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Chapter 399: Guarding a Tree Stump Waiting for Rabbits

Chapter 399: Guarding a Tree Stump Waiting for Rabbits

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The expert sneered. "Gotcha!" Although the three had not revealed themselves, he could see the blood wafting through the air. His assumptions were indeed correct: the ultimate goal of those three was indeed the pure energy.

"Truly splendid…" The expert slanted his head and said, "How long can you three little fellows survive? Hehehe…"

He started laughing nastily. Since he had already discovered the secret of their vanishing act, they no longer had any way out. At this time, at the ruins, after a single flicker, Chen Feng's group vanished before reappearing again a short moment later. This time, though, all three of them were gravely injured.


Chen Feng was spitting blood without stop. None of them had imagined that the moment they appeared there they would encounter such a powerful attack.

"Damn it."

The blood of both Kong Bai and Qin Hai seemed to be boiling, causing them extreme discomfort.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Our luck was seen through." The act of traversing between two different points in time was indeed powerful. However, the moment the route they took was seen through by an enemy who then waited for them at the position they were going to reappear, a fatal blow was able to be dealt to them.

"This won't do…" Chen Feng muttered. What was worse was the fact that, at the same time, footsteps could be heard coming toward them distantly. Those barbarians were currently chasing after them in excitement. Evidently, these barbarians were thinking that Chen Feng's group was some hidden boss NPC for them to defeat.

"Things are getting troublesome."

The three exchanged glances. They found this problem of theirs rather thorny.

At the ancient land of legacy, the ancient race expert was waiting for them. Here at the ruins, the barbarians were hunting them as well. This super-cheat ability of transmigration was actually being countered so badly by these people! What to do? Chen Feng's head ached.

Kong Bai shrugged. "I can only last for 10 seconds maximum."


The mini blue ball appeared and started leaping around him. In all honesty, if it wasn't for the unlimited energy supply, they would have been dead due to overexertion long ago. However, despite the unlimited energy supply, they wouldn't be able to last long under the attacks of all these barbarians.

Ten seconds…

Chen Feng checked the time before looking at the barbarians that were charging toward them.

Hunting… ancient race expert…

His thoughts started racing. They seemed to be in a conundrum presently. To survive the attacks of these barbarians, they could only step into a different point of time. However, at the other point of time… there was another terrifying expert waiting for them. Moreover, that expert, all prepared and waiting for them, was much more terrifying than these clueless barbarians over here.

That guy… Chen Feng started pondering. That guy had already figured out their route and was camping the route to the energy supply. As long as they continued on the same route, they would most certainly be discovered by that expert once they reappeared there. The only solution was to move in a different direction. Suddenly, Chen Feng's heart jolted.

Yes, why not change direction? Abruptly, Chen Feng looked right. There, an abandoned tunnel could be seen. After the destruction of this place, that tunnel had transformed into a blockaded hole. Apart from giving one shelter from the wind and rain, it no longer had any other uses. Anyone else would definitely die if they escaped into the tunnel. However, for Chen Feng's group…

"Let's go!"

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng led them into the depths of the tunnel.


The barbarians chased after them. At the sight of them entering the tunnel, the barbarians became excited at the prospect of their prey transforming into a turtle in a jar. Within this hole, there was only one exit. They only needed to block this exit and those preys would most definitely die!


The group of barbarians charged down. However, when they entered the tunnel, they were flabbergasted to find that the tunnel was completely empty! Chen Feng's group of three had once again vanished.

At this time, in the ancient land of legacy, the ancient race expert was still waiting on the route heading toward the pure energy. His powerful senses were concentrated on this route, waiting for the reappearance of Chen Feng's group. Somewhat surprisingly, even when the estimated time had arrived, those three were still nowhere to be seen. He continued waiting for a short while, yet nobody appeared.

He was somewhat surprised. "They can remain separated for a longer duration?" He had previously concluded that this ability of theirs was something akin to a separation. Those three would be able to conceal their body and aura, separating themselves from this world and hiding within the void. This was an ability he had seen before. Despite its prowess, the duration of separation was normally fixed. He decided to wait at the same spot. After another 10 seconds had passed, he started to feel like something wasn't right. Suddenly, somewhere far away, chaos erupted.

He could clearly see that, one kilometer away from him, those thee had suddenly walked out of a certain tunnel and were charging toward the pure energy.

"It's them!"

He frowned. Those bastards had indeed changed their direction!


The expert charged over speedily. However, those three were truly quite far from him this time. Moreover, those three were charging forth directly rather than traveling in a straight line toward the pure energy. As such, he only managed to reach them after quite a while. Unfortunately, just as he reached them, they vanished suddenly.

He was speechless. "Separated again."

Those three had evidently seen through his strategy. As such, they had deliberately changed their direction. Those three were obviously much smarter than those idiotic barbarians. Presently, among the ruins, a joyful expression had appeared on Chen Feng's face.

Success! As long as they avoided the area the expert was waiting at, he would have no idea where they would reappear next. Not only that, they had also managed to shake off the barbarians over here as well.

If so… let's begin!

The three of them started searching for bunkers around them or places that were rather different from the other side. The numerous abandoned potholes they found became their most optimal options. They might appear to the left side, or they might appear to the right side… or they might also travel in a straight line toward the pure energy. Their route of travel became elusive. As for the expert that was waiting for them, his expression became unsightly. The regular ancient race soldiers couldn't pose any threat toward those three. He was the only one capable of hurting them. But by himself…

He was furious. "Hateful!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One pothole after another was reduced to ruin. Those three were always able to appear from somewhere unexpected. He felt like a monkey that was being played around with by them. One time… two times… three times…

Finally, he stopped moving.

Chasing after them in such a manner was now meaningless. He stared at the distant battlefield. Based on how it was progressing, before the ancient race could kill all the barbarians, those three would most definitely reach the pure energy. This was something he would not accept. That pure energy was their spoils of war!

He laughed nastily. "Do you think that, using such a method, you can force me to give up?"


Taking wide strides, he charged forth, heading directly toward the pure energy. Since he couldn't kill those three, he wouldn't bother with them anymore. Rather than wasting his time pursuing them, he might as well stay at the pure energy and wait for them to come to him. As long as those three were targeting the pure energy, they would most certainly appear there.

"I shall be waiting."

His ice cold voice was filled with killing intent. Presently, Chen Feng's group were feeling curious as to why was there nobody trying to stop them. Next, they felt a shocking and super-powerful aura appear where the pure energy was. The super-powerful aura seemed to pierce straight into the heavens itself.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Guarding the tree stump to wait for the rabbit, huh?"


Far away, a mournful whine resounded. That huge red dragon was now bathed in its own blood. As for the Sage, his aura had become increasingly terrifying. The barbarians were being beaten back endlessly. It was apparent that not much time was left for Chen Feng's group to retrieve the pure energy.