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Chapter 397: Space-Time Aisle

Chapter 397: Space-Time Aisle
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Pu! Pu!

Chen Feng's group of three was already covered in bloody scars. The intelligence and strength of these ancient race members had greatly exceeded their expectations. Seeing how the ancient race members couldn't beat Chen Feng's group, they had shifted from outright fighting to trying to exhaust Chen Feng's group here.


A brand new scar had just appeared on Chen Feng's body. As Chen Feng raised his head and looked over, a huge amount of reinforcements for the ancient race members had already appeared. Far away, that huge red dragon was being pressed down by the Sage and was being used to wipe the ground, seeming to only have a final breath left. As for the barbarian army, they were similarly struggling at death's door from the continuous attacks of the ancient race. The gloomy sky seemed to be covered by a boundless fog, and the shouts of the combatants could be heard from the direction of those light rays that could be discerned from the dusky region.


A dazzling explosion erupted beside Chen Feng. A relatively powerful ancient race warrior at A class had finally arrived. That warrior's terrifying attack started descending as a choking power enveloped Chen Feng's group of three.

Are we going to die now?

Their hearts tightened. Transmigration? Before absorbing the pure energy, Kong Bai was simply incapable of activating this ability. Fight back? What could the three that were already tired and exhausted, both physically and mentally, use to fight back? That terrifying power descended from the sky, and the stifling and formidable power landed on their body.

Can we not hold on any longer? Sigh. Accompanied by a sigh, Qin Hai walked out. He was planning to use his body to block this incoming attack. However, Chen Feng stopped him.


Kong Bai and Qin Hai turned around to look at Chen Feng. Chen Feng stepped out and blocked in front of both of them. In a serene manner, he stretched his hand out.

Their expressions changed slightly. "What are you planning to do?"


There was no reply from Chen Feng. He merely calmly stared at the incoming attack. Since it had reached this point, there was only one method out of this. Luck Aura, activate!


A faint radiance started swirling around them. Once again, Chen Feng had activated his Luck Aura during a moment of crisis. As for what would result from this, nobody knew.


That terrifying attack landed, causing a dazzling explosion. One point of luck value was reduced. Next, a certain item Chen Feng had on his body started flickering with light. Along with that, a gush of bizarre energy started spreading and a gentle energy enveloped the three of them.


Instantly, Chen Feng's group of three vanished from right where they stood.


The ancient race members were greatly alarmed.


The newly arrived ancient race expert frowned and fixed his gaze at the direction Chen Feng's group had disappeared from. He concentrated his gaze for a short period of time, but he couldn't find any trace of them.

"Where have the three of you escaped to?"

At this time, Chen Feng's group of three merely felt their vision blur before they appeared at an unfamiliar place.

"Where is this?"

The three of them looked at this environment that was a complete stranger to them.

Kong Bai was astonished. "Have we escaped?" Chen Feng still had this up his sleeve? Space teleportation?

Qin Hai was looking at Chen Feng as well. "I think so."

"I have no idea either."

Chen Feng took out the item that had worked at the last minute, and with astonishment, he found that it was that very figurine of the young lady he had obtained in the past. Earlier, this had been the item that was flickering with light before sending them here. But why? Even with the effect of Luck Aura, this shouldn't have been what happened. Based on his memories, this figurine, this young lady, should possess the power of time. An act of space teleportation like this…

Chen Feng shook his head before putting the figurine away, "Forget it. Let's hide ourselves somewhere safe before talking any further."


The other two nodded their heads, However, just as they was about to leave, their hearts jolted abruptly. When they looked at the environment around them, something felt off. This place…


A bitingly cold breeze could be felt, and the world was seemingly filled with interwoven fog. On the ground, ruins occasionally appeared. On top of that, traces of erased diagrams depicting the ancient race could be seen as well. This familiar scene…

"Have we returned?"

Kong Bai dared not believe this. This was obviously the land of legacy! Not the ancient land of legacy, rather, the land of legacy of the present barbarians whose civilization was no longer prosperous.


Kong Bai was shocked. Apart from him, Chen Feng was also capable of transmigration? No, no, no, this did not make sense. Kong Bai was somewhat stupefied. Just like that, they had returned? He looked at Chen Feng. Evidently, Chen Feng was bewildered as well.

Returned? Wait. If it was the figurine… that young lady clearly possessed the power of time. As such, if this was the doings of that young lady, it was reasonable that she was capable of returning them back to their original timeline. However, was this a feat even a figurine depicting her could accomplish as well? Chen Feng could not believe this.

Qin Hai was curious as well. "What on earth happened?" In an absurd manner, the three of them had returned. However, they kept having a feeling that something was off.

Suddenly, Kong Bai said, "Wait, look."


The other two looked over. On the ground, a huge crater could be seen. From the shape, this seemed to be the crater that was created when that ancient race expert was attacking Chen Feng's group. In other words… this place…


The three of them shifted their gaze in unison. This was exactly the same place they had been at earlier; they had merely transmigrated back to their point in time. However, their location was still the same. The only difference was that only ruins were now left here back in the future.

"We have only transmigrated through time instead of transmigrating through space?"

Chen Feng was about to say something when, suddenly, the figurine flashed with a faint radiance.

Before the three of them could react to this change, to their astonishment, the scene where a chilly breeze rustled around vanished. The eerily silent surroundings started clamoring once again.

"It's them!"

"They reappeared!"

"Damn it, kill them!"

Numerous voices filled with killing intent traveled to their ears. When they got a clear look at what was around them, their expressions changed greatly. Far away, the soldiers of the ancient race noticed them and were charging at them. As for the expert of the ancient race, he was furiously flying straight toward them as a terrifying power emerged midair.



A formidable power started descending. At this moment, Chen Feng's group was still somewhat dumbfounded. What exactly was going on? They had returned to this place again? This…

"Could it be…"

Chen Feng looked at the figurine in his hand before looking at the incoming attack. Next, he thought of what had happened earlier. Suddenly, he thought of something, and an understanding surfaced in his brain. If his guesses were correct…

With the figurine in his hand, Luck Aura, activate!


A radiance flashed past. Once again, that terrifying attack landed on nothing! Chen Feng's group had once again vanished without a trace.


"Escaped again?" the ancient race soldiers stated indignantly.

As for the ancient race expert, he fixed his gaze on the spot they had vanished from and said, "You guys continue retrieving the pure energy. Leave this place to me. I want to see how long those three can hide."

At this time, Chen Feng's group only felt their vision blur before, once again, they returned to the ruins of the land of legacy. On the ground, an additional crater that was the result of the ancient race expert's bombardment had appeared. In Chen Feng's hand, that figurine was still flickering with a bright radiance.


He dragged Qin Hai and Kong Bai and left this position speedily, quickly arriving somewhere several hundred meters away from their previous position.


The radiance emitted by the figurine disappeared. Accompanied by a flash, space started transforming, and once again, they reappeared at the land of legacy surrounded by ancient race soldiers. This time, they were several hundred meters away from their previous position. Rather than appearing at the exact same spot they had vanished from previously, they had reappeared at the spot they had traveled to.

Chen Feng stared at the figurine in his hands. "So this is your true power?"