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Chapter 401: Sorry, I Don’t Want to Be a Side Character

Chapter 401: Sorry, I Don’t Want to Be a Side Character

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At the ruins of legacy, Kong Bai was absorbing the final clump of pure energy in his hands. After transmigrating back and forth over 10 times, they had finally gathered a sufficient amount of pure energy. Naturally, the supply of pure energy there had almost all been retrieved by them.

"This should be enough, right?" Qin Hai asked with a deep voice.

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm." Since they already had sufficient pure energy, their next step was transmigrating. They had arrived in the past purely by accident, and finally, they could return again. Although it was somewhat regretful that they had not obtained the legacy of the barbarians, the amount of things they had witnessed made this trip worth it anyway.

Mhm… worth the price of the transmigration. It hadn't been easy for them to gather sufficient energy for transmigration.

"It's too difficult," Chen Feng lamented.

"Even so, there's no need for you to turn the hull of the pure energy into an emoticon, right…" Qin Hai was too tired to even berate this. If Chen Feng wanted to take all the pure energy or leave, then just do it. Why had he insisted on leaving an empty shell there and turning it into an emoticon? That was too excessive. Qin Hai did not even need to imagine how angry that ancient race expert was. Mhm… the emoticon of the modern era was truly too hurtful.

Chen Feng patted his shoulder and said while smiling, "This is called comical effect. You have to put some focus into the entertainment aspect of things."

Surprising him, Qin Hai seemed to be somewhat absent-minded, seemingly thinking of something unknown and giving him an odd feeling. Was it because of his combat power? Chen Feng sighed inwardly. He had no idea how he should precede with comforting Qin Hai for something like that. Once upon a time, Qin Hai was a proud son of heaven. Even after he no longer had any energy and focused purely on his physical flesh, he was still similarly vicious and had off-the-charts combat power. But now, he had been dealt this blow by Chen Feng and Kong Bai… Chen Feng truly wasn't too good at comforting people.

Chen Feng had only been able to say, "Don't think too much. After returning, we will think of something for you."

Qin Hai shook his head. "Don't worry about it. I'm not thinking about this. I'm thinking about something else."

"Good." Chen Feng stopped worrying. To deal with a matter that gnawed at one's mind, one had to rely on himself, after all. At this time, Kong Bai was gradually finishing his absorption of the pure energy.

"Almost there," Kong Bai stated.

Chen Feng became spirited. "Very good." Their next target would be transmigration. It was time for them to return. Due to this accidental transmigration, they had gone through various dangers in the ancient time period. Finally, they could return!

Goodbye… the desolate ancient times.

Kong Bai waved his hand. "Go!"

Chen Feng activated his Luck Aura. "Luck Aura, activate!"

"Transmigrate!" Kong Bai howled.


Suddenly, a beam of light appeared, piercing straight to the heavens.

They were currently temporarily staying at the ruins of legacy. If they were to transmigrate back to the current era, they should reappear at the same place as well. Therefore, the actual purpose of this transmigration was to cancel the temporary duration they could remain here. This was the best result as far as they were concerned. Surprising all of them, right at this moment, the world consisted of the ruins of legacy stilled suddenly, and the whole world shattered like glass. At this instant, they actually returned to the ancient land of legacy.

Their expressions changed greatly. "Not good." They were back here again! Transmigrating… could it be that they would only be able to transmigrate when they were at the ancient land of legacy? They had to return to the normal condition from their previous "semi-transmigrated" state before they could transmigrate normally? They were not aware of the answer. This was not something they had expected to happen.

Bang! Bang!

The terrifying light beam pierced straight into the heavens, attracting a lot of attention. At this instant, even the Sage at the faraway battleground was paying attention to what was happening over here. He only gave that place a single glance, yet it was sufficient to cause killing intent to surge out of his eyes.


A terrifying radiance started streaking toward them.

The ice-cold voice of the Sage was filled with bloodlust. "Stop them!"


The sky itself started collapsing. Time seemed to still at this instant. Kong Bai only required a brief amount of time to perform his transmigration. Based on his past experiences, only one second was required. Now, though, it would seem like they couldn't even last one second here. The radiance resulting from their transmigration was simply too eye-catching.


