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Chapter 391: You All Deserve Death!

Chapter 391: You All Deserve Death!
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Joining hands? Transmigration and luck joining hands? Kong Bai's heart jolted furiously at this thought. He had only thought about it briefly, yet he was already overwhelmed with emotion. Did this not mean that they could transmigrate to any place they wanted to? Regardless of how harsh the requirements were, regardless of how huge the limitations were, as long as they worked together, nobody could stop them. They would become the true main character of this era!

When he looked at Chen Feng, his gaze was already burning hot. He knew that the era belonging to them had arrived.

Kong Bai licked his dry lips. "You mean…"

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "We will first obtain the legacy. After that, you can prepare the energy supply required for transmigration. As for the location of the transmigration, just let me handle it."

"All right."

Kong Bai was overwhelmed with emotion. In the past, he had always been treating the world as a game, as he never knew how long would he be staying in a particular world. He'd had no friends and no families, and whatever he did, he would feel like it was pointless. He had let fate decide everything. Now, after meeting Chen Feng, finally, he had his own goal. As long as he followed Chen Feng, he would be able to transmigrate anywhere he wanted to go. They would be able to dominate the whole world in the truest sense. Not only that, they could even dominate countless worlds. This was how a true main character should be.

They finished their discussion and gained a true understanding of how to implement this plan—how to leave this place, how to obtain the energy supply, how to unleash the true might of the Transmigration ability, and so on. At this moment, the Qin Hai by the side was somewhat upset. The other two had not avoided him when they were discussing this. Evidently, they had a sufficient amount of trust in him. However, it was precisely this that had caused him to feel somewhat upset. Once upon a time, he had been cooperating with Chen Feng in this manner as well.

Similar to what happened this time, back then, Chen Feng had also rescued him from his plight, killing those that had trapped him. Now, the person Chen Feng was working together with had become Kong Bai.


Qin Hai let out a long breath. This was truly an uncomfortable feeling. He had never imagined that a day would come where he became baggage as well. Chen Feng was improving endlessly, and Kong Bai was extremely formidable as well. Was he the only one who was still stuck at the same height? Despite his great efforts these days that had increased his flesh's power to peak C class, despite how he had been slowly climbing up from being an ordinary D class to the present him that was capable of combating a B class, what was the point of all that? Granted, a B class was already considered an expert, but in this world, were B classes in low amount? They were practically everywhere! Even in the future, when he reached A class, were A classes low in amount? There were a lot of them as well!

Presently, they had reached a height where A classes were everywhere and B classes were lower than dogs. Anyone they faced or encountered was a superexpert. This was understandable. As an example: Someone in elementary school might feel like elementary school students were everywhere and only middle school students were worth something. When one reached middle school, one might then feel like middle school students were everywhere and only university students were formidable. And finally, when one entered university… one might similarly feel like university students were everywhere.

By the time one graduated, one might instead discover that the degree that had been one's dream since childhood was instead something so common. One might discover that university students were in fact lower than dogs. As long as a hierarchy existed, this kind of situation would arise. This applied to the classes of genetic warriors as well. At their present level, was strength alone useful? No!

Only people like Chen Feng and Kong Bai, who possessed a special ability unique to themselves, would be able to reach a brand new height in the future. Was this possible for him, Qin Hai?

Qin Hai pondered. "My future…" If he worked hard enough, he might be able to reach A class? However, he had no superability, nor could he use energy at all. If he encountered an enemy like Chen Feng or Kong Bai? Mhm… he would only ended up getting caught unprepared. His future was bleak. Suddenly, Qin Hai found himself at a loss. He had always believed firmly that he was a genius. As long as he had a goal, regardless of how low the probability of success, he would pursue the goal resolutely. Now, though, he had encountered people like Kong Bai and Chen Feng, who were even more of a freak and genius than him. This had dealt him an unprecedentedly huge blow.

Would he be able to persevere ahead even with a bleak future? He had no idea.

Suddenly, Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai and said, "If you are willing, in the future, we can work together. Perhaps in a different world there is a solution to the problem with your body."

"Yes," Kong Bai agreed.

Suddenly, a trace of warmth surged in Qin Hai's heart. "Thanks." Since even Chen Feng had not given up on him, why was he giving up on himself? "A day will come when I will be of help to you guys," Qin Hai stated resolutely.

Chen Feng spread his hands and smiled bitterly. "You are already capable of helping us presently. In this era of barbarians, your strength is absolutely not weak."

Qin Hai blanked. Wasn't that true? This… was the era of barbarians!

Qin Hai's eyes became bright as he thought about something unknown. Suddenly, Xiong Da's voice resounded, "Hey, we're here." Xiong Da had brought them to a huge palace. He looked at them with a somewhat amazed expression. "Yi, your body has yet to recover?"

Chen Feng's group: "…"

The hell. We're dragged over here immediately after waking up. It hasn't even been half an hour since we woke, right? How the hell were we supposed to have recovered?

"Still too weak," Xiong Da lamented. Next, he studied them attentively before saying to Qin Hai, "Mhm, you are not bad. Between the three of you, you are the only one who is still at an acceptable level. As for the two of you…" He looked at Chen Feng and Kong Bai in disdain. "You two are somewhat too feminine."

Chen Feng and Kong Bai were speechless.

If compared to you barbarians, which human would not appear feminine?

At this time, the heavy-looking entrance of the palace slowly opened. Rows of armored barbarians came out. Each of them appeared tall, sturdy, and majestic. Their bodies alone radiated an incredibly terrifying and oppressive feeling.

"You guys are the ones Xiong Dai brought?" the captain asked coldly.

Xiong Dai grinned. "Yes, it's them."

The captain nodded. "Bring them in."


The army of barbarians got out of the way in unison to make way for them.

Xiong Da led them in as the heavy iron door behind them slowly closed. Accompanied by a loud bang from the closing door, they reached the huge public square of the palace. Suddenly, a succession clanging metal could be heard. The army of barbarians had actually pulled out their weapons and aimed straight at Chen Feng's group.

Xiong Da's expression changed slightly. "What are you all doing?"

"Xiong Da, this is unrelated to you. Get out of the way. They are members of the ancient race… and they deserve death!"

The barbarians were radiating a terrifying radiance from their body.

Ancient race… are they referring to humans?

Only now did Chen Feng's group think of a question that they had always been neglecting. How would humans exist in this era? Historically, during this era, hadn't humans still been at their primitive stage, living like savages? But that young lady… and the attitudes of these barbarians…


The ice-cold weapons were aimed straight at them as killing intent pervaded the air.