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Chapter 413: I Shouldn’t Have Taught You…

Chapter 413: I Shouldn’t Have Taught You…

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Chen Feng had a tranquil expression. He was aware that he currently was not powerful enough. With his current combat power, he could at most only face a peak B class and would not be able to defeat a normal A-class warrior. As for a peak A-class warrior? It was simply impossible for him. But then…


With a wave of his hand, the heavy power hovered above his hand.

Tang Lan stared fixedly at Chen Feng. "Be careful." The others all thought that the giants were the scary ones here and believed that by discovering the giants' weak point and getting rid of them, this battle would most probably end. But for Tang Lan, the scariest person here was still Chen Feng. He had once taught Chen Feng, and as such, he was aware of how terrifying this guy was, and he was also the only one who knew how scary arcane studies and luck could be.

The others did not seem to mind. "Don't worry," they said. If even these giants with energy immunity were prostrating before them, what was a mere B-class Chen Feng? Any random Mysterious Organization member here was stronger than him.


The ground started collapsing. A huge earth-element hand rose from the ground, and the ground trembled. The huge hand grabbed at Chen Feng, planning to squash him to death.


When that hand moved, it was so huge it seemed to form a canopy covering the skies. That huge terrifying hand descended upon Chen Feng. However, right after the huge hand grabbed at Chen Feng, before the palm could even clasp, the wrist of the huge hand exploded. With a resounding explosion, the huge hand formed from the earth element collapsed, transforming into countless chunks of earth before landing loudly, kicking off a small storm of smoke and dust.


Instantly, the expressions of the others changed.

The peak A class was furious. "How is that possible?" Even if this earth-element hand was merely a minor ability for him, it was still an ability even normal A-class warriors couldn't deal with, let alone a mere B-class Chen Feng. Moreover… earlier, Chen Feng hadn't even done anything!

"It's spatial collapse," one person said.

The rest were flabbergasted. "Oh?"

"Due to the previous battle, too many different energies lingered in the air here. After the battle ended, some of the energies dissipated into the air. It is quite probable that some sort of reaction catalyzed as a result, causing the spatial collapse. Naturally, due to the stability of energy, such unique occurrences should have a nearly nonexistent probability of occurring." As he reached here, he paused before continuing, "This Chen Feng… is somewhat freakish."

Everyone sunk into silence.

Chen Feng…

Once again, Tang Lan repeated himself. "It's better to be careful." This time, the rest nodded their heads in agreement. Even that peak A-class expert did not add any comments. Even if he truly believed that he was much stronger than Chen Feng, he did not intend to have any mishaps happen when victory seemed so certain. It was precisely as Tang Lan had said; this Chen Feng was somewhat freakish. However, was there a point even if they were careful?

Shua! Shua!

Once again, several A-class warriors made a move against Chen Feng. However, every single time they approached Chen Feng, every single time they were about to kill Chen Feng, some odd occurrence would happen.


Suddenly, the brain of an A-class expert exploded. This was due to the eruption of a rare energy storm with a low probability of occurrence. It had unexpectedly, coincidentally erupted near his head.


Suddenly, both legs of an A-class expert exploded. Once again, a spatial collapse had happened.



By the time this happened to the fifth A-class warrior, the expressions of everyone there were already changing. Finally, they were sure that these so-called coincidences were all Chen Feng's doing!

Tang Lan shut his eyes. "Sure enough." Chen Feng had fully grasped the arcane studies Tang Lan had taught him, and Chen Feng was even more proficient than him at them. He had once gasped in admiration at Chen Feng's freakish talent. He had once been sure that Chen Feng would most definitely surpass him in the future. However, he had not seen it coming this fast! How long had it been since he had taught Chen Feng? If he was aware earlier that this guy here was Chen Feng…

Tang Lan sighed. Chen Feng, Wang Feng… luck, arcane studies… exactly what kind of freak had he created?


Tang Lan inhaled deeply. Since he was already aware that Chen Feng was utilizing such a combat method, things would be simpler to deal with. For something like this where even A-class warriors were helpless, he was the one who had a better method of dealing with Chen Feng. Against such a unique battling method, one had to employ unique methods as well!

Tang Lan pointed at a particular B-class army far away. "Let them go."

Even if Chen Feng was capable of causing spatial collapses, so what? There was more than one B class here! Among these people, geniuses were not lacking either. For them, a battle transcending class was something as common as having a meal. There were even some B classes capable of directly battling an A class! The most terrifying thing was the sheer quantity of them.

One might be able to deal with one of them, but then, could one deal with 10 of them? Or 100 of them? Or several hundreds of them? That huge quantity was something even people like Tang Lan did not dare to face. As for those barbarians… they were still trapped in the earth-element pit summoned by the peak A-class warrior earlier. That expert was not capable of hurting them, but he was capable of controlling their movements and preventing their escape. This was the largest weak point of those giants!

Despite their energy immunity, when facing such an ability capable of altering the environment, they couldn't do anything. Even now, the pit trapping them was becoming deeper and deeper. Regardless of how they exerted their strength, they couldn't climb up out of the pit. Within this pit so deep the bottom couldn't be seen above, facing the smooth walls and the muddy ground, these barbarians filled to the brim with strength couldn't even display their strength.

Tang Lan concentrated his gaze. "This time, how are you going to block us?"


Along with his command, several hundreds of B-class members finished their preparations and started stepping forth one step at a time, surrounding Chen Feng in the middle. Each of these people was not weaker than Chen Feng.

Shua! Shua!

The Mysterious Organization members stepped forth without stop. Stepping forward with orderly footwork, they approached Chen Feng as a myriad of abilities were being prepped.

Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at them. "Coming?" When these several hundred B-class warriors worked together, they gave rise to an odd pressure. They emanated an imposing aura in the air around them. This was the power of resonance! Such a terrifying power was something even A-class experts might fear.

Chen Feng was clear on his own strength. With his strength, it was possible to defeat five or six B-class warriors. However, it was impossible for him to clean these several hundred B-class warriors. It was even more impossible for him to induce spatial collapses to deal with all of them. Although spatial collapse was a typical example of a super-powerful attack, only a small part of the space could be collapsed. In short, this was simply a single target attack.

On top of that, spatial collapses were generated by the collision of the numerous energies left over in the air. Despite the huge battles earlier, there was a limit to the amount of leftover energies in the air. Even if Chen Feng used all of them to cause an explosion, at most, only around 10 of these B-class warriors would be killed. Evidently, Tang Lan and the others had thought of this as well. That was why those peak A-class warriors had been withdrawn and a huge amount of B classes had been deployed to obtain victory.

The corner of Chen Feng's mouth curled up and formed a smile as he sensed the terrifying power in his hands. "Do you believe that I can't do anything against this?" This was the very first time he had such a terrifyingly high luck value under his control. The luck value was so huge in amount that he was even feeling burdened by it.

Chen Feng slanted his head as he pondered. If so… what if I want one of them to come… Mhm.


He pointed midair.

Suddenly, Tang Lan's vigilance sprang up. "Careful!" However, nothing special happened. "False bravado?"

Tang Lan was still being cautious. Suddenly, far away, a silhouette appeared.