"Come and die!"

The ancient race expert nearest to them was already charging at them. His eyes were filled with anger. It was apparent that he was losing his patience against these three that had been playing tricks on him for so long.

"Chen Feng!" Kong Bai shouted.


A clump of energy condensed in Chen Feng's hands.

Energy Equipment! Myriad Illusions—Boosting Energy Equipment!

At times like this, Chen Feng wasn't stingy with his luck value. He increased his combat power as best as he could. However, he was aware of his strength. Even with an enhanced Energy Equipment…

Qin Hai inhaled deeply. "Let me."

The strongest ability of Chen Feng's was his Energy Equipment. This Energy Equipment could amplify his power by several times. However, Chen Feng's combat power was initially rather ordinary. As such, even with amplified power, peak B class was the most he could fight. This was his limit. As for Qin Hai, without any energy or amplifiers, with his flesh alone, he could already combat a B class. If so, if he was given the Energy Equipment…


A boundless radiance started converging. The clothes on Qin Hai disintegrated as an Energy Equipment instantly assembled on his body.


Qin Hai opened his eyes, eyes sharp as electricity. As he felt the surging power within his body, the terrifying amplifier of the Energy Equipment, he was filled with confidence. He was somewhat speechless with the way in which he had transformed like Sailor Moon, though.


He swung his fist out. That terrifying attack of his almost collapsed space itself.


The void trembled.

A trace of joy appeared in the eyes of the three of them. The attack had been blocked! It was somewhat forced, and it did not seem like it would last long, with Qin Hai being at the disadvantage in this clash, but he had ultimately blocked the incoming attack, buying half a second of time for them.


Radiance started converging around Kong Bai's body. The transmigration was going to start.

However, right at this instant, from the single "kill" word, uttered by the faraway Sage, his terrifying intent started descending upon them.


That terrifying intent swarmed them. A mere collision of their aura was sufficient to cause Kong Bai's radiance of transmigration to totter.

Kong Bai's expression changed greatly. "Not good!" He was being suppressed! He had transmigrated countless times in the past, yet something like this had never happened. That radiance of transmigration that was nearly unstoppable was actually being suppressed by a single "kill" word.


The radiance of transmigration dimmed. The three that were supposed to be transmigrating were forcefully stopped then and there.

"Damn it." Kong Bai gulped and anxiously stated, "The energy exhaustion is too huge. If this continues, soon, the energy for transmigration will be fully exhausted. At that time, we will…"

Chen Feng clenched his teeth. "Let me try." He was not aware of the amount of luck value transmigrating would the require. As such, he had been holding back. Now, though, he could only put everything on the line. However, if his luck value was exhausted now, when they were transmigrating later and they lacked luck value, it would be truly hilarious. Perhaps the three of them would truly have to wander the universe then?

Forget it.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. However, just as he was about to make his move, suddenly, Qin Hai spoke. "Hey, Chen Feng." Suddenly, Qin Hai laughed. "Thank you."

What? Chen Feng frowned. Why was he saying this at times like this?

"You once rescued me… I am aware that you are trying to help me. That is the reason you always kept one set of gene reagents behind whenever you produced any breakthrough gene reagents. Any time you obtained anything good, you would get Hou Liang to give me some. I know I am not supposed to do this—I should be surviving to repay you. However… I'm sorry," Qin Hai mumbled.


With a single punch, he pushed the ancient race expert back.

"I am not resigned to this. I am not resigned to being a mere side character. I am not resigned to being your baggage! I… Qin Hai, am not supposed to be so useless!" Qin Hai bellowed angrily.


Borrowing the Energy Equipment provided by Chen Feng, a familiar gold energy sword appeared in Qin Hai's hand. That dazzling sword was precisely the sword he had used to kill the dark freak previously!


Abruptly, Qin Hai charged out.


At this moment, accompanied by the crisp sound of the sword, the gold energy sword that was shining with an unprecedentedly bright radiance pierced through the heavens itself, slashing toward the word "kill" that was coming at them.


A dazzling explosion erupted.