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Chapter 392: Ancient Race!

Chapter 392: Ancient Race!
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Why were there humans in this era? None of them knew the answer. However, these barbarians were obviously unhappy with Chen Feng's group.


Kong Bai's unlimited energy supply was released, and it hovered around him. That blue mini-ball pulsated without stop, and the energy within their bodies recovered at an inconceivable speed. At the land of legacy, they had not dared to do anything, as they had wanted to maintain their disguises. However, this was a place where humans existed. Since the existence of humans was allowed here, what did they have to be afraid of? If these people wanted to battle, then battle!


The three braced themselves for a battle. Qin Hai stepped forth and stood in front of them as his battle intent surged.

Xiong Da hastily stopped everyone. "What are you doing?"

"Don't get involved in this," the captain bellowed. "On the same day the three of them appeared, our army nearby was dealt huge damage by the ancient race. Coincidentally, these three were brought here on that very same day… You still dare to deny that the incident is not related to them? These people here are most definitely spies sent from the ancient race."

"They are not," Xiong Da said with certainty. "Xiao Hong confirmed this fact."

"Hmph. She's also part of the ancient race," the captain roared. "Perhaps she has already…"

"Shut up!" Xiong Da was furious. "Have you forgotten how many of us Xiao Hong has saved? You can suspect them, but you are not allowed to insult Xiao Hong!"

"Hmph!" The barbarian captain was aware that he had said the wrong thing. As such, he no longer said anything. However, he was still eying Chen Feng's group viciously.

"Erm…" Chen Feng raised his hand and asked meekly, "Can I ask a question?"

"Say it," the captain answered with a fierce expression.

"What is the ancient race?" Chen Feng asked cautiously.


Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. Even the angry captain and Xiong Da were staring at Chen Feng with stupefied expressions. Their odd gazes were fixed on him, unable to say anything.

Xiong Da was filled with doubt. "You have no idea what the ancient race is?"

Chen Feng answered honestly, "No."


Instantly, Xiong Da narrowed his eyes. If one were to mention that Chen Feng's group was not a threat, he would believe that. However, for them to claim that they did not know what the ancient race was? What joke was this? They themselves were part of the ancient race. Even he couldn't believe this, let alone the barbarian captain.

Suddenly, Xiong Da recalled something. "Ye Bi, your squad has a lie detector, right?"

"Yes." Ye Bi did not bother with being courteous, and he immediately shouted for someone to bring that item over.

This was an extremely magical mirror, and within the mirror, a power Chen Feng's group was familiar with coursed. This thing seemed to resemble Kong Bai's demonic mirror.

Ye Bi looked at Chen Feng coldly. "This is a divine tool of our army. It has no killing power. However, it is able to determine if you are lying or not, hmph… Have you killed any of our soldiers?"

"No," Chen Feng answered calmly.

Everyone looked at the mirror. There was no reaction. He was telling the truth!

"Are you one of the ancient race members that ambushed our army?" Ye Bi continued questioning.

"No," Chen Feng answered. There was still no reaction whatsoever from the mirror. He was telling the truth!

"You don't know what the ancient race is?"

"No. I only heard of it today," Chen Feng answered, still calm. Instinctively, everyone looked at the mirror. Indeed, there was no reaction.

At this, Xiong Da was stunned. These three… "They are really not aware of what the ancient race is?"

Suddenly, Ye Bi asked, "Where are the three of you from?"

Xiong Da and the rest listened on with a solemn expression. If these three were truly not part of the ancient race, then where had they originated from?

Chen Feng pondered and solemnly answered, "We came from a barbarian tribe. At that place, there were similarly seals and a legacy as well. However, due to some reason, all those had fallen, and now, everything has already been reduced to ruins. We… came for the legacy! At the land of legacy, we encountered an enemy. For some reason, we suddenly appeared here."

As for that magical mirror, there was still no reaction whatsoever. He was telling the truth!

"He's actually telling the truth!"

As they realized this, Xiong Da and the captain were alarmed. From a different barbarian tribe? In short, these three were in fact barbarians whose physical appearance greatly resembled the ancient race members? If so…

One of them looked at the mirror with doubt. "Is it possible that this thing is spoiled?" Despite this mirror being a divine tool of their army, some still doubted it. This was especially true for those barbarians without any unique abilities.

"Hmph!" The captain merely sneered and glanced at that barbarian before asking, "Little Wang, how long is your penis?"


In unison, everyone else turned their heads and looked at that barbarian. The barbarian called Little Wang instantly felt awkward and answered, "Ten inches."

Suddenly, the mirror started shining. The number 10 hovered in midair before it started flickering and ultimately transformed into the number 1.


Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. Their gazes when looking at Little Wang contained a trace of pity now.

No wonder this guy does not have a girlfriend. Mhm… that is understandable now.

"No, that's not the case," Little Wang explained in a hurry. "I am still young. There's still room for growth. I…"

The captain patted his shoulder. "Please don't be sad." As for everyone else around him, expressions of sympathy appeared on their faces. At this sight, Little Wang's vision darkened, and he fainted immediately. Why had he stepped forth to question the divine tool for no apparent reason? However, with this, it had been proven that the mirror indeed worked. These three were actually barbarians?!

The captain ordered the soldiers to retreat. "Your bodies…" Their barbarian civilization had a countless amount of tribes spread everywhere. It was rather reasonable that Chen Feng's group was truly from a different tribe and had accidentally appeared here. Unfortunately, their appearance truly resembled the ancient race members greatly.

"Too weak," he concluded.

Even the Little Wang by the side agreed. "Yes."

"Hehe." At this, Kong Bai merely glanced at Little Wang coldly before glancing at his lower body and saying, "Bro, do you know how long ten inches is? Even if I'm not tall in height, a certain part of my body is definitely not lacking in length, unlike a certain someone's…"

Instantly, Little Wang raged. "!!!"

Kong Bai was furious. "What are you shouting for?! Do you dare to take off your pants and compete in length?"

Little Wang was flustered and exasperated. "You…" His right hand that was pointing at Kong Bai trembled without stop. Everyone else was speechless. Why were both these adults behaving like children?

"Sorry," the captain said to Chen Feng's group. "We are in the wrong here. However, if you are from some new tribe, I suggest that you guys register yourselves."

Chen Feng's group of three nodded their heads. "All right."

"Retreat." The captain waved his hand and the army retreated. As for the vanguard, they continued guarding the two sides of the palace.

"Let's go. Since we are from the same side, you guys can meet the boss now." The captain smiled, revealing his rows of ivory white teeth. "Hehe. You guys have no idea how many of the ancient race members trying to meet our boss I have killed."

Chen Feng's group raised their eyebrows. This barbarian civilization seemed somewhat different than they had imagined. Ancient race… barbarian… legacy… perhaps this so-called "boss" would be able to dispel their doubts?