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Chapter 411: Death’s Eye

Chapter 411: Death’s Eye

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Suddenly, Lu Hun thought of an extremely scary possibility. Could it be that back then, when she had given Chen Feng the figurine, she had also left behind a user manual of some sort?

That woman…

The mere thought of this caused Lu Hun to be filled with rage.

"It seems like you have finally thought of something," the Mysterious Organization leader said indifferently. For an unknown reason, when his senior apprentice brother had raged earlier, he had felt that his senior apprentice brother's strength had grown somewhat stronger as the green radiance had become even denser than in the past.

Lu Hun merely snorted as a response. "Hmph." He inhaled deeply and calmed himself before calmly stating, "We don't have to talk about this matter of mine for now. Your great Mysterious Organization is allowing them to enter as they wished?"

The Mysterious Organization leader laughed. "Naturally, that won't be the case. The appearance of these giants is simply something unexpected. With such a power under his control, it is sufficient for Chen Feng to charge into any faction he wishes. Would you believe it if I told you he can even charge into the Genetic Union if he wished to do so? However, entering is one matter; leaving safely is an entirely different matter."

Lu Hun's eyes shone. "Oh?"

"Wait and see." The Mysterious Organization leader smiled in a tranquil manner and continued, "It's about time for those guys to reveal themselves."

At this time, at the Mysterious Organization, along with the blazing alarm, the experts that had been out on missions were rushing back rapidly. This was their headquarters, a location those branches couldn't compare to. One, two, three… numerous genetic warriors appeared.

In a short period of time, the location Chen Feng's group was at was already completely surrounded.

A certain amount of B-class warriors.

Thirty A-class warriors.

This terrifying organization that had been competing against the Genetic Union in the dark was, for the first time, utilizing all power it could. As a result, an astonishing might was being displayed. No less than 30 A-class genetic warriors were assembled, sufficient to shock countless people. All this was a mere prelude to what was to come. As time passed, one alarming expert after another appeared. Even those A-class experts had to make way when these experts appeared. These newcomers were precisely the peak A-class warriors. The strongest ordinary members of the Mysterious Organization had finally appeared.

One, two…

By the time they were done gathering, a total of five peak A-class warriors, 36 A-class warriors, and a certain amount of B-class and C-class warriors had already assembled. This was truly a shocking spectacle.

"When did they enter?" some asked.

"Ten minutes prior."

"Ten minutes… this much time is sufficient to do a lot of things. Their strength is not weak. There's no need to try taking them on with brute force. Just prepare everything and trap them to their deaths in there."

"Trap them to death?"

"Yes. This will become their grave," a peak A class stated coldly.

Some of them were anxious. "Will there be any danger to our cache of Spirit Sea wood?"

A familiar-looking figure appeared. "No." If Chen Feng were here, he would most certainly recognize this person. This was precisely the department head who had been at odds with the White Church: Tang Lan! The department he was in charge of was also the department in charge of the Spirit Sea wood.

"You are all clear on the structural makeup of the Spirit Sea wood." Tang Lan gave them a glance before continuing, "For Spirit Sea wood to display its effect, it undergoes numerous refinements using all sorts of materials. Finally, it must ferment for a hundred years in order to produce the badges that you are all using. Under normal circumstances, Spirit Sea wood is essentially useless and is incapable of showing any sort of power." Tang Lan shook his head slightly. Despite the prowess of the Spirit Sea wood, the limitations were rather harsh as well. "Even I am not able to use it in its raw form."

The doubts of the others were dispelled with this. "If so, I can be at ease."

"Oh, right, if we attack, will we damage the Spirit Sea wood?" someone asked anxiously.

Tang Lan chuckled. "No. A sufficient defense mechanism was put in place long ago on the Spirit Sea wood. You guys can attack as you wish."

Only at this did everyone feel relieved. "That's good, then."


Clang! Clang!

A stuffy sound of machinery echoed about. Everyone turned their heads to take a look, and instantly, their hearts jolted as they saw an immense high-energy weapon being brought out and aimed straight at the building, that weapon appearing incomparably fierce.

Fear rose immediately in the hearts of some of them after they saw this thing.

"That is…"

"It's that thing."

Everyone felt their soul departing bodies. It was the Death's Eye!

This was a super-high-energy weapon, a legendary weapon rumored to be capable of destroying the heavens and earth. A single full-powered attack from this weapon was equivalent to an attack launched by a peak A class with all his power. A single attack from this was sufficient to destroy an entire city. This weapon had been used three times in the past. As a result, three different organizations had been destroyed, not a trace remaining. Not even A classes could escape the destruction caused by this weapon.

Everyone trembled with fear. "They actually took even this thing out?"

This time, the organization was truly generous with the resources they were willing to spare. But then, this was reasonable. It had reached a point where even their core resource, the Spirit Sea wood, was being coveted by that Chen Feng guy. How could they not be angry? Now, Chen Feng's fate of sure death was sealed. Regardless of how powerful those barbarians were, the Chen Feng who was trapped here had no hope of surviving. The only thing the organization needed to worry about was how to get rid of Chen Feng with the lowest amount of sacrifice on their part.

"Prepare everything."



Radiance started swirling around. A dim radiance started blooming from the Death's Eye. At any moment, this weapon would be able to unleash its attack. Around it, everyone exchanged glances with each other before noiselessly retreating by several meters. They did not have the courage to even stand near this weapon here. After all, this was the Death's Eye. At this time, Chen Feng's group had only broken through the outer defense mechanism surrounding the Spirit Sea wood.

To protect their Spirit Sea wood, the Mysterious Organization had utilized numerous types of defense systems, such as a physical defense system, energy defense system, net defense system, and so on. Even with the amount of methods available at their disposal, they would still require quite a while to break through the defenses.

First, the barbarians had broken through the energy defense system with brute force before destroying the physical defense system as well. However, when facing the completely incomprehensible net defense system, they were helpless. Ultimately, Chen Feng was forced to make a move. This was not all—there were also ancient defensive restrictions placed here as well. If not for Chen Feng's Luck Aura and his identity as a master producer, he would simply have had no hope of breaking through.

One layer after another, only after spending 10 minutes did they manage to break through all the defense systems. Finally, the legendary Spirit Sea wood appeared before Chen Feng's eyes. They appeared completely different than the smaller portion of Spirit Sea wood Chen Feng had seen in the past. In front of Chen Feng was a thick and solid trunk with numerous branches on it. Unexpectedly, some green leaves could be seen on the branches as well. One side of the trunk was soaked within an incubation liquid, seemingly absorbing some energy from the liquid.

This was a nearly complete miniature version of the Spirit Sea Tree. Was this what they had been using to produce their badges? Chen Feng became excited. Lightly, he stretched his hand out and stroked the branch of the Spirit Sea wood.


The moment he touched the wood, his Luck Aura started raging.

Here it comes!

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. The Luck Aura that had been still for a long time was once again taking the initiative to attack and started to absorb the power of the Spirit Sea wood. The Spirit Sea wood in front of Chen Feng was withering at a speed visible to the naked eye.


A faint radiance started shining. Chen Feng could feel a mysterious power undulating around him as an abstruse yet magical power surrounded his body. Once again, his Luck Aura transformed. At the same instant Chen Feng absorbed the Spirit Sea wood, a stifling sense of vigilance flared up, and instantly, the entire world seemed to be enveloped by a dark radiance.


The radiance exploded, and a terrifying force that seemed to have pierced through heaven and Earth appeared.