of a normal human's.

The young lady smiled and said, "It's good that you are awake. You have been unconscious for over a month."

"Over a month…" Chen Feng blanked. "Where is this?"

"This place?" The young lady answered in an odd tone, "This is the Xiong Fort. Xiong Da found you guys unconscious at the entrance and carried all of you back here."

So that's what had happened. Chen Feng's heart chilled. This Xiong Fort was a place he had never heard of. This was indeed not the Genetic Era! Wait… perhaps this was a somewhat outdated and underdeveloped city?

Instinctively, Chen Feng asked, "Have you heard of Genetic Union?"

The young lady shook her head. "No. What organization is that?"


Chen Feng contemplated and concluded that it would still be acceptable for such an underdeveloped place to not know of the Genetic Union. A trace of hope was still contained in his heart. However, in the next second, that small trace of hope was completely shattered.

"Presently, the world is divided in three. The Sage, Divine Ancestor, and Devil King are the rulers of this world. Lord Sage dominates all lands under the heavens and is undefeated. A short while ago, he even ripped the sky apart to battle the Divine Ancestor. The scope of their battleground extended for three thousand miles. Genetic Union is most probably some small organization," the young lady mentioned without a care.


Chen Feng's heart chilled. A world divided in three by the Sage, Divine Ancestor, and Devil King. There was also that sky being ripped apart and the battle extending three thousand miles… No matter how he looked at this, this did not appear like a mere underdeveloped village!

This place…

Chen Feng was ashen faced. He had most probably transmigrated for real.

The young lady smiled. "Since you are awake, come out and take a walk. You have been unconscious for too long. As such, your brain is still rather dull. You can start thinking after first moving your body around and getting better."

As she finished, carefully, she helped Chen Feng up and walked him out of the room. Chen Feng did not resist her. He was busy contemplating, wondering what kind of place had he transmigrated to. However, right as he walked out the door, he saw a sturdy-looking figure that was three meters tall. That person was crouched on the ground, shaving his leg with a broadsword.

"Yo, this guy is awake?" the sturdy guy loudly asked. At the same time, he scratched himself with that broadsword. Instantly, a comfortable expression appeared on his face.


"It is indeed comfortable to shave leg hairs using the humans' Green Dragon Crescent Blade."

Ka! Ka!

A solid clump of leg hairs dropped down onto the ground.

At this sight, the young lady exasperatedly said, "Xiong Da, how many times have I told you? You are not allowed to scrape your leg hairs in front of the house! See, you are scaring our guest!"