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Chapter 416: No Weaknesses!

Chapter 416: No Weaknesses!

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Du Lei was a peak A-class expert of the Mysterious Organization. He was the lowest-profile person among the experts of this organization. At the same time, he was also the most unique person. Despite his rather ordinary combat power, the number of peak A-class warriors capable of actually defeating him was so low in amount that a single hand was sufficient to count them all. The reason for this was that Du Lei was a person with no weaknesses.

Physical body strength: A class

Energy attack: A class

Fusion ability: A class

Speed… and so on.

He was a thorough jack-of-all-trades, a person who did not fall short in any aspect. His weakness was also his strength at the same time. It was extremely difficult to actually defeat a person like him. Previously, a particular person who had supposedly surpassed Du Lei in all aspects had challenged Du Lei. Beyond all expectations, when Du Lei had seen that he wasn't a match, he had decided to leave without hesitating. What had happened next was his opponent failing to catch up to him. With that, things had become somewhat awkward for that person.

The conclusion from that encounter was that if one wanted to defeat Du Lei, one had to surpass him in everything! Attack, defense, speed, body, energy, almost everything one could think of, one needed to surpass him in. Naturally, due to Du Lei's all-rounded capabilities, he was also rather conservative in nature. When battling, he would not take any radical or extreme actions, always battling in a steady manner, giving his opponents endless headaches. Even when facing Chen Feng, he maintained his style.

Despite the provocations hurled out of his mouth, he was still taking slow steps toward Chen Feng as a faint radiance converged around his body. That was precisely Du Lei's defensive ability.

One step…

Two steps…

Cautiously, he approached Chen Feng.

Chen Feng frowned. "Conservative faction, huh?" Since Du Lei was focusing only on defending, he decided to directly unleash his own attack instead. The Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades that had not appeared for a long time once again appeared. Wind blades, ice blades, venom blades… an endless radiance started blooming.

The numerous shiny blades flooded Du Lei. Along with Chen Feng's eruption, the multicolored blades interwove together, resulting in a milky-white radiance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Du Lei was completely submerged within the radiance of blades. Chen Feng watched on expectantly. He was aware that this was not supposed to be sufficient to deal with a peak A class, but still, it was still the Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades he had unleashed with all his might. An attack with this level…

Suddenly, a crisp sound could be heard. Instinctively, Chen Feng looked over. His pupils constricted immediately at what he saw. There, the milky white radiance faded, revealing Du Lei's malevolent expression. Not an ounce of damage had been dealt to Du Lei. Not only that, even the defensive barrier Du Lei had erected still appeared perfect.

This guy…

Du Lei glanced at Chen Feng and coldly stated, "Hehe. The defense erected by me, Du Lei, is not something True Steel can compare to. Although True Steel is capable of defending against stronger attacks, it is also laden with flaws. As for my defense, despite its inability to defend against too strong an attack, as long as the attack does not exceed the energy limitation of my barrier, my barrier will be flawless. The damage of your attacks is simply incapable of breaking through my barrier.

"You are truly not bad. As a mere B class—no, let me correct myself. Since you have yet to fuse with your B-class ability, as a peak C class, you are actually capable of unleashing an attack as strong as an A class. You are truly extraordinary. It is no wonder that you are capable of becoming our most wanted person. Unfortunately, all this ends here."

Chen Feng's earlier eruption had indeed scared him a little. However, what he had been scared of was the future Chen Feng, not the current Chen Feng. Before even fusing with his B-class ability, he was already so powerful. If this guy were allowed to reach A class… The mere thought of this caused his body to shiver all over. Chen Feng had to die!

Despite him reaching his verdict on what to do with Chen Feng, he was still approaching Chen Feng cautiously like before, not making any rash moves. One step at a time, he stepped forth, forcing this future genius to his death! For him, something like a "mistake" was nonexistent.

Chen Feng was somewhat fearful. "He is still not making a move?" The defense of this Du Lei guy was unbreakable. At the same time, this guy refused to attack and had chosen to approach Chen Feng one step at a time, forcing him to the path of death. The moment this guy approached him… a guy with the physical body of an A class… Hehe.

Back then, Chen Feng had witnessed with his very own eyes how terrifying the A-class barbarians were. No, Du Lei was someone who was even capable of using energy. Moreover, he could even use energy to enhance his strength. At that time, at the moment he approached Chen Feng… Chen Feng would most probably die without even knowing how it had happened!

"He has no weaknesses?"

Chen Feng raised his hand.


Luck Aura, activate. Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades, activate.

With Luck Aura powering his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades, he would allow these abilities to automatically select an ability that countered the enemy's weakness. This had always been something Chen Feng was extremely good at, despite the fact that this method consumed quite a huge amount of luck value. However…

Xiu! Xiu!

Countless amounts of Wind Blades shot out. As Chen Feng glanced at them, his expression darkened. it was still the same rain of Wind Blades. It was still the familiar-looking multicolored blades. It was still the same milky-white radiance after these blades interwove together. And similarly, this attack still had the same might and size as his previous attack. There had actually been no changes! Chen Feng was stupefied. This guy truly had no weaknesses?

With Chen Feng's present amount of luck value, as long as Du Lei had a single weakness, a weakness he could counter, his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades would most definitely shoot out a single type of blade!

Chen Feng felt his head aching. "This is going to get somewhat troublesome." This time, he had truly stumbled upon a person difficult to deal with.

Bang! Bang!

The numerous attacks of Chen Feng landed. Unfortunately, all of them were easily blocked by Du Lei.

"Du Lei's strength has increased yet again," someone lamented.

A second person gasped in admiration. "True. Back then, this guy was nearly the weakest one among us. Who could have thought that he would actually reach this height today?"

The first person narrowed his eyes. "That's to be expected. Since he is improving all his aspects at the same time, Du Lei is the person who improves the slowest. However, the advantage of this method of improvement is that he is a person difficult to deal with for anyone within the same level as him. Moreover, it will be extremely hard for him to die as well. This is the reason he has been able to improve bit by bit in a steady manner, thus becoming the current him."

"This guy…"

That person shook his head and laughed as he made this reveal. "You are all aware that Du Lei is not particularly powerful. Even when all aspects of him are added up together, he barely reaches peak A class. However, do any of you know that his actual level is still mid-tier A class?"

Everyone else gulped abruptly. "What?"

"Mid… mid-tier?"

That person concentrated his gaze. "Yes. He is essentially still a mid-tier A class. Due to his superpowerful all-rounded capabilities, he is counted as a peak A-class expert as well. Even the present Du Lei is already this strong. Imagine the day when he actually steps into the realm of peak A class—who could be his match?"

So that's the case.

Everyone's gaze became solemn as they stared at Du Lei. Du Lei… was actually this powerful? So he was actually a mid-tier A class! So this was actually the truth behind this so-called "not the strongest among the peak A classes."

Tang Lan let out a breath of relief. "Well, I guess no problem will arise this time." He was truly afraid that the Chen Feng he had personally taught would become a calamity for them. He had never expected that Chen Feng's astonishing talent in luck manipulation, coupled with arcane studies, would reach a point where he was capable of countering all enemies with a weakness, even if the enemy in question was a peak A class. This was truly too terrifying!

Even the True Steel Armor that was seemingly undefeated under the heavens had been beaten like a dog by Chen Feng. From this, the might of arcane studies was apparent! Chen Feng had truly pushed this skill to its utmost limit. Unfortunately… he would have no chance to do so this time. Arcane studies were something that dealt with the probability of things. When the probability was reduced to zero, it would not work. Facing Du Lei, Chen Feng had zero chance of winning.