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Chapter 414: True Steel Armor!

Chapter 414: True Steel Armor!

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Here it comes.

Chen Feng saw that silhouette smiling.


That was an extremely ordinary-looking person, a person Chen Feng was extremely familiar with, and also the person most proficient at crowd attacks among all the people Chen Feng knew.

What is the meaning of this? Tang Lan noticed the change in Chen Feng's expression and instinctively gazed along Chen Feng's gaze. There, behind them, a petite figure was running toward them. Chen Feng's reinforcement? No, it doesn't seem so.

From far away, that chick yelled while gasping for breath, "Brother Tang, something happened!"

Tang Lan's heart thumped. "Something happened?" Could it be that Chen Feng could actually apply his arcane studies to affect the occurrences of other places, to besiege other places to relieve his current predicament?

"What happened?" Tang Lan asked hurriedly.

"Erm, at the command center…" the chick stated nervously.

Before the chick could even finish her sentence, Tang Lan's expression changed abruptly. "Wait." As he looked at her familiar face, he recalled this chick's introduction in their database.

"You are…" Suddenly, Tang Lan cried out in surprise, "Xie Zhongtong?"

That's right, the one who had appeared here was precisely Xie Zhongtong!

Tang Lan had met this chick previously, and therefore, he was aware of how terrifying this chick was. It was rumored that this was a chick capable of eliminating an entire family or power all by herself. The only flaw of hers was the fact that she could only operate solo. And now…

Suddenly, Tang Lan bellowed, "Careful!"

"What?" Everyone else was puzzled.

What's going on? I'm obviously here to help, why is Tang Lan telling me to be careful?

Chen Feng laughed. "Hehe." It's too late…


With a point by Chen Feng in midair, a bizarre power started surging out of Xie Zhongtong's body, and noiselessly, the power started spreading. Instantly, the pink powered energy enveloped the entire Mysterious Organization.


A boundless energy started spreading.


Numerous energy barriers were erected. Those powerful A-class warriors were capable of mounting an appropriate defense speedily. However, the several hundred B-class warriors erupted into chaos. The sounds of people gasping for breath started echoing everywhere. As the A-class warriors that were fortunate enough to survive saw the scene unfolding before them, their chrysanthemums 1 [1] chilled.

The h*ll, luckily we were able to respond fast enough. Otherwise, we would be…

The mere thought of what would have happened caused them to be covered all over with cold sweat. At this time, an A-class warrior walked out. "Hmph! Mere trickery."


With a single wave of his hand, the pink energy that seemed to cover the entire world was absorbed and the odd energy was purged. Ultimately, Xie Zhongtong's level was too low. As such, her strength was somewhat lacking.

Despite him erasing the pink energy, the expression on that expert's face was rather unsightly. That was because the incomparably mighty and majestic looking B-class warriors were now all sprawled all over on the ground, their faces flushed red. It was unknown what unspeakable thing they had experienced in the short few seconds earlier. Several hundred B-class warriors had lost their combat power just like that.

"Why is she here?" As Tang Lan thought of this, his head ached. Why was it that this person who was a "nuclear option" prepared specifically for the Genetic Union always erupted right here at their own headquarters? Moreover, every single instance of her erupting seemed to be related to that damnable Chen Feng. He was clear that with Xie Zhongtong's strength, she wasn't even qualified to be gathered here. As such, the only reasons for her appearing here were all sorts of odd coincidences! Arcane studies and luck!

Tang Lan sighed. "I shouldn't have taught you back then." However, the more formidable this Chen Feng seemed, the more determined he was to kill this Chen Feng. From Chen Feng's body, a familiar power could be felt, a unique power that he couldn't control.

Such a guy, and such a talent, Chen Feng…

As Tang Lan looked at the serene-looking youth, he renewed his evaluation of this person. This was a person who was nearly a freak.

Finally, a peak A-class expert walked out. "Let me do it, then."

Tang Lan nodded. "All right." Since things had reached this point, he had no choice but to let those people make their move.

"Be careful of spatial collapses," Tang Lan reminded him.

That person smiled calmly. "Don't worry."


A faint yellow radiance enveloped his body. This was a legendary ability: True Steel Armor!

At its core, this was still elemental armor. However, different from the ordinary stone or earth elemental armor used by ordinary genetic warriors, this True Steel Armor was a super-powerful energy armor only peak A-class warriors could use. It was able to defend against a stronger attack and was also able to stick close to the user's skin. It was also a lighter armor.


Chen Feng pointed midair, and instantly, a spatial collapse occurred near the expert.


Along with the terrifying spatial collapse, the terrifying power of space started engulfing the surroundings. When this power landed on that person's body, it was actually obstructed by that thin layer of yellow radiance on his body.

A mocking smile appeared on that person's face. "Only this much?" Regardless of how witty Chen Feng was or what methods he employed, this Chen Feng guy was, after all, still a mere B class. Mhm… on top of that, he was a B class that had yet to fuse with a B-class ability.

That person pointed midair. "This time, I won't give you any chances. Have a taste of True Steel Prison, an ability I created myself." Next, a silhouette with the same earth-element power appeared midair. This was actually the same thing as what was currently covering his body, the only difference being that this thing was softer, more delicate, and bigger.


That clump of yellow radiance surged toward Chen Feng and surrounded him like a huge bag, trying to envelop and trap him within.

"This is…"

Even Tang Lan and the rest were greatly shaken as they saw this ability. This guy was already this powerful? The True Steel Armor was already the strongest defensive ability among earth-element abilities. In this guy's hand, he had actually further transformed that ability and created such a magical ability. But then, that was reasonable. Which of those capable of reaching peak A class were not geniuses?

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng was enveloped by the yellow radiance.

Chen Feng pointed midair. "Scram!"


Once again, a spatial collapse occurred nearby.

Astonishingly, when that terrifying power of space landed on the yellow radiance, it felt like it landed on cotton. After causing several undulations, multiple layers of the space power were shaken off. A spatial collapse seemed completely ineffective here!

Traces of astonishment flashed in Chen Feng's eyes. "A defense with a flexible attribute, huh?" At this time, Chen Feng had finally gotten a clear look at the so-called True Steel Prison. In short, this was something akin to a fusion of two True Steel Armors in the shape of a sack that was capable of trapping someone inside. This was a sack with a length of one meter and a diameter of half a meter capable of easily trapping someone inside. Coupled with its formidable defense and its ability to automatically stick close to a person's skin, it was sufficient to trap anyone to death within, causing the person trapped to choke to death helplessly. This was the True Steel Prison: extremely capable at both trapping and killing.


With a yellow flash, Chen Feng was already trapped within the yellow sack. As the True Steel Prison sensed Chen Feng's body within it, it started closing in automatically. Instantly, Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. He was aware that the moment this sack finished closing in, he would be totally trapped. What to do then?

Chen Feng shook his head. This True Steel Prison was excessively tough. As such, it was impossible to destroy. He had no idea what he could do either. However, was there a need for him to know what to do? Chen Feng smiled at this thought.

Brother Tang, in the end, you are still underestimating the power of luck…


He raised his hand slightly. Instantly, the power of Myriad Illusions bloomed, releasing a bizarre sheen around his hand. With this, a power capable of countering the power of this True Steel Prison appeared around his hands.


In the seemingly unbreakable True Steel Prison, a hole appeared.