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Chapter 410: Dear Senior Apprentice Brother

Chapter 410: Dear Senior Apprentice Brother

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"Stop them!" the strategy department head yelled. They absolutely could not allow Chen Feng's group entry into the cache of Spirit Sea wood. Who knew what damage Chen Feng would deal to the most valuable resource of the Mysterious Organization if they entered. These d*mnable assassins… No, to be more precise, these meat shields…

The strategy department head's gaze raced around looking for any weaknesses in their bodies. He believed that it was impossible for these people to be perfect. Among similar A-class warriors, they might be more powerful than other A classes, but it ought not to be so one sided! Even if he were to ignore their energy immunity, how could their bodies be so strong as well? This was illogical! As such, he concluded that they most certainly had some weak points. For example…

"Attack their weak points," the strategy department head said while gnashing his teeth. Truth be told, he did not particularly favor such a method of battling. However, based on the height of these enemies, this seemed to be the most optimal method when battling them.

The expressions of the rest sank. "For real?"

The strategy department head bellowed, "Go! All the guards have already been killed. Do you all want to die together with them?"

As the rest heard this, they sunk into silence. True, this was a battle of life and death! At times like this, they should not be concerned with whether using such a method would embarrass them or not. The only thing they needed to concern themselves with was whether this method would work.

They exchanged glances. "Understood."


Once again, numerous figures charged out.

They were clear that this was their final chance to make a move against Chen Feng's group before Chen Feng's entry. This was also the only chance they had at stopping Chen Feng's group. As such, they had to succeed!


Accompanied by loud yells, they all charged forward.


The barbarians turned their sturdy bodies around. Most of them were above three meters in height. As such, they were totally not bothered about those Mysterious Organization members that were half their height. In a nonchalant manner, they swung their huge hands down violently.

Right at this instant, the strategy department head bellowed, "Do it!"

At this, the Mysterious Organization members erupted and a terrifying sheen appeared from their hands as their sharp weapons all pierced toward the butts of the barbarians. From this height and from their posture, those launched attacks were simply flawless.


A stuffy sound of flesh being pierced could be heard.

The strategy department head was overjoyed. "Success!" Indeed! Regardless of how powerful these damnable fellows were, that part was still their weak point. The bigger their size was, the easier it was to attack that part. That was most certainly a fatal weak point.

"Die!" The strategy department head exerted more pressure as he tried to pierce deeper. However, surprising him, the scene where blood splattered around did not appear. The mournful screams he had expected to hear did not appear either. The only thing he heard was a crazy and rough-sounding grunt.


This single howl seemed to have an extremely profound meaning attached to it.

The strategy department head was bewildered. What's going on?

Next, he saw the huge figure in front of him turn around. In a somewhat bashful and shy manner, the barbarian gazed at him. Instantly, his body chilled, akin to someone that had fallen into an ice cave.

The hell… could it be…

At this thought, his heart chilled. An immense palm landed on his shoulder. Next, a language he was familiar with entered his ears.

"Old Tie, enjoying yourself?"[1] 1

The rough voice with a trace of shyness added on lingered in his ears. Instantly, the strategy department head quivered before clamping both his legs tightly together, almost fainting on the spot from the scare.


Next, a mighty force blasted his body, flinging his entire body out to smash against the wall.

I was tricked!

This was the last conscious thought of the strategy department head. However, he somewhat rejoiced the fact that he had been tricked rather than being…


After smashing into the wall, he landed on the ground and lost consciousness. At this moment, the other Mysterious Organization members were flung out one by one as well. Chen Feng merely watched on as this one-sided battle unfolded. What joke was this? They had actually been planning to mount a sneak attack on these barbarians. How naive! Granted, their weapons were indeed sharp, but for these barbarians, these weapons were akin to toothpicks. How was it possible for these barbarians to be injured with this? Even the poop of the barbarians would most probably be thicker than the arms of these people here. Truly too naive.

Chen Feng sneered.

The barbarians appeared at a loss. "Boss, what is the meaning of the Old Tie thing you told us to say earlier?"

Chen Feng coughed. "It's nothing important. This is the so-called "etiquette," a way to express your politeness when you come in intimate contact with someone."

"Oh," one of the barbarians answered knowingly. Next, his huge palm slammed onto the butt of the barbarian beside him, and in a carefree manner with his rough voice, he said, "Old Tie, enjoying yourself?"

As for the barbarian whose butt had been slapped by him, he quivered before reciprocating with a slap to the other barbarian's butt as well before saying, "Enjoyable."

They started giggling foolishly among themselves.



Chen Feng: "…"

Suddenly, he started to wander the reason about these barbarians seemed even more foolish even after he had solved their low-intelligence deficiency through his breeding methods.

"Cough, cough. Stop messing around." Chen Feng placated them. "Get this over with as soon as possible and leave."

"Yes," the barbarians replied solemnly. Next, they stepped into the building where the Spirit Sea wood was stored. At this time, at that place high above the sky, Lu Hun was also speechless as he watched on coldly at everything unfolding. Since when had the guards of the Mysterious Organization become so weak?

"It's not that they are weak. Rather, it's the enemies that are too strong," the Mysterious Organization leader stated indifferently. "These weird giants are immune to energy and have strong physical bodies and no weak points. Even if they have only recently advanced to A class, their combat power is equivalent to genetic warriors at peak A class. It is understandable that those A-class guards failed."

Regardless of the guards or those from the strategy department, they were all A-class warriors. As such, it was too difficult for them to deal with these barbarians.

"What you should be wondering is where did Chen Feng obtain these experts? After all… peak A-class warriors are not such common existences as vegetables," the Mysterious Organization leader stated profoundly.

Lu Hun narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Senior Apprentice Brother, I have heard that your wife has a weak power over time?" the Mysterious Organization leader stated indifferently. "I could sense a trace of the same power from the bodies of these people."

Glaring at the Mysterious Organization leader, Lu Hun said, one word at a time, "What. Are. You. Trying. To. Say?"

The Mysterious Organization leader merely smiled. "Perhaps… forget it. Never mind." However, his gaze when looking at Lu Hun was even odder now.

The veins on Lu Hun's forehead throbbed. "!!!"

What do you mean? What gaze is that? Clearly, Chen Feng is the one bringing people to attack your Mysterious Organization! How does that relate to me? What damnable power of time are you talking about? Chen Feng hasn't been in contact with her for a long… No, wait.

Lu Hun seemed to have thought of something. That figurine! She had once given a figurine to Chen Feng. That figurine was an item that was equivalent to herself. It possessed a certain degree of the same power she possessed. Moreover, the figurine and she could sense what the other was experiencing. Had Chen Feng…

No, no way.

Lu Hun shook his head. It was impossible for Chen Feng to be aware of this. He hadn't the slightest idea even the methods of using that figurine! But then, what was up with the power of time on the bodies of those giants? Although his junior apprentice brother was an indifferent person, he would most certainly not talk drivel. If so…