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Chapter 400: Disdainful Expression

Chapter 400: Disdainful Expression

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At the land of legacy, the clump of pure energy was shimmering, attracting countless gazes. The ancient race expert was standing there, waiting for his prey to appear.

Shua! Shua!

He was paying attention to every single flicker in the air. Regardless of which angle it was that those three were planning to retrieve the pure energy from, they would still have to first appear here.


He finished his preparations in advance. Within a circumference of a hundred meters, regardless of which side those three came from, they would not be able to escape his notice.


Suddenly, a ray of light appeared and started shining.

"Here they come!"

He concentrated.

This angle… are they trying to come out from underground? How ridiculous!


A terrifying radiance erupted. The powerful energy hammer that had condensed in his hand was directly smashed into the ground. With a resounding bang, a huge crater was created in the ground. However, nobody could be seen.

He sneered. "They escaped again?" His opponents' separation ability was much more powerful than he had anticipated. However, it did not matter. As long as he stayed and guarded here, they would have no chance of obtaining the pure energy. He stared ahead and noted that the battle was about to end. How much longer could those three small fellows hide?


A shadow flashed past.

He sneered. "Here we go again."


The silhouette that had just appeared was immediately smashed back where it had come from.

One time!

Two times!

Three times!

He did not give them any chances. Ultimately, those people stopped trying.

Presently, in the ruins of legacy that were many years in the future, helplessness was plastered all over the faces of Chen Feng's group. Their plan of silently arriving from underground had to be canceled. This was too difficult. Initially, when they had noticed that the expert was guarding aboveground, they had planned to approach from underground. Unexpectedly, the ancient race expert guarding there had even made sufficient preparations against any underground movements as well.

That guy seemed to be a person with rich experience; evidently, he was not someone that could be compared with an ordinary person. Chen Feng's group had appeared there numerous times, yet every single time, they had been beaten back. Even with the thick layer of earth separating them from the expert providing a buffer that were enabling them to escape, however, after several tens of attempts, they had still failed to find a point of breakthrough. Regardless of which direction or angle they had chosen, they had failed to get past.

Qin Hai sighed. "This is annoying."

Kong Bai was feeling powerless to even berate this fate of theirs. "I feel like I'm a mole getting smashed into the ground."

Chen Feng: "…"

Wasn't this exactly like a game of whack a mole? The only difference was that the three of them were the moles this time. The moment a tiny bit of their aura appeared, they would be smacked by that energy hammer.

This won't do…

Chen Feng frowned. Brute force? This ancient race expert was too terrifyingly powerful. Chen Feng had no idea if they were his match. That was a peak A class! At the present time, none of them had experienced actual combat against such a person.

Kong Bai shrugged. "Under normal circumstances, I can only fight against a peak B class at most."

Qin Hai nodded. "Same here."

Chen Feng sighed. "Me too."

Apart from times when they made use of unique conditions or environments, with their strength, they could only face a peak B class. Although Chen Feng had broken through to B class, it was still too recent. As such, the increase in his spiritual energy was still rather low. On top of that, he had yet to fuse with his B-class genetic ability. As such, he was still incapable of fighting an A class, let alone a peak A class.

"Let me think…"

Chen Feng rubbed his head. Since they couldn't defeat that expert using normal methods, they had to think of some unique methods.

Ancient race… Peak A class…

Chen Feng's brain raced. They couldn't stay here for long. The moment the duration was up, they would return to the ancient land of legacy, where the ancient race expert was ready and waiting for them, regardless of which spot they choose to reappear at.

"Why not directly appear on the pure energy?" Qin Hai proposed.

Kong Bai vetoed that suggestion without the slightest hesitation. "No."

"Why?" Qin Hai couldn't understand the reason for his rejection.

Kong Bai sighed and said, "What's the point of appearing there? Are we giving our lives away? Even the act of absorbing the pure energy will take some time. We need to absorb a sufficient amount of pure energy before we can transmigrate. If we were to appear there directly…" Kong Bai pondered and then continued, "We would definitely be insta-killed."

Qin Hai sunk into silence. This won't do either? Then what should we do?

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, "That might not necessarily fail."


The two looked at him in unison. With that expert guarding there, it was impossible for them to have any time to absorb the pure energy. With their strength, they couldn't drag out the time even if they wanted to. One second, that was the maximum time they could last before dying.

Suddenly, Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai. "Let me ask you. How much time will you require to absorb the energy?"

"Me?" Kong Bai pondered and then answered, "For a single transmigration, with the degree of the stockpile at the land of legacy, I will only require 20 seconds."

Chen Feng's eyes shone brightly. "Very good. Time to use it, then. Although we can't last too long facing that ancient race expert, who says that we must absolutely stay on that side to absorb the pure energy?" Chen Feng said with disdain in his tone.


At the land of legacy, the ancient race expert was still waiting for the arrival of those three. Based on his calculations, they should be reappearing soon. With his powerful spiritual sense, every single nook and corner in a circumference of one kilometer was enveloped as he waited for their arrival. Right at this moment.


His acute spiritual sense picked up the trace of an aura. The position was… exactly below that pure energy! This time, they were actually planning to absorb the pure energy from beneath it?

"How clever," he exclaimed in admiration before sneering shortly after. "Unfortunately, I took this factor into consideration as well."


Instantly, his figure appeared underground.


A bright radiance erupted from his hand.

A powerful attack converged and was aimed straight at the spot right below the pure energy. However, right as his powerful attack was about to land, those three once again vanished.

He frowned. "They escaped again?" Indeed, those enemies had been beaten back. However, he had an odd feeling. Feeling like something somewhere was off? Those three had not even stayed more than one second here; they should not have been able to do anything yet, right? He calmed himself.


He spread his spiritual sense once again and waited for another chance to capture them. It was indeed as he had guessed. Those three reappeared once again shortly after. However, surprising the ancient race expert, they had still decided to reappear near the pure energy.


With a nonchalant wave of his hand, his attack was launched at them. Once again, they vanished. The ancient race expert frowned. Nothing seemed to be wrong, but he kept having an uncomfortable feeling. This feeling originated from the terrifying intuition he had obtained through countless years of tempering. Those three…


One time.

Two times.

Three times.

The ancient race expert placed his full attention on those three, looking for what was wrong, trying to figure out what they were planning, trying to figure out what their true goal was. He was also trying to kill them, to deal with this perfectly. Suddenly, after another wave of reappearing and disappearing, he finally figured out what was wrong. The pure energy was reducing!


Abruptly, the ancient race expert soared to the sky. Looking down from high above, he blanked as he noticed that the huge clump of pure energy had almost been emptied, leaving only an empty hull behind littered with holes. It was apparent that every single time those three had reappeared, they had forcefully taken a portion of the pure energy before vanishing. The current appearance of that hull left behind greatly resembled a comical face that was looking sideways at the ancient race expert in disdain!