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Chapter 406: Have You Played Sim Games?

Chapter 406: Have You Played Sim Games?

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The matter pertaining to the bloodline density was in fact rather simple to understand. In short, the control of Xiong Er's imprint was stronger the higher the density was. If the density was too low, even if a genius barbarian was born in the future, the barbarian would most probably not be of use to Chen Feng. When barbarians with higher intelligence started appearing, it would be questionable whether they would still listen to Chen Feng or not.

Chen Feng merely smiled nonchalantly at this. "You don't have to worry about this. The problem pertaining to the control… Hehe, don't worry. I am even better than the White Church when it comes to brainwashing."

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. If he employed methods similar to those multi-level marketing schemes to brainwash these barbarians starting from childhood… Mhm, as long as he stayed alive, the barbarians would hardly revolt against his rule. Based on his memories, such multi-level marketing brainwashing methods were extremely effective. As for those who failed at brainwashing even after using those multi-level marketing brainwashing methods, they were normally those who had earned their failure by doing something stupid like telling their followers to kill their own parents or children.

That was a rather idiotic action. By doing this, let alone brainwashed people, even a person whose entire being had been washed, it would still backfire. This was simply an action of forcing a revolt. Such an idiotic mistake was something Chen Feng would most certainly not commit. Controlling these barbarians using brainwashing methods might be even more reliable than Xiong Er's imprint. As for the time required to produce some barbarians of better quality as mentioned by Kong Bai…

After Chen Feng contemplated it, he concluded that since the body quality of these barbarians was rather high, there might be some means to solve this issue. From his memories, there indeed existed some gene reagents capable of speeding up the growth process.

Kong Bai was dumbstruck. "Bro! You are breeding the barbarians, not some livestock!"

The hell! This bro here is totally an unscrupulous businessman! He's actually planning to use the hormone injection method commonly used on livestocks on these barbarians?

Chen Feng coughed and said, "No, I'm only thinking of using some regular growth enhancing gene reagents."

Kong Bai rolled his eyes. "That's the same thing as hormone injections."

"No." Chen Feng pondered deeply before saying, "Livestock are raised to feed humans. As such, we can't use hormone injections for them since they will be harmful to the consumers. The gene reagents I am planning to use on these barbarians are purely for enhancing their growth. Moreover, I will personally improve these gene reagents. As such, nothing harmful ought to happen."

Kong Bai: "…"

After he had decided what to do, the remaining affairs became rather simple. For example: how to allow these barbarians to "have fun" in the bushes.


With a wave of Chen Feng's hand, the annual Nightspring Festival was once again activated. Thereupon, the barbarians who had been holding it in due to several interruptions became delighted and started "having fun," performing that biological action that ensured the continuation of life. Chen Feng also added some enhancers to assist them in this.

For example, a certain powerful gene reagent capable of rousing one's passion.

For example, a certain mystical gene reagent capable of ensuring one was able to give birth to triplets.

For example, a certain gene reagent capable of increasing one's body's activity level. This particular gene reagent was ordinarily only used once per person. It was something capable of healing a person who was about to die in only a short few days. When used on these barbarians, within the active duration of a short few days, the growth rate of these barbarians increased by several tens of times.

Thereupon, within only half a month, Kong Bai could already see child barbarians popping out…

Kong Bai was alarmed. "What the f*ck, this is even faster than hormone injection." Half a month? This was too excessive even by the standards of livestock, right?

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "Stay calm. This is only the beginning."

Kong Bai was bewildered. "What?"

Chen Feng merely chuckled as a response. "Hehe."

Subsequently, on the second day, those child barbarians could already run. On the third day, those child barbarians could already fight. On the fourth day, those child barbarians had already reached F class. On the fifth day…

By the time the seventh day had arrived, those child barbarians had already reached B class. This was an extremely terrifying growth!

Kong Bai was aware that the barbarians grew faster than humans, surpassing humans by more than ten times. However, this speed accomplished by Chen Feng was rather horrifying. In seven days, the barbarians had reached adulthood! Somewhat regretfully, though, among these barbarians, the strongest of them were merely B classes. Based on Chen Feng's senses, their bloodline density was still above 10%.

Chen Feng could only sigh at this. "Xiong Er…" At this time, the initial batch of barbarians Chen Feng had received from Xiong Er started displaying the side effects of using those gene reagents. Mhm... they became infertile as a result. The rapid growth had seemingly disrupted the balance of their bodies.

Chen Feng breathed out in relief. "Perhaps this is a good thing." He had feared that these fellows would accidentally create more barbarians with high bloodline density. If that truly happened, it would be rather troublesome. After all, there were no abortion hospitals here.

The bloodline density is gradually decreasing, Chen Feng analyzed silently. Now, the breeding of the second generation barbarians began. If one insisted on putting a name to this event, one could call this the second Nightspring Festival. Once again, the barbarians started "having fun" happily. Multiple periods of seven days passed. Chen Feng and Kong Bai were silently gathering data on these barbarians. Within a short period of time, the population of the barbarians expanded greatly, and the strength of their tribe increased by several times. As for the latest generation of barbarians, their level of intelligence was increasing as well. Finally, several barbarians managed to break through the shackles binding them and enter A class.

Chen Feng was overjoyed. "Success!" A class! A-class barbarians!

An A-class physical warrior with energy immunity above 90%! Chen Feng did not even need to think to figure out how terrifyingly damaging these fellows could be. This was the dawn of the new era of barbarians!



The barbarians cheered endlessly. These new barbarians that were more intelligent had started to contemplate the pros and cons of what Chen Feng had done. However, as they compared the previous and present condition of their tribe, they understood the reason for Chen Feng's actions. In unique times, unique methods were necessary.

Now that there were already A-class barbarians and the bloodline density had lowered to a certain degree, Chen Feng stopped his previous breeding strategy. Since A classes were already appearing, this signified that the condition of the latest generation of barbarians had already normalized. Moving on, these barbarians could breed as they wished, and perhaps a higher amount of powerful and genius barbarians would be born! Naturally, Chen Feng would definitely not allow incest anymore. After thinking about it, Chen Feng made this an ironclad rule for all barbarians.

Presently, Chen Feng was silently calculating the time. Based on his initial plan, by the time the A-class barbarians started popping out, it wouldn't be long before he had to fight the Mysterious Organization. However, surprising him, right at this moment, Kong Bai bid him goodbye.

"I'm leaving. Initially, I was worried that you would act recklessly, haha. Now I see how successful you are. Despite your somewhat unscrupulous methods, the end result is still quite good. Good luck in your coming operation."

In a carefree manner, Kong Bai left. He did not belong here anyway. Since he had already obtained the legacy, it was time for him to leave.

Chen Feng did not say much either. "If fate allows, we will meet again in the future." After all, everyone had their own path to walk.

A new generation barbarian that was filled with a youthful energy walked over to Chen Feng. "Lord."

Chen Feng glanced at him. "Anything?"

"The formation of the first squad is complete," the barbarian answered loudly.

"First squad?"

Chen Feng's eyes shone. The so-called first squad was a special squad comprised fully of A-class barbarians, a squad that was a combination of the natural prowess of the barbarians and the equipment produced by Chen Feng.

The squad is finally formed? Hehe. Mysterious Organization… I am coming!