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Chapter 395: Eruption of War!

Chapter 395: Eruption of War!
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The Divine Ancestor was somewhat anxious. "Have they noticed something?"


He tossed Chen Feng's group somewhere hidden and said, "The three of you stay here and wait."


Stepping into the void, the Divine Ancestor soared up.

The Divine Ancestor bellowed, "Sage! Do you not know that your act of coming here is akin to a declaration of war?"

The Sage sneered. "So what if I'm declaring war? "The both of us will have a battle sooner or later. Do you think that I have no idea why are you preparing this army of yours? Haha, since you are intending to battle, why not battle right now?"


The space midair cracked, revealing the void behind.

"All the ancient race members, attack!"


Instantly, thunderous sounds filled the sky and dazzling radiance appeared without stop. Both these powers had constantly been at conflict, and numerous minor wars had happened. However, they had never imagined that the ancient race would declare an all-out war this early. What would the Devil King do now? There were more than two powers in this world. If they started an all-out war, wouldn't the Devil King be the one who profited from their war? Had the ancient race gone crazy?


The first wave of ancient invaders was defeated.

The Divine Ancestor was furious. "Sage! If we fight, are you not afraid that the Devil King will profit from this?"

The Sage's mouth curled up, forming a smile. "That person? They… hehe… will most probably perish, just like you guys?" the Sage toyingly said.

The Divine Ancestor's expression sank. "What?" Only now did he realize that this damnable Sage had actually attacked both the barbarians and the Devil King at the same time.

The Sage's gaze was cold. "Dirty species like you guys are, after all, not something that belong in this world. Then… let me purify the world of all of you!"


With a dazzling radiance, all the ancient race members erupted in power. The numerous radiances were so powerful they caused one's heart to palpitate.

The Divine Ancestor sneered. "Since you are courting death, come." They had been fighting the ancient race for several centuries. As such, he was clear on the strength of the ancient race. Let alone attacking two powers simultaneously, even if they were only attacking a single power…

Suddenly, from the ancient race's camp, a huge crossbow could be seen being pushed out slowly. That was a huge crossbow that was several tens of meters in size. Every single component or string on the crossbow was shimmering with a gold radiance. It seemed to be a crossbow produced from energy, filled with an alarming power.

"What's that?"

The Divine Ancestor's expression changed.

The Sage laughed malevolently. "This? I have named it the Godkilling Crossbow!"


The Sage waved his hand coldly.


A terrifying pillar of gold appeared, seemingly piercing through heaven and Earth. The gold radiance shot out of the crossbow seemingly separated the entire world into two, leaving only that resplendent gold radiance existing in between heaven and Earth.


The gold beam pierced through the Divine Ancestor, nailing him firmly to the ground.


The Divine Ancestor started struggling frantically as the earth trembled from his struggles.

However, regardless of how strong he was, that terrifying gold radiance was unmoving, and it had him nailed firmly to the ground. At this time, once again, the Sage moved.

"Although the Godkilling Crossbow can't kill you, it is able to stop you from moving," the Sage stated coldly. "Next, I shall be making my move!"


The Sage stepped out. Accompanied by the radiance that filled the sky, he landed on the Divine Ancestor. Here, everything seemed to be changing. It was totally outside of Chen Feng's group's expectations that, right after issuing a mission to them, the Divine Ancestor would suffer a beating at the Sage's hand. From how things were progressing, the Divine Ancestor might very well fail to even escape this.

That Godkilling Crossbow…

Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at the crossbow. It was indeed excessively astonishing. Merely the faint energy radiating from the crossbow was sufficient to cause one to tremble with fear. As for that so-called Sage, he truly greatly resembled a normal human, the only difference being the tail behind him.

Mhm… an extremely long tail. Was this what the barbarians had mentioned previously? As for the rest of the ancient race members, at a cursory glance, many seemed to possess horse heads, some of them had the lower body of a snake, and some had eyes as large as a fish's.

These people… no, these life-forms are the so-called ancient race?

Suddenly, a familiar term appeared in Chen Feng's brain: beastmen!

Despite that glamorous name, "ancient race," they were essentially beastmen! The only difference from the beastmen he had read about in novels was that the beastman here were rather huge in variety and had a higher degree of mutation. These people here were what beastman truly looked like. Apart from that Sage, most of the ancient race members had a rather high degree of mutation.

"Is their strength unrelated to the degree of mutation?" Chen Feng guessed. However, right after this thought appeared...


Accompanied by a loud sound, the Sage stepped into the void and transformed into a huge bird with an extremely huge pair of wings and a long tail, signifying that he was in fact the one with the highest degree of mutation among the ancient race members.


The strength of the transformed Sage surged rapidly. With this, the Divine Ancestor that had still been able to persevere with great difficulty under the Sage's attack was no longer able to hold on and was on the verge of dying. After getting nailed firmly to the ground by the crossbow before receiving the attack of the transformed Sage, the eventual fate of this Divine Ancestor was now clear.

Chen Feng's group of three exchanged glances. "Go!"

With the eruption of this war, the Divine Ancestor unable to move, the ancient race members and barbarians clashing against each other, the entirety of the palace had sunk into chaos. At this moment, nobody was bothered with nobodies like them. Now was their best opportunity.



They started charging frantically toward the land of legacy.


Several ancient race members noticed them. Despite the lack of the ancient race's aura on their body, from their appearance, they were definitely not barbarians. They concluded that several fellows with a low degree of mutation had joined this campaign of theirs. As such, they did not do anything to Chen Feng's group. As for the barbarians, they ignored Chen Feng's group as well. Even the occasional barbarians that noticed them were aware that these three were the ones that their Divine Ancestor had summoned personally earlier and were on the same side as them.

Therefore, amidst the chaotic battleground, Chen Feng's group was able to smoothly reach the land of legacy, the core area of the barbarians.


Chen Feng blasted the barrier apart and the three of them stepped inside.


A familiar energy started radiating dazzlingly.

Along with the collapse of a portion of the barrier, the pure energy contained within bloomed. Within this land of legacy was actually a huge amount of pure energy. The timing of the ancient race's arrival was simply too nice. After being attacked, the Divine Ancestor was unable to be bothered with them. This gave them a good opportunity to obtain the pure energy before transmigrating back home! What perfect timing!


Kong Bai walked toward the pure energy. However, surprisingly, at the same time, the faraway Sage seemingly noticed the activity here as well. He had seemingly noticed the pure energy contained here.

The Sage pointed coldly. "Take it!"


A huge amount of ancient race members swarmed toward the pure energy.


The furious barbarians wanted to resist, but with a wave of the Sage's hand, they were all stopped.


The air started trembling. Accompanied by a furious roar, a terrifying red dragon appeared.

The Sage grinned. "You have finally appeared, the totem of the barbarians!"



A red radiance started shining dazzlingly. At this instant, the air was seemingly separated by two expanses of red and white. On the ground, the formidable ancient race had already intruded into the city of the barbarians. Without their super-powerful Divine Ancestor, the strength of the barbarians was greatly weakened, and they were in no way a match for the ancient race.


The barbarians were finally defeated. The barrier to the land of legacy shattered, and the ancient race members charged in.